Be Careful What You Wish For

He came home from work, which was another typically long day. Work hadn't gone particularly well, and all he could think about was losing the account for his company, which cost them a fortune. His boss was less then pleased.

"Oh well, fuck 'em", he thought to himself. He was six years away from retirement, and if it ended early so be it. He opened the door to his apartment and threw his briefcase onto the couch. He went to fix himself a drink, and to try to forget the day's troubles. He also booted up his computer on the way to the kitchen. Usually, a long masturbation session was a great stress reliever.

The thought of pleasing himself to the videos he had excited him, casuing his cock to stiffen. "It has been so long since I've fucked", he thought, and at 56 years old, I don't think I'll ever get a hot, young, piece of ass". His thoughts drifted to his ex - wife, who he had been divorced from for 20 years, leaving him in his modest apartment. The bitch had taken everything, the car, their house, custody of the k**s, everything. He didn't particularly care about any of that. He hadn't spoken to any of his four k**s in years.

He fixed his drink and sat at his computer, he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pulling out his swelling cock. For a 56 year old man, he didn't think he was too bad. He opened a video of a hot young 18 year old sucking cock and he got to work. She was a petite thing, but with huge breasts, probably D cup, she used lots of spit to lube up the cock, deepthroating and sliding it in and out of her mouth.

He let out a long sigh..."If only...I wish I could fuck a girl like that once more..."

His pleasure was interrupted by the sound of some rumbling and some cursing. He quickly put his pants back on and went to the door to check out the disturbance. He opened the apartment door to see his new neighbour trying to carry a suitcase up the stairs with less then stellar results. "The elevator must be out again," he smirked. Usually he'd go back to his own room, but this was the excpetion. This neighbour had recently moved in two weeks ago. She was a hot young brunette, with shoulder length hair and a nice bubble butt. She was average in the chest, probably a C, if he had to guess, but nice firm breasts all the same. He decided to take his chances.

He walked down the stairs. She saw him approaching and flashed a coy smile. "No doubt she did that for all the guys," he silently thought. He offered a return smile and picked up the suitcase.

"Thank you so much! I needed someone strong to do this! She giggled.

"Just trying to help out a neighbour. "I;m Eric, by the way. How long have you been here?"

"My name is Julie, nice to meet you". She extended her hand for a shake. "Oh, two weeks now. Just getting the last things from home."

"Do you live with a friend or boyfrined?"

"I got kicked out of home for being a wild c***d, if anything it was for bringing home too many boyfriends!" She roared with laughter.

This thought excited him. "Well, if you need any help, my apartment is right across from yours. Give me a shout."

"Thank you so much, I really appreciate that." She placed a hand on his chest as she took the suitcase from him. She opened her apartment door. She turned to go inside, and as she did, his gaze fell to her ass. She quickly turned around and saw him staring. He grinned at her, "Goodnight".

"Want to come in for a drink?" she asked.


His cock was throbbing, he was getting excited. He couldn't believe what was happening...He looked around her apartment, it was sparsely furnished, of course, but clean enough.

"What do you drink?"

"Just a beer, domestic will do". She returned with three beers,passing one to him, and they sat down on the couch. She immeadidatly downed one, and opened the second one, which she lingered on.

Tell me more about yourself, he asked.

"I'm 21, and have no good job, kicked out of home, with just a highschool diploma," she answered dryly. "My parents had enough of me freeloading, they said. I was trying to get a job, but it's hard out there. I haven't found a man to take care of me either..." She finished her second beer. "Want another one?" Sure, Eric replied. She returned with two more.

"Tell me about yourself", she asked. Eric went into detail about his wife to make it clear he was single and free,and when asked by Julie, what his job was. When he answered accountant, she put her beer on the table and slipped across him, straddling him. She had finished her beer.

"Y'know, I havn't had a guy here yet. It's still a virgin apartment."

"Oh fuck yes," Eric said. He couldn't control himself, he passionately kissed her. After some heavy making out, she got off him, and slid down to the floor. She took off his pants, maintaing eye contact the entire time. She slid off his pants and boxers. His cock was erect.

"My, my, my, mine, she said as she grabbed it. She stoke it and cupped his balls. Eric moaned in pleasure. "This is amazing, fuck, you're amazing." She looked at him, and slowly, put her lips to the tip of his dick. She wrapped them around him, sending shivers through his body. She slid more of it into her mouth, the warmth and wetness enveloping him. He almost blew his load. He moaned again, and as if in response, she increased the speed she was sucking him.She also used her tongue on his shaft, swirling it up and down, paying particular attention to the head.

