Sammy the Witch and me

This story was made in collaboration between Sammy the witch and me.
We took turns in adding to the story as we went. I would like to thank Sammy for all her time and effort she put in. This was so much fun, I didn’t know what she was going to write next. You can find some of Sammy’s other stories on my profile.
Sammy the witch and me
I faintly heard the sound of the kookaburra’s call as I opened my eyes to see the early morning sunlight softly breaking through the crack in the curtain of my bedroom window, A soft breeze whispered through as if to welcome me and my mind raced for what I had planned for the day; I was meeting up with a nice guy named Lawrence after having been chatting with him on the Xhamster website; he seemed really nice and was really keen for us to get together and I was just as keen. My hubby has been away for almost a month now being deployed somewhere over seas and I didn’t expect him back for at least another month, I was so horny just lying there planning how this could go today as my fingers crept down to find my cunt already saturated from my thoughts.
I got up and showered and made sure my cunt was perfectly shaven as with our conversations he had told me he preferred smooth shaven cunts to hairy ones even though I always kept mine smooth.
I sat at the window of the Shangri-La hotel in Sydney, watching the day break. I had been in Australia for just over 24 hours, I was going to be here for just three weeks. I got some tickets for the Australian Grand Prix but that was really just an excuse, I'd come to meet Sammy
Sammy, a gorgeous young lady, we had become friends on xhamster, we had formed a friendship over time, I couldn't wait to meet her in the flesh. I think that's why I couldn't sl**p properly although I told myself it was the jet-lag,
I kept looking at her profile page and the photos she had sent me, god she is so beautiful and hot, I felt my cock thicken, told myself " no save it for Sammy"
Time to get ready, had to look my best, I had my bits waxed before I came over, I know she likes heirless balls but left some cut short on top, to act as my tickler.
My nerves seemed a bit on edge as I opened the front door and stepping out into the sun my heart started racing, this was it, Lawrence would be waiting and I was going to meet him at the coffee shop near the Shangri-La motel in the city as we thought we would meet; grab a coffee and just chat for a while getting to know each other face to face, I was excited but anxious and slightly nervous, he had seen my photo’s and I his, but was he expecting too much, would he find me as attractive as the pics with heaps of make up on, no time to worry about that now as the taxi stopped outside the driveway to my apartment. We headed off and sitting in the back of the taxi I practised sitting seductively as I had purposefully not worn any knickers and wanted to give him a little teaser of things to come but being totally discreet as we drank our coffees. As we rounder the corner I caught the sign to the motel. My heart raced as the taxi stopped .
I couldn't make up my mind to go smart or casual, decided on what I found most comfortable, trousers, shirt and jacket. Had some time to kill before I met Sammy at the coffee shop, should I get flowers, I know I'll get a little jewellery, small gift, flower pendant and matching earrings. Off I went like a teenage boy instead of the 45-year-old man I am, no fool like an old fool. Want to make sure I was back at the coffee shop in time. Checking to see how I looked, practising over what I would say when I first meet her. Why do I feel like this, hope she likes me, what did Sammy say to me " just be yourself" want to make her smile, I can be charming and a gentlemen, just hope my burning desire for her young body doesn't get in the way and I say something stupid.
I've got to the coffee shop so early, I sit so I can see the door; order coffee and just wait, I go over the things she said to me in the past, I start to feel little more relaxed.
As I walked into the coffee shop I did a quick glance around making sure there was no one there that I know, as I did I noticed Lawrence sitting over near the window facing the street, he looked quite cute and I headed towards him, my heart raced with excitement having conversed with him for so long and now to finally hook up for a few days, As I approached his table he stood and smiling at me he said, “Hi Sammy, finally I get to meet you close up and personal” I smiled back and replied, “Hey, cool….you look heaps dashing hey,,, hope you haven’t been waiting too long hey” I leant forward and kissed him, I think he was expecting me to let him kiss me on the cheek, a customary greeting in most countries, but as he leant forward our lips met, I held the kiss for as long as was respectable which was a little longer than a hello kiss. He smiled approvingly and as I went to sit down Lawrence grabbed the back of my chair and pushed it in, WOW, A gentleman: I thought to myself, NICE. I edged slightly sideways in my chair so that he could see my knees, dressed in my short black mini skirt and white halter neck top and in this position I could later discreetly let him know that I wasn’t wearing knickers.
“What would you like to drink” he asked, I replied “Just a flat white hey, Tarrr heaps.” “Would you like something to eat?: he asked. “no tarrr….just the coffee hey, I had a late breaky and I’m a little bit excited,” I replied as I giggled out loud. I then placed my hand bag on the floor beside my chair making sure to open my legs just far enough for him to see my exposed pussy.

