Girlfriends Mother hmd

First let me tell you a little about her, we will call her Cathy in this story, cathy is a about 5'8 and maybe 120 pounds around 45. she is very slim but a has wonderful ass. Her boobs aren't big but they are a handful and get the job done. I know that one day her daughter will look just as good as she does since they get compliments now of being s****rs. And i am about 5'9 170 pounds athletic and have about a 6.5 inch dick but very fat...

so anyways i had been gone on a long trip and had not seen my girlfriend or her f****y in a while, So i went over to stop by and check to see how everyone was. My girlfriend abby was out at the store and just her mother was home. She gave me a huge hug in a little summer dress she had on. We exchanged kisses on the cheek and i told her she look lovely (which was all the time) and we just carried on our conversation. Cathy was cooking up some dinner so i decided to help...

throughout the whole getting things ready for dinner i could tell there was some flirting going on from her. She would ask for a pickle or something resembling a penis and just chuckle after a brought it to her. But the thing that sealed the deal was when she bent over and i caught a glimpse of that wonderful ass sticking straight up at me when she put the chicken in the oven. She caught me staring and i knew i was in trouble. She once had caught me naked with her daughter and didnt approve of it at all so i knew this time wouldnt be any better. She looked at me in the eye with a im pissed but sorta happy someone is checking me out.

She walked over to me and asked if i was staring and i said no i was just making sure the juices didnt spill off the chicken plater. She then shocked me. she undid her dress straps on the shoulders and told me to do whatever i wanted for the next ocuple of minutes since my girlfriend would be home soon. Thats when i reached down and touched her painties and noticed that she was soaked down under....

to be continued, tell me if you guys like it.
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3 years ago
3 years ago
yes please more more
3 years ago
please write more
3 years ago
not a very good way to end that part
3 years ago
Keep going, I'm sure there is a lot more to this story
3 years ago
so far so good
3 years ago
More please!!!!!!!!!!!!!