She stopped, and grabbed his hands and pulled him up off the couch and led him to her bedroom. Eric saw clothes strewn about, and the mattress lying on the floor. THe bedframe was still sitting in a heap. Julie quickly undressed, and Eric took her body all in. Silky smooth skin, lightly tanned, firm breasts, and a nice, cute, shaved pussy. Julie lay down on the mattress, and spread her legs. She used her fingers to stimulate herself, playing with her clit. Eric's eyes bulged out of his head, as her body writhed in pleasure. She looked at Eric and said, "I hope you were watching my tutorial".

Eric got down on the matress and crawled between her legs. He slipped one finger inside her, then another, and started rubbing back and forth. He inhaled her scent. Her pussy smelled intoxicating. It was comparable to baked goods coming out of the oven, that first whiff just makes you drool. Yeah, it was that good. Eric lowered his head, and started licking her pussy. He focused his tongue on her clit, in addition to his fingers.

"Fuck me baby, fuck me good!" Julie yelped. Eric asked, "Do you have a condom?" Julie looked at him annoyed, "What the fuck, you have a hot young piece of ass ready to go, and you kill the mood asking if I have a condom? Do you think I'm dirty or something asshole?"

Eric couldn't argue with that logic, so he apologized with his tongue some more, trying to appease her. She moaned and threw her head back, bucking her hips and pulling his head down into her pussy.

"I'm ready for you now, fuck me." Eric instictively obeyed. He lay pressed against her breasts, and slid himself into her. His dick slid into her pussy, and he almost blew again. She was so wet and tight, and in his opinion, they fit together perfectly.

He began to thrust and build up speed, ramming into her, taking the time to grind against her clit. "This feels so good, I must be in heaven. Oh my, this is bliss," he thought to himself. Eric would've been content just ramming away in missionary, but Julie would not. "I want you to fuck me like the dog I am."
Eric obeyed, and pulled out. She spread her ass for him, and he took a good look at her asshole. He wanted to go for anal, but he wasn't going to risk it. He grabbed her ass and rammed into her, burying his cock, right up to his balls. He went faster and faster, until his balls started to tingle. His dick was as hard as its ever been. He tried to distract himself to not cum too quickly.

However, Julie must have sensed this and pleaded with him, "Fuck me harder and faster, empty your cum into my pussy. Fill it all up!" Eric knew better then to do it, but in the heat of passion and lust, he obeyed. He gave one final thrust, and buried himself deep inside her. His cum sprayed into her pussy, and he took a couple more thrusts. His dick was so sensitive it almost hurt to do so, but it felt better than anything had in his life. He stoppd moving, and let the last drops of cum ooze from him. He pulled out of her, and laid down beside her.

"Fuck, that was amazing! He chuckled. She curled up next to him,"You were amazing. I never knew old men like you had such stamina, and you were a master with your tongue. You can show a girl a thing or two," she grinned. Eric was completely satisfied, his day went from being complete shit to the ebst day of his life. He felt jubilant.

Julie propped herself up on her arm. "Please don't take this the wrong way, but you should go. I don't sl**p well with others." The look Eric gave her was almost one of hurt. "Don't worry Eric, we can keep doing this." Eric's eyes lit up. Eric got dressed, and Julie e****ted him to the door, naked. Eric took one last look at her body,said his goodbyes and went to his apartment.

He entered his apartment,and saw his computer paused with the porn he was watching earlier. He laughed and headed to bed. An amazing day indeed.

Three weeks later:

Three weeks had passed, and Eric had yet to take the plunge again. He had seen Julie, and she had been cordial to him around the building, but she had made no mention to when their next encounter might be. "It's ok if she doesn't want to be seen around me too much, in case of rumors, but I am fucking horny." He was sitting at home one night, watching TV when his phone rang.


"Eric, It's Julie. I'm pregnant, and I'm keeping the baby. I want c***d support and it better be good. I know that job rakes in good money, so don't cheap out on me. I'm not at my apartment, but someone will get in touch for me."

"Julie, get an abortion. You're too young to have a k**, and I'm too old. Please! I'm begging you!"

"Not happening. I want money and you have it. This k** is my meal ticket."

"You fucking gold digger! I hate you, you tricked me! Bitch!"


The line went dead. Eric held his head in his hands. Retirement was so close, yet so far. Life had dropped him back where he was 20 years ago, with c***d support payments to make. He couldn't believe it. All because he wished for one more fuck.

To Be Continued?

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3 years ago
dna test then the hit & a part 2
3 years ago
Good story. Look forward to hearing more about your dilemma. I have a feeling you already have the answer in chapter 2. Thanks
3 years ago
nah you wait for prof and a lawyer good story
3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
oh yes bring on some more...
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take a hit out on her...