Sammy walked into the coffee shop, it was like a ray of sunshine walking in the whole room seem to light up. My heart skipped a beat. As she approached me she smiled, how beautiful she looked her eyes sparkling. She leant forward to kiss me, I was heading for her cheek but she moved slightly and our lips met. It felt like an electric shock had just gone through me and it brought a big smile to my face.

I told her how gorgeous she looked and what a beautiful smile she has.
I ordered coffee and sat down, couldn't help but notice the way that Sammy sat facing me so that I could see all of her and as she bent to place her bag on the floor she let her legs part slightly. bl**dy hell; She's wasn’t wearing any knickers.

I looked up and smiled
" I really like your outfit. I see you've come dressed to please me" I said
I felt like I wanted to drop to my knees there and then, in front of everybody in the coffee shop, kissing my way up her inner thighs and up to her honeypot, diving my tongue in deep.

“oh” I said, “I nearly forgot a small gift for you" as I handed over the little gift box.
I could see by the look on Lawrence’s face he had noticed I wasn’t wearing knickers and he commented how I had dressed for him, if he only knew how much!
He then handed me a small package, “ A gift” he said, I smiled and said, “ Tarrrr heaps but you didn’t have to, really: I wasn’t expecting anything” I opened to box to find a beautiful pendant with matching earrings, “OHHH tarrrr, there gorgeous” I exclaimed. And he learnt forward and taking the pendant he placed it around my neck, “you can do the earrings later” he said. They were absolutely beautiful. We drank our coffee’s and chatted for quite a while and then he said, “ Well you want to get out of here, maybe I can show you my motel” “I agreed as my heart raced with expectations, I was feeling really horny and the way his gorgeous come to bed eyes were looking at me I knew I was ready to fuck him.
As we headed out of the coffee shop he gently took my hand, I gripped his in response with a firm grip of approval and moved my body in close to him so as to show him I wanted him, I was eager for there to be no space between us.
We headed out of the coffee shop and I took Sammy's hand, she squeeze mine and snuggled up to me. God I wanted her so bad, felt like someone had just turned up the heat. We walked across to the hotel lobby to the lifts, my arm around her waist moving down to her bottom as we got closer and the lift doors opened she stepped in and turned to me, I stepped forward and took her in my arms, gently pushing back against the wall mirror on lift wall. She smelt so good I wanted to eat her, our lips met and I felt that electricity run through me again. We embraced in a long lingering kiss of passion that only lovers can appreciate. I fumbled for the lift button not wanting to break from this embrace but had to turn to find it, when I looked back Sammy was smiling and I smiled back but then that feeling came over me again, I needed to have her, I started to rain kisses on her beautiful neck, my hands moving down to the back of her legs caressing her soft skin moving up to the cheeks of her ass and giving it a little squeeze.
Then I dropped down to one knee lifting her right leg onto my shoulder, her thigh level with my face, looking up for her reaction before gently kissing her inner thigh working my way a long and up, a quick look up again, I felt her hands on my head. I could smell her, that sexy musky smell of a woman, she's got such a beautiful pussy, my tongue darting out licking from the bottom through the lips up to the clit and Sammy was already wet. The taste of her sweet nectar lingering on my tongue.
Just then the lift doors opened, we were at the top floor, I could hear voices of someone wanting to come in. I stood up quickly, which made Sammy giggle, we went off down the corridor like a couple of k**s giggling away at nearly getting court.
After arriving at the hotel we headed for the lift and as soon as we were in Lawrence took me in his arms and began kissing me passionately as we embraced and shoved each other around the lift, my heart was racing as he dropped to the floor and exploring his way up my thigh he began liking at my wet eager cunt, I moaned and grabbed the back of his head so to pull his tongue into my wetness engaging every stroke and I felt like screaming the words fuck me, fuck me now. As we were swept up in out passion we hardly noticed the lift moving as if time itself had stopped for us, the excitement within me grew stronger with each passionate stroke of his wonderful tongue lapping at my now swollen clit. Just then there were voices as the lift came to a halt, by the time the lift doors opened we had recomposed ourselves and we giggled as we stroll out past the people waiting to come in, we headed straight for Lawrence’s apartment and upon reaching his door I turned to him with my back hard against the door I threw my arms around his neck and as he fumbled for the key I passionately devoured him as if my body craved for the lust of his scent. As the door gave way we stumbled into the room not looking where we were going totally caught up in the wild embrace as I tugged at his shirt ripping it open to expose his chest, I bit onto his nipples as he tugged at my clothing. As we stripped each other we kissed and groped our way towards the bedroom gasping for air as our bodies became one; I have no memory of how we got to the bed for I was no sooner on it and my legs were open, Lawrence sank his tongue deep into my swollen went hot cunt and I moaned softly as I clenched at the bed spread.” DON’T STOP” I yelled in excitement as the tension grew in my body, my body began convulsing in that all familiar feeling as I slipped into pure rhapsody and began to climax, I brought my thighs in and squashed his head as I pulled it into my wetness as I began to scream… “OOHH MY GODDDD” and my body contorted as the feeling subsided. I then grabbed him and twisted him around under me, biting on his nipples and working my way down his chest until I had his rock hard throbbing cock deep in my mouth. He sighed has he arched his back and my lips enveloped and licked his beautiful love rod, “OHHH SAMMY” he murmured as I continued to lick and suck. I felt the all familiar jerks of his cock and felt the warm salty taste of his cum shoot down my throat.
