The first time with a cock in my ass

When I was about 19, I had my first bi experience. It was with an older guy who kind of tricked me into coming by. We drank a lot of tequila. Or rather, he fed me tequila, but not against my will. The details of how my pants ended up on the floor is a story for another day. But this is the guy that first showed me how much I loved having a tongue up my ass with a hard cock pumping my mouth.

Later in life after moving out on my own, I started having the bisexual urges again. I hopped online and met another older guy named Dave. I was 29, he was maybe 42. We spoke online and set up a "date" for hium to come by and fool around. We both mentioned how much we enjoy oral. And the first time he came buy we sucked each other off pretty quickly. It was early in the morning on his way into work. He was clean, good looking and had a great cock. Almost as large as mine. I answered the door in a towel, we were both naked within 5 minutes. In the middle of a hot 69 we both came into each others mouths at the same time. We both kind of pulled out a little to stroke it into each others lips. I came SO hard. He dressed, and left.

About a week later we set up another date for him to come by. Again it was early in the morning. We both found each other to be hornier at that time of day. And, when I get very horny, I tend to be pretty uninhibited. Again he arrived with me wearing only a towel. But this time we were not in as much of a hurry. At least, not in a hurry to cum. As he walked in, I started walking him to the bedroom. On the way I feel his hand creep up my towel and grab my already hardening cock. Behind me, he gets to his knees. I bend over the couch as the towel falls to the floor. He started sucking my cock from behind me, taking the entire thing into his mouth. Licking up the shaft. Playing with my balls in his mouth. And then... he rises up and begins to suck in my tight little hole. I feel him undressing behind me as he buries his face into my ass. I swear, had I grabbed my cock and stroked even once I would have cum immediately.

He continues to lick and somehow manages to get naked quickly. His fingers darting in and out of my ass, felt so good. I reach behind me and down, and begin stroking his cock. As I do, he spits on the tip of his cock to lube it up. Im stroking, his tongue is buried as deep as he can get it. Moaning into my asshole, Im zoo fucking horny that he could do just about anything. Until today, I had never had a cock in my ass.

I spin around as he stands up and I take his cock into my hand and mouth and go to town. Stroking my cock gently while I do this. Im trying to calm myself down so I dont cum too quickly, and apparentlyy he was having the same problem as he pulls out of my mouth in heat.

We walk to the bedroom, I get back down on my knees as he lays back on the bed. I deep throat him slowly, licking his shaved balls, pushing my thumb into his ass. He is moaning and ready. I pull his cock out of my mouth and ask him to slap me with it. He strokes a couple times and bounces it off my tongue. He tells me to get up on the bed. I do. On all 4s. He licks for a minute while I feel him stroking his cock. He stands up behind me, and I feel him slapping my ass and tight little pucker with his cock. He pushed the head of his cock against my butthole and Im ready. He asks me if I want him to fuck me. All I say is please... Slide your cock into my ass.

He pushes in very slowly. And, it hurt a bit. But I did NOT want him to stop. As my asshole separates, my cock begins to leak precut without me even touching it. I only know this because I went to stroke myself and luckily dropped the precut onto my hand as I do. Reaching my hand to my mouth, I let him see me licking my own precum. He sees this and goes wild. Fucking me, his balls slapping against my balls. Sliding in and out using his spit as lube. Grabbing my hips, slapping my ass, Im really very surprised at how fn turned on I was at the moment. I never thought this would be my thing, but damn.

After pumping his cock into my very tight virgin ass, he pulls out in under 5 minutes and blasts his load all over my ass and back. Moaning and cumin like crazy, he lifts me up. I stand up on the bed and sink my cock into his mouth. He is sucking my dick so hard and tight that I almost cum immediately. I pull out and slap his mouth with it a little bit. Stroking my cock I ask him if he wants my load. "Tell me you want my cum in your mouth". He does. And I do. Stroking my almost purple hard cock I blast a load into his mouth like nothing I have ever done before. I nearly fell off the bed.

After, we regain our composure. He cleans off, as do I, and he leaves for work. I thought it was hot that he was out of my place within 15 minutes of having his cock in my ass. Knowing he was walking down the street with my load in his mouth after having fucked my ass was turn on enough for me to beat off again in the shower.

The next story soon to cum.
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1 month ago
What a great experience!
2 months ago
Hot story
3 months ago
Read my blog about me getting my first ass fuck.
3 months ago
Sexy story,made me so hard.
6 months ago
Too bad you are so far away, heh
6 months ago
Came very hard to that story, thanks!
6 months ago
wow what a blast I would love todo that too
6 months ago
Oh fuck yeah!
6 months ago
Damn hot, thanks for sharing! Can't wait for more!
6 months ago
so hot i love it more please
6 months ago
6 months ago
great story got me hard