Adventures of Cheryl

Watching my wife fuck other men has always been a huge turn on for me. I love the way she loses herself in pleasing other men. When we first got into the swinging lifestyle, we only had threesomes with a guy friend of mine. Then we tried threesomes with a female friend also. But my wife mostly liked to be with men. Soon she wanted to try other men, and many more of them. We got a chance to go to a swinger’s party where they usually set a woman up for gangbangs. Cheryl was happy to hear about this and was eager to go to check it out. When she saw the line of men waiting for a turn with the lucky lady of the night, she was jealous. She quickly volunteered to help keep the men hard before they had their turn with the woman. When the night was over, she talked to the host’s and asked to be set up for a gangbang next month. They agreed, and everything was set up.

Cheryl went to the local adult video and lingerie shop and bought the sluttish outfit she could find. It was a black latex outfit that was accented with chains for a bra. The panties were chains also. The outfit also came complete with a collar. Her huge enhanced pierced tits overflowed the chains and looked as though they would break those chains. She also bought a pair of black high heels with a steel spike for a heel.

The day she bought her new outfit, I had just come home with my friend Paul. Paul has fucked Cheryl in the past and knew that we were going to go to a party for her to be gangbanged. He was so envious of me. Cheryl came out of the room to show us this outfit and we just had to have her. But she told us that this outfit was only for when she was going to be gangbanged, not for just two guys. She wouldn’t let us touch her unless we found at least 4 other guys to fuck her all at once. I quickly got on the phone with the host’s of the party that we were going to attend and asked if they knew anyone that would be free tonight to come over and fuck my wife. Mark told me that he was free, and that he’ll stop by his friend Ray’s house and see who they could gather up. Ray is a tall black guy that Cheryl really enjoyed sucking his long cock at the last party.

At 7pm the doorbell rang and in walked six guys. Four black guys and two white guys. Ray was hanging out with his basketball friends and they quickly jumped at the invitation. I went in the bedroom to get Cheryl and she was ready to get things started. She came out of the room with a look in her eye that said, “Someone fuck me now!” She went from guy to guy letting each of them sample her huge tits and finger her newly pierced pussy. She then got into the center of the living room and told everyone that she wanted them all to fuck her for as long as they could. Also they were to hold off coming for as long as possible. When they were ready to explode they were to come into a huge margarita glass that she has. Her plan was to drink it all down afterwards.

She started off giving each guy a slow blowjob, but shortly after that Mike, a tall black guy with a huge cock, got behind her and began fucking her while she blew his friend Alex. Mike was soon fucking her with a steady rhythm. When he dismounted her she had Ray lay down and she straddled him. After she had Ray in to the hilt, she told me to fill her ass. I got into position and eased my cock into her tight ass. She soon lost herself in her first orgasm. I had to pull out to keep from cumming. When I did pull out, another guy quickly took my place in her ass. Soon almost everyone had fucked her ass except Mike. His cock was just too big. So she told him to join Ray inside her pussy. What a sight! Those two guys pounded her pussy for almost fifteen minutes before they had to pull out and cum in the glass. The other guys loved it so much they each got a chance to double fuck her pussy also. She also managed to suck off guys while her pussy was being pounded like this.

She then asked to be penetrated by as many of us as she could all at once. She had Ray and Mike lay down cock to cock. She lowered her pussy down onto those huge cocks and got everything all juiced up. Then she had Alex fuck her in her ass. She then had me and another guy in each hand while she tried to stuff two cocks into her mouth at the same time. When she couldn’t fit another cock anywhere she violently came all over us. Ray and Mike came inside her pussy at the same time and Alex came in her ass. She had come dripping out of herself. She straddled over the glass and let it all drain into the glass. She then asked who would clean up her pussy for her. Paul was eager to feast on her, and she loved it all. She came once again during his tongue-lashing.
Each guy then took a turn with Cheryl by himself. They all fucked her differently and in many positions. By midnight the group had died down to just four guys, Paul, Mike, Ray and myself. It was finally time for her to drink our mixture of cum from the glass. She slowly drank it all down and loved the knowledge that we were all watching her. She then thanked each of us and went to the bathroom to shower. Afterwards we all decided to get some sl**p for the night. I told the guys they were welcome to just sl**p here rather than going home. Cheryl smiled and said, “Good, I could use more dick in the morning!” The guys all cheered.

Around three in the morning I was awoken by Cheryl’s moans. I went out to the living room and found the three guys on top of her giving her the ride of her life. Paul was in her pussy, Ray was in her mouth, and I couldn’t believe she had Mike in her ass. Mike’s smile said it all. They all pulled out and jerked off on her face. She smeared it all into her skin, and then looked over to see me for the first time. She said, “I just needed something to drink and found these horny guys willing to give me something else.” I smiled back and asked if she needed some more. She said, “I can wait till morning.”

The next day we all called into work sick and spent the day taking turns with my wife. When I woke up in the morning I went to the kitchen to find Cheryl and Mike fucking on the kitchen counter. I wanted to join in but then I heard Paul say, “Hey, I’m next!” She took each guy at different times all day long. She was at least fondling someone at all times of the day, but for the most part she was fucking someone. I could not believe that after a night of getting gangbanged, she still wanted to keep fucking. During lunch she even went under the table and gave each of us blow jobs while we ate. All four of us came in her mouth, but when she came out from under the table not a drop was on her. She drank it all down. She had now become addicted to cock. Cheryl told the guys of our plans to have her gangbanged at the next party and they wanted to be a part of it all. The four of us fucked Cheryl till dinner time when the guys said they needed to go home for some much needed rest. After the guys left, Cheryl showered and went straight to bed. This time to sl**p.

