My Crossdressing Begain !

When I was a teen my parents went shoping and left me home alone,so as any young teen I had to go rambling in my parents stuff.I went to my dads room first
and found nothing that interest me,so I went to my mothers room and got to
rambling.I looked in the closet,and nothing caught my eye,so I went to her dresser and found a pair of foam bra pads with nipples.I wondered to myself
what I would look like with little breast,cause the pads wern't real big
a b cup size,anyway I slid then under my shirt and went to the mirror.I looked
at my lil tits and my cock instantly got hard,I had to start rubbin my cock.

More of story later wife just walked in and I can't tell this stuff without getting hot and having to wank my now sissy clitty.
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3 years ago
If you ever drive through San Antonio, please let me know!
3 years ago
Nic start you got me very hard too will have to jack off later thanks