The street whore~

One day i was passing through town, when i saw something shocking. A young girl, not a day older than 18, handcuffed naked to a lamp post. Her breats were tied tightly, and there were little clamps on her nipples. She was screaming and crying.

Her body was covered in insults, things like whore and slut had been scribbled on in lipstick. It said free fuck buy her pussy and hurt me by her breasts. There was a crowd of people surrounding her.

I am an english man living in a poor european country, The women are disrespected here. They have to do as their husband says. They will torture this woman for being a whore.

Now, men are pinching her breasts and her pussy. One man gets his cock out, he wants to use her first. she screams as he ****s her, and everyone laughs. One by one the men use her, every hole is filled. She is clearly in agony.

After a while it dies down, and the men go off to the pubs. The wimen are left with her. They scream insults at her, and grab at her sore breasts. They will hurt her more than the strong men.

"She is a slut!" one shouts "We need to punish her for her bad ways!"

They pull her down to the floor, her wrists still handcuffed to the lamp post. She is too tired to resist. A short woman, gets on to the floor to. She licks the girls pussy and a releived smile spreads across her face. Again, they all laugh.they were tricking her. The poor woman cries out in pain when she bites her clit.

She tries to stand up, to get away. its no use. One woman gets a hair brush out of her bag and they start to spank her. God, the girl must be in agony. Two wimen spread her legs and they hit her cunt. Someone picks up a stick to be used as a cane. They spread her ass cheeks and cane her stretched ass hole.

Then they move on to her breasts. A young girl removes the clamps and bites her nipples. They pinch and squeeze. She falls to the floor, shes passed out.

The sick wimen screech with laughter and walk off.
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