Seduced Slut part 2 ( written by a friend for me )

by was addressing me as "ma'am" in our conversation but it sounded more like "mum". I liked that.

I pressed her to answer. Then manouvered her into admitting to spending "some time" at adult type sites. I noticed that when she told me this her eyes sparkled even more. Acting on a hunch I told her that I needed to inspect her bedroom before I left. She told me that no one else had done that but it was okay.

She wheeled herself down the hallway as I followed close behind. At the doorway, she waited for me to enter first. Her room was that of a typical 18 year old - a couple of posters on the wall, clothes on the floor but mostly tidy. I noticed her desk in one corner of the room and I could see that she had been on xHamster recently (a video clip was on the screen, paused).

Gaby was watching me as I gazed about and I noticed that she blushed when I saw her monitor screen. She made a move to close the site but I quickly asked not to. "That looks intriguing, is it a good flick?" I asked.

"Um, yeah it was pretty good, yes mum," she looked a bit nervous but not devastated.

"Show me, please?"

She hesitated for a second then turned her chair to the monitor, reached for the mouse and clicked on the screen to resume the clip. It was perfect! The video was of a 40-something housewife seducing (or being seduced - it wasn't clear who was leading) a young teen girl. The woman was on her back on the bed while the young girl kissed her neck and caressed her shoulder and arm.

"Oh I love this one!" I lied (I hadn't seen it before but she didn't need to know that). "Let's watch it together, shall we?" I asked. I stood directly behind her, my hands on the bars of her wheelchair.

"Um, okay," she replied, "if you want to."

As the women in the clip moved into more intimate sex I placed my hands on Gaby's shoulders and began massaging gently. I could see her smile through the reflection on her monitor screen. I imagine that she could see me smiling as well.

As I felt her shoulders relaxing, I began to slide my fingers lightly up her neck; one hand softly caressing her hair, the other dancing lightly over her left cheek. As the women on the screen kissed deeply, I bent down and lightly kissed Gaby's cheek and whispered, "this is very hot, is it not? I love the way they are kissing."

Gaby didn't move, didn't turn towards me, just kept watching the screen. After several moments she said quietly, "yeah, yeah, nice kisses."

I turned her face towards me and kissed her lips gently then pulled back to see her reaction. Her eyebrows lifted but she did not turn away. i kissed her again, lingering for a few seconds then pulled away once more. "Are you okay?" I asked her.

She swallowed visibly then nodded her head a little, "yes mum, I'm okay."

I kissed her again, allowing my tongue to probe just a little, testing her lips as my hands slid down her arms part way. She responded by opening her lips to me and meeting my tongue with hers. My cunt began to leak into my panties, I moaned softly. Gaby began to return the kiss more aggressively, pushing her tongue between my lips. She lifted one hand to caress my arm as I slid my had over to cup her lovely breast.

I think she more or less lost it about then. Her hand went to the back of my head and pulled me tighter to her, her tongue stabbing deep in my mouth, her moan vibrating against my lips. I felt her nipple growing very hard inside her bra cup. My own nipples felt as hard as stones!

We broke the kiss and looked into each others eyes. Her hand fell to my own breast and cupped it gently then began fondling, caressing. With my eyes, I tried to convey to her that I wanted her. Apparently she saw the lust there and smiled broadly. "The bed," she whispered to me.

I looked towards the bed as she wheeled herself beside it and prepared to transfer herself to it from her chair. "Wait," I told her, and quickly positioned myself to help her onto her bed (one thing that I DO know how to do is help challenged people to and from their wheelchairs).

Gaby threw her arms around my neck and clasped her hands and I lifted her from the chair, pushed it out of the way and lowered her onto the bed. I kissed her again. She kissed back passionately, drilling deep into my mouth, moaning in desire. I found myself fondling her, caressing her breasts, her arms, her torso until my hands slipped under her jumper to feel the warmth of her soft belly.

Gaby reached down and pulled the jumper up, revealing a sexy white lace bra from which her gorgeous tits swelled with promise. I helped her pull the jumper over her head and dropped it on the floor. She reached for my tits and squeezed them, finding my nipples and pinching them through my bra.

"Let me look at you," I said with a soft rasp..."God, you are so sexy, hon!"

"Thank you, mum," she replied, pulling up on my blouse, fumbling with the buttons. "I want to see you too please, mum." I helped her by starting on the top buttons while she looked after the bottom ones. When my blouse was open she spread it wide, looking at my bra encased breasts.

"Oohhh," she sighed. Then she quickly dipped her hands inside my bra and lifted my tits free of it. I slid the blouse off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor then reached back to unclip the hooks. As the strap loosened, she pushed the bra out of the way, her soft hands caressing, squeezing, pulling, kneading my tits.

"Oh mum," she whispered, "Oh mum!"

I shucked the bra off and let it fall onto my blouse already heaped on the floor then reached behind her to unhook her sexy garment. With the clips undone, i eased the straps forward, slowly revealing her gorgeous young tits to me. She reached down to lift them, asking, "do you like them, mum?"

"Oh yes baby, mum likes them a lot, may I taste?" I bent down and pulled a nipple between my lips and sucked, my tongue teasing her stiff nub. Gaby moaned and pulled my head tighter to her.

"Your skirt, mum," she pleaded, "please take off your skirt, I want to see you, mum."

I smiled and stood straighter as I reached back, slid down the zipper of my skirt and let it drop to the floor in a pile. She now had me standing in front of her in just my panties and pumps. My belly bulging (as it does - what can I say, I'm fat!). These were black panties and didn't really show how wet I was. "Oh fuck, mum, your panties, take your panties off, mum," she gasped.

I grinned, so excited that she obviously wanted me, wasn't put off with my size and wanted me naked for herself. I slipped my thumbs into the waistline of my panties then instead of sliding them down, pushed my hands into them, pushing them down to my cunt as she watched. I slipped one finger between my sodden lips, pulled my hand out and offered it to Gaby's mouth. Immediately she leaned up to accept my finger and sucked it eagerly between her lips as she moaned loudly.

I again slid my thumbs under the waistband and slowly pushed the panties down over my fat ass and hips, down my thighs - finally letting them drop to the floor where I kicked them off my shoes. Her hands were on my hips stroking up and down and urging me closer to her. Rather than oblige her, I stood back half a step and lifted my breasts, my thumbs strumming my nipples. Releasing them, I slowly slid my hands down my belly, over my mound then to each side, framing my cunt in my hands. I cocked my head to the side and asked, "is this what you want, baby?"

"Oh I want ALL of you, mum!" she cried.

I reminded her that she was still partially dressed, pointing out that I didnt think that was particularly fair. She began to quickly push her slacks down over her hips until I helped her pull them off. I'm not sure where they ended up but they went somewhere! Her white cotton panties were very obviously wet - the dark spot clearly noticeable between her thighs. "Let's get you out of these wet things before you catch a cold," I joked as I pulled and tugged her panties over her hips and ass, down her legs and away. Her panties went the way of her slacks. I cared not what happened to them.

"Mmmmmm," I hummed in appreciation, "you are just the most gorgeous, sexy, hot young thing, Gaby! Can mommy play?"

She chuckled a bit but nodded her head vigourously in assent. Helping her to slide over on the bed making room for myself, i lay down beside her and took her into my arms, tits pressing against each others, we kissed deeply once again.

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