s****r's Birthday

Once again I am getting the urge to re-live my past. I have been into i****t with my younger s****r, for more than 50 years. although I have not seen her in the last 20 years. Some other timeI will get into that stuff but right now this is centered around the time Nora was just about to turn thirteen.
Two months prior I had rented my firstapartment. Nora and I were like two rabbits continually in heat. She had complained so much about her periods. After the doctor checked her out, and after admitting that she was no longer a virgin the doctor and our parents decided to put her on the pill. This was in the early 1960's, the hippy generation.
Before getting my apartment, my friend at work let us use a lean too his son had built next to the maintenance shed in the g**** field. His house was close to a mile away from the shed, so it was very private. Once when Jose's wife and k**s were out of town I watched him fuck my s****r. I thought I had learned all there was about sex but this guy could fuck. His cock was atleast eight inches and probably abit longer and very thick. Huge compared to my 6 inch cock. She not only matched him stroke for stroke, she also taught him a thing or two. Jose had five k**s but he told us that his wife would not suck his cock or let him eat her pussy. Nora not only sucked his cock but when he was ready to cum he tried to pull away, she held onto his cock and took his cum in her mouth. He was ready to get up and leave but Nora told him no way, not until he fucked her. I sat back and watched him running his hands all over her body, Nora's hand were busy all over Jose. She finally rolled him on top of her and pushed him down. First down to her nipples and just starting to emerge breast. Then down to her belly button. The whole time she was telling him how to pleasure her and he was trying. She finally pushed him down to her pussy. He did ravish her pussy but I could see that he was too clumsy to be effective. Nora may have had one or two mini orgasms before she started pulling him back up. With her legs spread wide he knelt there and just looked at her pussy with his big cock just barely touching her. I so wanted to grab his cock and stick it into her, but instead just layed there next to them and watched. Nora was talking to him and looking at me. When she told him to put his cock in her I moved in closer and held her hand. Watching his cock slide in I could see her pussy lips being sucked in. He pulled out a bit and his cock was covered with her cum. He slid back in and this time he went all the in. She had her legs up and across his back trying to pull him further into her pussy. The more that Nora talked to him the hotter he got. He was not going to last much longer and tried to pull out of her but she told him to cum in her pussy. Over and over she kept telling him to cum in her pussy. So he did, and man did he cum. I had moved behind them to see and I counted seven spurts before he pluged deep into her pussy and then just laid there. Totally spent he tried to roll off of her but Nora locked her legs around his waist and told him not until it goes soft. It looked like Jose was crushing her and tried to hold his weight on his arms. I know how he felt as Nora would never let me roll off of her either. She likes to wait until my cock pops out of her pussy and I told him that. They started kissing and after awhile Jose asked me how I felt about him fucking my s****r.I ried to be honest, I loved it. It was amazing, but I wanted to be apart of the action. It didn't take long for his cock to get hard again (not bad for an almost 40 year old man). Jose had caught on to Nora talking while fucking. As he was getting hard he started talking to her and asking if she liked his cock, was it big enough, should I go fast or slow. He even started talking to me. Should he cum in her mouth or pussy. They were both getting into this fuck when he kind of went to far. He called her a cunt and then a bitch and when he did she stopped in mid stroke. She whispered into his ear to be nice or he would never fuck her again. He tried to apologize but she kissed him and started fucking him again. She kept on whispering in his ear and in no time he was cumming once again.
I was hooked and after Jose left I told Nora how much I had enjoyed watching them. She too had enjoyed having me there to watch them. She liked holding my hand when he was cumming in her. I liked watching her suck his cock after he had cummed in her pussy. She was kneeling in front of him sucking his cock and holding onto his balls. What a beautiful picture. We both agreed we wanted to do this more often but figured it would be hit and miss with Jose. I wanted to bring my buddy Ken in to the fun but Nora wanted Larry. She had already sucked his cock once. The following weekend we took Larry out to the vineyard. While we looked around Nora went in to the lean too and got naked. When we came around to the front his eyes almost bugged out. Nora just about ****d him. She had him naked in no time then started sucking his cock. Nora scooted around and pushed her pussy down into his mouth. After Larry shot his cum into her mouth we settled down and talked about what we wanted with him. I was leaninng up against the wall when Nora moved between my legs and started sucking my cock. Larry was just watching until she told him to fuck her from behind. Larry maybe an inch taller than me with a cock about the same as mine, 6 inches long. moved in behind her. He was amazed that my s****r was sucking my cock. Do you fuck her also. In answer to that I said lets switch, so we did. After a while he sat back to watch us fuck. Finally he moved back in as I was ready to cum. Larry shot five loads of cum that day, twice in her pussy and three times in her mouth. The three of us had such a great time, we repeated this usually on weekends.
Nora was very free and easy with sex. She really enjoyed being naked. She allowed me and Larry to do what we wanted.
In my new apartment two weeks before her thirteenth birthday. We were laying in bed and I asked her what she wanted. Her answer was so swift I almost fell out of bed. She wanted the whole gang. (not a gang just my friends) Larry, Ken, Dave, Jerry and Mike S. I talked to Larry about Nora's wish and he was all for it too. So the following friday night we met in my apartment. Nora had been in my bedroom waiting for everyone to arrive. When they did she came out, naked. She told them it was her birthday wish, if they didn't like it they should leave. Larry jumped up and started sucking her nipple, she looked at Dave and said, come on you owe me. She had alreay sucked his cock once before, so he grab her other nipple. Ken, not being a virgin dropped his pants and was stroking his cock. Jerry and Mike just sat there and watched. After I undressed Mike and Jerry also lost thier pants. We settled down to two or three guys at one time with her. One in her pussy and one in her mouth. either we sucked her little breast or she played with our cocks. I had fucked her in the ass only a few times prior to this night. on this night it was Jerry who got to her ass first. Jerry is very tall 6ft8in tall but very skinny. His cock is long, 9 inches and very skinny. She really liked his cock in her ass. Later that night she tried to take Ken up the ass but it hurt too much. Ken's cock is not only long but very fat. Even with lube she said it hurt too much.
Me, I did a lot of watching. I really enjoyed watching my s****r with my friends. I had told them about being nice. She was taking care of us as much as we were taking care of her. With all of us being naked we became comfortable just sitting around. (to this day I still enjoy being naked). Off and on during the evening we all took showers, I had just taken as shower and Mike had taken one before me. Ken and Nora were in the shower so Mike and I went to get some food. When we returned, Jerry was laying down with his cock in her ass, Ken was on top of her with his cock in her pussy, Dave had his cock in her mouth and she was stroking Larry's cock. Larry smiled and said She's got another hand. The food was hot when we arrived but cold by the time we sat down to eat. Nobody seemed to care.
It was an incredible night, we all had a great time. I held Nora's hand many times during the night when she was having an orgasm. I really enjoyed seeing my s****r being pleasured. No booze, no d**gs just sex. What a night. Nora was our sex Goddess for many years. Even when we were all married we still found time to party with her.
Recently I talked with Larry and Dave and they both thanked me for sharing my s****r. She was truly our sex Goddess.
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