while my parents were out..

I waited for the door to slam. Finally they were gone. I grabbed my laptop and quickly switched it on. Im 19 and still living at home, i didnt want to risk them finding out i was a bdsm freak.

It was my dream to have a master one day. I wanted to be controlled. So far i had only tried things out on my self. It wasnt as much fun as i hoped being punished by master would be.

I watched a few videos on my laptop till i was very turned on. I took my clothes off and went down stairs. I was aware that the curtains were all opened but i was also a bit of an exhibitionist. I went into the garden and grabbed about 10 clothes pegs off the line. On the way back upstairs i went into the bathroom and got a hard scrubbing brush. I then went back into my room.

I went on to omegle. I loved getting off in front of someone. Even though i knew they were probably a dirty old man. I sat naked in front of my cam, and the first man i chatted with complimented me. I started up my little for him.

I attatched pegs to my nipples wincing as they bit down. I then clipped 3 pegs to each side of my pussy lips. I told the man i had been a bad girl and needed to be punished. I then faced my ass towards the cam and spanked myself with my hair brush. My nipples were getting quite sore now, and the pain was making my pussy drip.

I reached for the scrubbing brush and held it in my hand for a moment. One of my fantasies was to have a toilet brush in my ass or pussy. I also loved the feel of my scrubbing brush. I began to scrub at my pussy till it was raw. I loved the feeling. Every where was sore. It felt so good. I was moaning and then suddenly i cummed. it felt so amazing.

The man i was on cam with looked amazed. I began to take the pegs off one by one, rubbing the spots that they had clipped on to. This was the best part. The most painful part.

I closed my laptop and went down stairs, still naked. I passed the mirror and smiled at my body. Then i sat near the window, hoping to get off again in front of my street.

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1 year ago
Such a hot story! I would love to be your master
1 year ago
and....more please