A week later it was time for our gangbang. I called Mark to see how many guys he had for her. He told me he had twelve. Cheryl said she wanted more than that. She’s seen porn stars take on 25-30 men, and that is what she wanted. I called Ray to see if he knew any other guys and he called me back to tell me he could get about ten more guys. Mike also called me to say he could bring about six guys. All totaled she was going to be fucking just under 30 men. The party was due to begin at a hotel suite around 8pm and continue till we had to check out at 11am the next day. Cheryl then informed me that after the party was over she was going to bring back any guys that were left over to our house to fuck them until they were all finished. This sounded good to me.

While we were getting ready to go to the hotel, Cheryl was telling me how excited she was to finally be able to have as many men as she wanted. I told her that she could always have as many men as she wanted. She said, “Good, because I don’t know if only one man could ever satisfy me after having 30 men.” I wanted to fuck her right then, but I knew she wanted to wait till later. She needed all the energy she could muster for tonight.

When we got to the hotel, Mark and a few guys greeted us in the lobby. Cheryl made a huge scene telling them that she was all theirs right in front of other guests of the hotel. The dress she had on over her “gangbang” outfit barely covered herself and if you looked carefully you could see the chains for the bra. Cheryl did'nt care what others thought and neither did I. When we finally made it to the room, Mark’s wife Julie greeted us. Julie took Cheryl in the other room to prepare her for the gangbang. Julie was the one who was gangbanged last time, and wanted to give Cheryl some advice. She told Cheryl that this was her night and that whatever she wanted to happen will happen. Cheryl was ready! Julie e****ted Cheryl to the middle of the room where a stage had been set up for the gangbang. Only a few wives actually came to the party to help keep the guys hard. Julie had Cheryl sit in a huge chair and then told the guys to take turns eating Cheryl out to loosen her up a bit before we got started. Mark went first and took his time getting things going. Soon almost everyone had eaten her pussy, including the women. Cheryl could'nt wait any longer and told one guy to fuck her now! This guy had a nice sized cock, and she loved every inch of it. Some other guy shoved his cock into her face, and Cheryl was reaching her hands out for other cocks to stroke. Watching my wife getting fucked by a line of men was too much for me, so I grabbed the woman who had sucked me off earlier and bent her over the back of the couch, and fucked her hard. I pulled out just in time to see my wife have another orgasm. When she came back to earth she asked one woman to clean up her pussy for her. That was so hot to see another woman eating the come from Cheryl’s pussy. Cheryl then had a guy with a huge cock lay down. She then straddled him and got a nice rhythm going. Then one by one the men fucked her ass. All the men there actually fucked her in the ass. I then got up there and shoved my cock in her pussy with the other guy’s cock still there. The crowd went wild. They all couldn’t wait till I was done to take their turn double fucking her. By 5am Cheryl had fucked everyone there at least three times. She had dried cum on her face, tits and ass. A lot of people had gone home, and I needed to stretch my legs so I went to the hall for a walk. When I opened the door, two guys were there listening to the events in the room. I asked if they wanted to join in on the fun. They never answered, but they walked right past me and in the room. I told Cheryl that she had a few new guys there. She was happy to hear that, but she told me to tell them that she wanted to be fucked by at least three men at all times. One of the new guys worked for the hotel, and he made a phone call and soon had 6 other guys in the room. These guys really treated Cheryl like a whore. She loved it all. They fucked her hard and fast. They pulled her hair, f***ed her to suck their cocks to the root, and even fucked her ass with no restraint. They used her like a fuck doll, and she loved it all. This is what she was really looking for. Men strong enough to fuck her like a slut. She told the leader that he and his friends could have her whenever they wanted for as long as she was alive.

The leader, Tim, took her by the collar and told her to tell her friend’s goodbye, that she was going home now. He wouldn’t let her get dressed either. She was only wearing the top portion of her latex outfit. He pulled her through the lobby, and pushed her into his van. Five of his friends and him all jumped in. He handed me the keys and told me to drive home. While I drove, they all fucked her hard and fast. While driving home a group of young black guys drove up along side of us and beeped their horn. At the next light the guys asked if they could join the party. Tim told them to follow us. When we arrived at our house, I opened the garage so I could park inside. Once we were in the garage, the guys from the car came into the van and fucked her too. I had never seen a woman so thoroughly fucked in all my life. These guys fucked her hard all morning. While a couple of guys were fucking her a few guys slept waiting for their next turn. At one point Cheryl was being fucked while she slept. By noontime the guys were done with her, and all came in her face to end the gangbang. She was drenched in cum, and loved it all. Just before leaving Tim told her, “I’ll be back tonight for more pussy, and I’ll bring a few new friends.”

Tim has been by every night for over a week and has brought over a few new friends each time. She usually gets fucked from 9pm till almost noontime. Her new tits and new piercings have really paid off. The men love them. Tim is now actually making money off of her now too. He’s been charging men to come over and fuck her. He wants her to start to do bachelor parties and let the men fuck her all night long. I am not sure what she’ll decide to do, but I know she’d love it! So would I.
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1 month ago
Way cool she needs to have it happen !!
1 month ago
My wife's perfect night out!
10 months ago
I don't know why you got two thumbs down votes. I liked Cheryl's adventures and would have fucked her myself if I'd been invited. To be honest, I would have probably tied her up and whipped her a bit first. Thanks for posting this story.