Death by Sex 2

They watched him flirt across the restaurant. He was reaching for the girl’s hand, stroking it, and raising it to his lips as he kissed it.
“That’s our girl,” said Frank to his partner, Vito.
“You got her stuff?” asked Vito.
“Yeah, right here.” He patted the bindle of cocaine in his pocket. They continued looking at the table across the restaurant. Three men sat there, and the one girl. The man they were most interested in was Dominic Sancocco. He was a high rated lawyer for a notorious crime f****y, one who managed to keep many men out of jail. A rival criminal organization, to which Frank and Vito belonged, had decided to hurt them, and wage war on all fronts, and this included the legal side. Sancocco was the target, an associate who was ironically guilty by association.
Across the restaurant came laughter. “Why aren’t you the charmer?” laughed the girl. Dominic spread his hands in a “what can I say?” fashion.

What’s your name again hon?”
“and how old did you say you were?”
“Twenty-one”, she smiled coyly.
Dominic was nearly triple her age, but quite virile. He was a lecherous old fool, who kept himself alive in the pursuit of fresh pussy. He had no trouble bedding those who knew who he was, as his reputation preceded him. Powerful and rich, his conquests usually gave in. Usually. He once defended himself at a trial for which he was accused of sexual assault. He won, but he was absolutely guilty. Frank scowled in disgust, partly repulsed, partly jealous.
“Mmm this steak is to die for”! Sophie exclaimed.
She licked her fingers, putting each one into her mouth and sucking on them. She looked dominic in the eyes to let him know what her intentions were. She couldn’t see it sitting at the table, but his dick was starting to bulge through his Armani suit.
“Come with me Sophie, I have something to give you, they’re in my car.” He took Sophie’s hand, and led her away from the table. Sophie glanced over at Frank and Vito. They buried their heads in the menus. “Fuck! She almost gave us away.”
“Don’t worry Vito, it’s all good.” Frank peaked above the menu, as the two exited the door. The men at the table, Sancocco’s law partners, were busy chowing down. Frank and Vito knew they wouldn’t follow, this happens all the time.
Outside in the car, Dominic was in the passengers seat, Sand Sophie was crammed between the dash and the seat, and her head was bobbing up and down in his lap. Her blond hair cascading over his thighs, and her lips wrapped firmly around his dick, she went up and down his shaft. “Oh, fuck, Sophie, you’re like a vacuum cleaner.” He moaned. God, this feels so good. He thought to himself. Sophie went all the way down to the base, lodging his dick in her throat, wiggling her head back and forth. Dominic’s hand shot up to the roof to brace himself. “Fuck yes!” he bellowed. So enthralled in her embrace, he didn’t notice Frank and Vito sneaking up on him.
“Got the bag ready?” whispered Frank.
Vito held it up. The two men crept right up to the window of the car, and it was perfect timing. Dom had his eyes closed, smiling broadly, as Sophie was licking the head of his cock. Vito stood up and reached through the open window to put the bag over Dominic’s head. “Keep sucking Sophie,” said Frank calmly.
This girl is amazing, that tongue feels like silk. Dominic shot, up as a bag encircled his head. He heard someone to say keep sucking, but that could have been his imagination, he didn’t know. “You motherfucker!” someone shouted. Sophie kept on sucking, deepthroating him, ramming his cock down the back of her throat, over and over and over. He loved a woman that could deep throat, and she was doing it so fast, it sent shivers down his spine, and bolts of pleasure coursed through him. He reached for the man’s hands holding the bag, sinking his finger nails in, and heard a curse. Then someone shouted, “Just focus on your cock. You’re going to die one way or another tonight, enjoy it; it will be your last!” Panic gripped him, he was starting to feel the burn in his lungs. He struggled using his legs to resist the girl sucking his cock whose name he had forgotten. It was a tough decision to make, his life was in danger, but if he was going to die, then at least he would enjoy himself. He slowly let go of the bag, accepting his fate, and grabbed Sophie’s smooth hair, he pulled down on her head, ramming home. Her mouth was a hot wet piston on his dick. It scared him, the promise of imminent death, but the fear enhanced his lust. He screamed, “yes, yes, yes!” over and over as he facefucked the girl. The energy he exerted made him feel lightheaded, and his world was going fuzzy, the burning in his lungs was like an all consuming fire. His bl**d rushed to his cock, and it throbbed, and Sophie started to gag, which turned on Dom even more. Suddenly, he felt extremely lightheaded, but the pain in his chest subsided, and was only in the background .Darkness crept in on the edge of his vision. His veins bulged in his dick, and he was in his last throws of passion, the point where everything seemed intensified. “YES!” he screamed, which was muffled. He shot his warm, sticky load into her mouth, and she kept on sucking. He heard her gurgle as he shot thick strings of cum into her mouth, or, was it his own breath coming out, the bag making it impossible to breathe? Dom felt life ebbing from him, but there was the warmth around his cock which was all he focused on, as darkness enveloped him and claimed him.
Vito watched as Dominic groaned, his chest heaving quickly, rapidly, and then his body went limp, his hand slipping from the back of Sophies’ head. He pulled the bag tighter, waited a couple seconds then released. Sophie stopped, panting. Looking up at the corpse of the man she just sucked. Cum hung from her lip and chin, but she swallowed the majority of his load, his now limp prick hanging down. Frank was keeping watch a couple feet away from the car.
“Let’s go Sophie, said Vito.
Sophie exited the car, but Vito rmemebred. “Check the glove box, grab your present.” Sophie opened the glove box, and pulled out a wad of 100 dollar bills. They were the ‘something’ Sancocco would have given her, if he were still alive. Her eyes widened at the cash, “Oh my god!” Vito grabbed her hand and all three of them ran to another parked car, peeling out of the parking lot, and taking off into the night.
“Where’s my payment?,” demanded Sophie.
“You can’t wait any longer you junkie slut?” asked Frank. “Here, take it.” He threw it at her, and she grabbed the bag, quickly hiding it in her dress.
Frank continued, “I don’t know how a pretty girl like you got hooked on that stuff.”
“Fuck you,” was her reply. They pulled to a corner, and let her off with the coke and money.
It had all gone to plan, they knew their targets vices and weakness and used it to ensure his demise. They had recruited the girl earlier with the promise of coke, got her to flirt with the now deceased Dominnic, he took her to his car, and he was distracted and they had quietly killed him. No guns, because it would draw attention and possibly harm the girl. Their ingenious plan would have the boss would be pleased.
The body of Dominic would be found later by his two business partners. They had noticed he had been gone an abnormally long time. Usually he had his way with his conquest and left them. They found him with the bag wrapped around his head, lipstick on his now useless prick, and dried cum on the seat.

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