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Neighbor has Smoking Fetish

Two nights ago I caught my next door neighbor looking through his window as I sat in my bed smoking a Newport. I glanced at the window and saw him looking at me so I decided to give him a show. I took off my panties and started to rub my clit and then I started to finger my pussy as i smoked my Newport. My neighbor just stood still and watched till I decided I had given him enough and went into the other room.
Posted by lolalee 2 years ago
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29 days ago
lucky neighbor :)
2 months ago
Thanks for sharing that with the neighbor, and with us here!
I have loved smoking before during, and after since very young. Not a thing that everyone enjoys, but when I found my lady 24 yrs ago I didn't let go. lol
Good read.
6 months ago
True be told, I was a hornt teen, I jacked off many nights watching my very hot 6 food blonde amazon cousin smoking from across our drive way, at night b4 going to bed she would play jimmy hendrix on her stereo, play air guitar, air drums and smoke, my dick never got so hard, she made smoking sexy as hell, she would wear a bra less white tee and panties, never saw her naked, but thanks to Santa, my binoculars got close enough to see rock hard nipples and big firm bouncing tits, a year later another big nut was because of her, her oldest sisters wedding, caught her making out and sucking off the bass player of the band hired to play the wedding....and yes he was black as night with a huge fro, and a horse cock to match, she may have been the black sheep of her family, but I loved it
8 months ago
i would have been through your door in 30 seconds flat forcing my cock down your throat hole
9 months ago
10 months ago
I would have stood there and jacked off
1 year ago
oh was that it !!
i thought that was an intro into something worth reading !! lol
1 year ago
wish i lived next door
1 year ago
Tu doit être belle en train de te masturber pour ton voisin !!
Quel veinard ton voisin !!
1 year ago
Your neighbor should consider himself very lucky!
1 year ago
I would love for you to have your pussy full of black sperm, be smoking your Newports and between your legs cleaning you up
1 year ago
Very hot.
1 year ago
Lucky neighbor!
2 years ago
Very hot!
2 years ago
Smoking fetish, or pussy fetish? Only way to tell would be to do another "show"! lol
2 years ago
That's nice and nasty, Lolalee!

Watching you like that, I would smoke as well
and blow you some sexy signals of love - poet Pete
2 years ago
Must be one of those limp dick white guys...

Cause if you gave me a show I'd have my big white cock n stroking it for ya.. Till you waved me over to get a ride on it....;-)
2 years ago
I wish it was me!
2 years ago
very hot...