We got to the apartment door, as Sammy turned to me I could see the lust in her eyes, a bit to my surprise, like a wild cat she had her arms round me, kissing me with such passion, little bites on my neck. I need to get this door open where's the bl**dy key. As the door opened she drag me in, pulling at my shirt ripping the buttons, oh god she's sucking and biting my nipples, that's to much for me, I feel my own desire swell to match hers, got to get these clothes off and into the bedroom. By the time we get to the bedroom door we are naked, I lift her, my passion raging, I throw her onto the bed, pause for the less than a second , just to take in the Beauty before me, what a body she has. Then I'm on her kissing down to her wet pussy her hands pushing me down, I can smell her scent again, feel the wetness with my tongue as I plunge it deep into her, tasting sweet juices that flow so free, my mouth on her clit, sucking gently, I feel it grow, flick it with my tongue " DON'T STOP" I don't intend to, want to make her come, feel that orgasm ripped through her, she’s close, her legs tighten around me, oh God this is so good she's coming, my tongue and mouth devouring her. Then I feel her start to relax, I feel a smile come to my face, but not for long as I can still see the lust in her eyes. She's so petite but flips me on my back, her legs spread either side of me can feel her wet pussy on my body, she moves down, sucking and biting my nipples my rock hard cock leaps, I lift myself to watch as she takes me in her mouth, we both know I won't last long, what a site as she looks up at me, that's all I need, I feel my body tense up, every muscle contract, as I start to unload "OH SAMMY, TAKE IT FROM ME" my spunk rushing down my cock and into her mouth, she takes it all, my body twitches as I start to relax into laugher. "Sammy, I’ve got you some more gifts if you look in the draw by the bed, something to play with for us both" I said with a smile.
We lay back on the bed and relaxed just smiling at each other, I felt warm and open, my heart still beating as I let my breathing calm; Lawrence then said,” Sammy, I’ve got you some more gifts if you look in the draw beside the bed, something to play with for us both” as he smiled intently.
I reached over and opened the draw, pulling out a fancy paper gift bag, so surprised when I opened it to find a latex strapon, as I held it up the cock wobbled about and we both smiled at each other, “Soooo”, I said, “now where could I shove this I wonder” and he just grinned openly, I stood up and put the strapon on and wiggled my hips as the rubbery stiff cock bounced around in front of me, “OK” I said, “bend over” I want to try this hey” Lawrence rolled onto his stomach and raised his hips off the bed, I straddled him and reaching around his stomach and under him a grasp his throbbing hot cock as it started to stiffen again, I place the knob of the rubber cock against his exposed arsehole and started to push; he let out a faint whimper as I squeezed hard on his throbbing hot cock using it as a handle to pull my hips harder against his buttocks forcing the cock deep into his waiting hot arse, I began to pump it, slowly at first and building up speed, he moaned as I fucked his arse with a vice like grip on his pulsating stiff hot cock squeezing it eagerly as he squirmed under the f***e of the strapon cock ramming his tight hot arse. “TAKE IT” I said. “Just take it” as I lent around with my other hand to grasp his big red balls that were swaying back and forth to the rhythm of each thrust and giving them a hard squeeze so I could ram his arse harder, he moaned and bucked to my thrusting hips fucking his arse into submission and again I felt his stiff pulsating cock jerk into another orgasm as he shot another load of white sticky cum across my hand spurting onto the bed. He moaned out loud “ OHHHH FUCKKKKK” and I gave his arse a final jab. I pulled back and he rolled onto his back as I straddled him and made the strapon cock bounce in front of him. “now that was fun” I said, “ now I think its time for you to show me the same favour but I want the real thing’as I looked him in the eye. “Give me a couple of minutes” he replied, “cool” I said, “I need a drink anyway” as I headed for the mini bar, “do u want one?” I said.
Sammy opened the gift bag, with a look of amazement she pulled out the strapon, could have gone for the double ended dildo or the feathers and handcuffs but don't think she expected to see a strapon. Looked like I was going to get fucked, like I use to by the lesbian gym teacher, Sammy waved it about smiling at me I smiled back , a stupid grin feeling a bit nervous, we both know where it was going. I reached for the gift bag for some lube as Sammy strap it on, giggling and wiggling, "I want to try this, hey"
Oh fuck I was getting anxious and excited, I moved onto my knees ready to receive that huge plastic cock, she reached round grabbing my stiffening cock making it grow in her hand, oh god yes I want it so bad, but can't speak. I feel the head pressed up against my sphincter, just relax I tell myself, pushing out and back, like I been taught all those years ago, as she stretched me open, I give a little moan, squeezing my rock hard cock she pulled herself into me, it felt so good as I give myself to her, deeper she went slow at first then as I started to relax, gathering speed like a train "TAKE IT, JUST TAKE IT" oh I was "yes give it me, fuck me Sammy" I screamed.
She grabbed my balls giving them a real hard squeeze “OH FUCK" as she slammed into me, making me thrust back to meet her, I lost control feeling myself erupting again, "YES OH FUCK YES" I screamed as my cum jetting out, my ass tightening around that plastic dick, she thrust in so deep just making me pump out my hot spunk, then slowly letting it slipping out of me, still feeling stretched I fell on to my back, did that just happen I thought. Sammy jumped on top of me, she was like a little girl, waving her cock around, then she looked intensely into my eyes “that was so much fun" she said and made it clear that she want me hard again "just give me a couple of minutes" I stuttered as I tried to get my breath back.

