Watching my wife and mate fucking pt 2

......I lay on the bed face down going over in my mind what I had just witnessed. my cock lying very hard between my stomach and the mattress. I heard footsteps on the stairs and again feigned sl**p. No one came into the bedroom and a few moments later I heard the footsteps going back down.

I waited about 5 minutes then crept to the top of the stairs, my boner pressing against my boxers. I could feel a rather large wet patch as my precum continued to ooze from my cock.

From the top of the stairs i could see the top of my wife's head. Not wanting to go down further I laid at the top of the stairs, my head hanging over the second stair. From this vantage point I could see my wife naked on the sofa, her legs spread wide with Marc between her thighs fucking her gently. His long cock moving all the way in and out of my wifes smooth pussy. I could hear her moaning with each forward thrust of his cock.

They continued slowly fucking for what seemed like ages but then Marc started to build up the speed of his thrusts. My wife was caressing her 36C tits and teasing her nipples, still quietly moaning with each thrust. Her moans turned to gasps as Marc went faster. Again I saw her body stiffen and her face grimace as she came again. She let out a long slow breath as her orgasm subsided. Marc still pumped his cock in and out of her what must have been her soaking pussy. Marc slowed down and then took his cock out. My wife took hold of it and started to wank it over her stomach. As I lay there watching I even thought how I would like to wank it.

Marc started to moan and his breathing became shorter as he approached orgasm. He started to cum. His first spurt reaching my wifes neck. The next two spraying her tits. My wife continued to pump his cock as the rest of his hot spunk landed on her stomach. Marcs face qas contorted in orgasmic pleasure. He took his still hard cock and slid the bell end up and down my wifes slit, pushing it back into her pussy and pumping her a few more times until it softened and he withdrew it, still dripping the last fewcdrops of spunk onto her stomach as she scooped up his cum and greedily dropped it into her mouth.

I quietly got up and went back to the bedroom, rubbing my hard cock through my boxers. As I lay there stroking my cock, lubricated by loads of precum I thought about wgat I had seen this night. Should I tell or, judging by how turned on I was, should I contrive to make this happen again, but under my control?
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1 month ago
Great story so like my own experiences, you should talk it over with your wife, and encourage her to do it again
1 year ago
Yes you should get her to do it again, all married ladies need another man's seed