She went to get us a drink.
"Is there any ice for my ass " I said laughing.
As a pulled of cans of alcohol from the fridge Lawrence asked if there was any ice for his burning hot arsehole, I just chuckled and said “ give it time babe, enjoy the warm feeling” and handed him his drink. I then said to him, “okay, I need you to do something for me now, something that I really enjoy” “Whats that?” he replied. “I want you to spank me, HARD, but more importantly I want you to give me a really good pussy spanking” “are you serious” he remarked with a look of this could be fun on his face, “HELL yeah” I said, “I love having my swollen hot cunt slapped hey, you can hit pretty hard too hey” Lawrence sat up straight on the bed and replied,” OKAY, sure, I would love to” and I flopped down on the bed beside him and open my legs pulling my knees back to my chest and wiggling my arse in front of him. He lent over and slowly rubbed my now wet swollen cunt with his hand and raising it slightly he gave me a little slap, “OHHHH I want it a lot harder than that Babe” I said, as I arched my back and tilted my head back on the bed and a few seconds later I felt the sharp little pain of Lawrence’s hand coming down on my gaping hot wet cunt, “ARGHHHH” shot from my mouth as I squirmed under his blows as he repeatedly slapped my wet hole, “OMGGGGG, PMGGG “ I moaned as he slapped me, “ yes…YES…HIT IT…give it too me babe, slap that hot wet cunt” I yelled…”make me scream please…please make me scream” and his blows increased as the shivers of painful ecstasy shot through my body causing my to buck around the bed withering to the slaps of his amazing strokes. “BITE MY CLIT” I yelled as I pushed my hands under the arch of my back so as to keep them out of the way and pretend I was restrained. Lawrence knelt down and wrapped his teeth around my swollen hot clit and bit down hard causing me to squirm in delight as I yelled to him, “ NOW finger me,,,three fingers HARD” and he shoved three of his fingers deep into my eager wet cunt, I moaned in delight as I thrust my hips towards his biting teeth and fingers and bucked my arse around until the pleasure became so intense I lost control and grabbed his wrists pulling his fingers deep into my wet eager hot cunt and using his wrist to masturbate myself until I screamed “ARHGGGGGG….OHHHH” and my body started to convulse as an amazing orgasm took me and as I tightened my legs around his arm and shivered in sheer ecstasy at my pleasure. Lawrence collapsed onto the bed beside me, “HOLY SHIT” he said as we giggled together” “FUCK. That was awesome babe, I said as I leaned over and gave him a kiss of appreciation. “wow’ I murmured, I told you I love fucking hey.

I started to get my breath back but I was still shaking a bit, when Sammy handed me a drink, telling me that she wanted me to spank her hard not so much her bottom but her pussy, fucking hell this is going to be fun ". You joking, are you serious" I was a little surprised, she was serious, wanted me to slap it hard to, "okay, sure, would love to anything for you"

I was up on the bed didn't need asking twice, my bum hole still a bit sore, thought crossed my mind " little bit of pay back"
She dropped down on the bed near me and in one movement her legs were up and open, knees to her tits, that little sexy butt wiggling about. I want to lick her little tight rosebud, it looked inviting with her swollen cunt above and she must have had that strapon rubbing her cunt when she was fucking me, it looked so hot and wet a little bit red, but I was a man on a mission. Placing my hand flat on that juicy hot pussy, a little circular motion. My first attempt was more of a pat then a slap, I didn't want to hurt her, all I got was” harder than that babe"
You want it harder, this time whack, I could hear the wetness of her cunt and the sound, like a clap. She let out cry, and gave a flinch, got it, slapped her bottom, then that wet cunt, it felt so good the sticky wet juice on my fingers.” yes, hit it" she cried, she had stopped flinching as she got use to the hits. I whacked her hard and fast “make me scream" fast I went; she was like a bucking bronco.
Then she screamed "BITE MY CLIT" letting her legs go her hands move under her lifting up her lower back, just at the right angle for me to dive down, taking her hot engorged clit in my teeth I nipped it hard, flicking the tip with my tongue, feeling her wet swollen cunt on my chin. “THREE FINGERS" is all I heard.
In they went that wet pussy taking them hard, my middle finger on top of the other two so I could hit that G spot on the way out, hard and fast no holding back, take it Sammy give yourself up to me, as I bit that clit, flicking it against my top teeth with my tongue. The squelching sound of wet cunt as I looked up at her she was lost, then grabbing my wrist, pumping my hand into herself, oh god she looked so amazing, felt so amazing, legs gripping my arm " yes Sammy cum for me" she came hard, body convulsing, breath leaving her body as a wave of ecstasy engulfed her.

"holy shit Batman" we laugh, she gave me a satisfied kiss "that was awesome"
This woman knows what pleasure can be, so much fun for her and me.
As we lay on the bed chatting I turned to him and said, “you want to go and do a coffee, I think my pussy needs a break hey” and he agreed, As I slipped my skirt and top on I said to Lawrence, “ you want me to do some public flashing for you, flash a few guys and you can watch the look on their faces while we are doing a coffee?” “Sure” he replied, “that sounds like fun” we headed for the door and Lawrence gave me arse a slap. We were heading for our next adventure.

To be continued:

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1 year ago
Hey....TRY it ....u will love it hey...I promise....start light ....then just let it happen....awesome...I love it heaps big time hey....!!!!!!!!
1 year ago
That's very good love it, made me so hot and horny, never had my pussy slapped xxx
1 year ago
Its just too much fun hey,,,ha ha ...
1 year ago
Thanks for the comment mate :)
1 year ago
now that is the way to use this medium, a fantasy over thousands of miles.
the pair of you should be well proud of the fact you had me comming by the pussy spanking in bucketfulls, immagination is a great thing if stimulated like this many thanks.
1 year ago
Hey Al, you get Sammy to start thinking again about adding to this, please ;)
1 year ago
what ever is next it will be worth the wait. he he he
1 year ago
Hey, we had fun didn't we Sammy what's next I wonder :)
1 year ago
OMG that is soooo sexy,,, ha ha ,,,and i should know hey,,,:)it was heaps fun Lawrence...:)