Adult Bookstore Dancer

Adult Bookstore Fun
At one time there were eight adult books in my city now there is only one. Makes me very sad as I loved dressing up like a twenty-five cent whore and visiting them on the weekends. I think I enjoy all the humiliating comments and condescending looks the customers would make about me in the front as much as I did sucking off cum filled cocks in the mini booths in the back.
One of stores had girls working in the front that would give you a privet dance, for a fee, in one of the many privet room available. I meant Ida there. I was in drab and looking at the BDSM magazines one day after work when she approached me. “I can do that for you Sweetie,” she purred, as she look over my shoulder at the picture of a mistress whipping a subs ass.
“Do what?”
“Tie you up and spank your cute ass till it is as red as my lipstick,” she purred seductively.
“I am not in the habit of paying for sex, Darling,” I told her bluntly.
“Your so good looking I’d do you for free,” she replied was a twinkle in her eye.
“Cute, you should see me in drag. I am told I make a cute little sissy slut,” I told her with a twinkle in my eye.
Well it turned out that Ida had a thing for cross dressing twinkle toe men like me. We meant at her apartment and she explored my limits and found I had few. She suggested that I dress very slutty and come to work with her one night at the adult bookstore. She had recognized me as being in the store dressed several times after seeing me dress as Vanessa at her apartment.
I agreed to this adventure. In fact I took her shopping and brought matching outfits to wear to work on the night in question. Five inch open toed red pumps with silver stiletto heels, tan stockings with black seems, red garter belts, red push up bras (her bra in size 38D and my bra in size 36A) and black slinky spandex mini dresses.
That Saturday night I dressed at home making sure my makeup was picture perfect. Heavy eye liner, pencil thin eye brows, sparkly light blue eye shadow, long false eye lashes and bright red lipstick. Looking in the mirror I saw a complete slut looking back at me. Made we want to fuck my self so I inserted a medium size butt plug in my ass, grabbed my purse and keys and headed for the bookstore and Ida.
I pranced my ass in the front door and there was Ida sitting with Joan and Candy her co-workers. Ida had on long dangling rhinestone earrings and matching choker collar just like I was wearing. Could we be soul mates? We had not agreed what jewelry to wear.
I crossed over to her and she stood up to greet me and we kissed each other on the cheek not to mess up our lipstick. Ida introduced me to Joan and Candy and the four of as sat down and lit up cigarettes and started tell each other how fabulous we looked. Joan and Candy kept tell me how passable I looked and if it was not for the bulge in my spandex dress would never guess I was a guy.
Four or five guys milled around the sex toys and video racks and I could see them every now and then peeking over at us. Ida noticed that the bulge in my skirt was getting way to noticeable. She told me to come with her into the dressing room across from our seats. There she lifted my skirt got on her knees and with out much fanfare sucked me dry swallowing most of my cum the rest landed on the floor. Getting up from he knees she led me to the sink and washed me off with a wet rag. Ida dried me cock off and grabbed a roll of clear surgical tape. One strip she put down the center of my now limp cock. Another strip around my cock holding the first strip securely in place. Next she pulled my cock back using the overlapping tape to secure my dick between my legs. Then she pushed my balls up and behind my dick and pulled each side of my ball sack up and over my cock. I swear it looked like a had pussy lips. Then she reach on the shelf behind her and grabbed a tube of super glue. You guessed it she super glued the two side of my ball sack together, now it did look like a real pussy.
With that I sat down and bent over to admire my new pussy. Ida cleaned my dry cum from her lips and applied fresh red lipstick. Offered me a cigarette and we both lit up. She sat down be side me and said, “Here are the rules of the business. Joan, Candy and I offer only to dance privately for the customers, usually fifty dollars a dance, which is two songs. Before we start dancing we tell them they can not touch us but encourage them to make themselves comfortable. This means for them if they want to take out their cocks and masturbate while we dance. Some men will want more and if they are will to pay we will give them more. Usually I charge another twenty dollars to give them a blow job and fifty if they don’t want to use a condom. If they want to fuck me I charge fifty and they must wear a condom.
You are not to accept any requests for dances but tell them Joan and Candy are wonderful dancers. If I get a request for a dance I will asked them if they want us both; two for the price of one. If they do and once inside the room, if they want more; you will be the more. If they want to fuck I will tell them I am on the rag and you do anal only. By the way take that fucking butt plug out of your ass and let’s go to work.”
We went back out into the store. Candy was sitting by her self as Joan was in a privet room dancing or whatever. Candy told Ida that she had done two dances while we were in the dressing room tucking me. A tall black man approached Ida and ask her how much for a dance. She told him fifty and he hesitated. She told him how about fifty for the two of us. He smiled and said, “Hell yes!”
We led the black man into one of the privet dance rooms. Ida shut, locked the door and collected the money. Told him the no touching rule and to make himself comfortable. There was one plastic chair for the John to set in with a small table next to the chair. A roll of paper towels on top of the table and a trash can on the floor next to the table. The trash can was already half full of cum soaked towels. In front of the chair there was a small raised stage. I small matt on one side of the stage covered in red vinyl and a boom box next to it on the floor.
Ida squatted down and put in a tape and soon slow grinding music filled the air and she motioned me to step up on stage. I stood behind her and started to grind my new Ida made pussy against her ample ass putting my arms around her running my hands up and down her body. We swayed my front to her back and I moved one hand to pussy lifting the dress hem to expose her pussy to our costumer.
She told him again to get comfortable and he stood up and dropped his sweatpants. We stopped our gyrations and stood there looking at the biggest most delicious black dick. It must have been ten to twelve inches long, not to big around and the foreskin hung at least and inch past the knob; it was rock hard. John sat back down and started stroking his awesome cock and Ida and I resumed dancing.
By the middle of the second song Ida had only her heels and garter belt left on and I was down to heels, bra and garter belt. She as on her back nylon covered legs high in the air and I over her in a sixty-nine position. We were squirming around on the matt to the beat of the song. I was running my tongue over my red lips simulating I was eating Ida’s pussy and pulling on the tampon string dangling from her cunt lips. We were oblivious to John masturbating in the chair in front of the stage.
John broke our sexual trance, “What I got to do to have one of you bitches to suck and fuck me.”
Ida and I stood up and Ida turned off the music. She then sat on the edge of the stage and spread her legs wide and with one finger started twirling the tampon string. I went to Ida’s bag and took two VS 120 cigarettes out and lit both. I return to the stage and sat down next to Ida my legs together very lady and gave one cigarette to her.
Ida took a big drag on the cigarette, executed a very sensual French inhale and asked, “Your not connected with any local or state law enf***ement agencies.” The black stud said, “No.”
“Well then as you can see,” She gave a tug on the string protruding from her cunt lips, “My playground is out of commission right now. I’ll suck you off for another fifty.”
“How about you suck my black dick and I ram my rod up the faggot’s ass, how much for dat,” John asked?
I was shocked; Ida’s tuck job had not fooled him. I was about to tell her that I didn’t think my ass could take a cock that big when Ida told him, “One Hundred fifty.”
John shot back, “One Hundred, you suck me, then I fuck the sissy’s ass and I’ll give you One Hundred Fifty if your sissy bitch will do ass to mouth. I love to unload my seeds in a faggot’s mouth.”
“Deal, now show me the money daddy,” Ida told him.
“I don’t think,” I started to say but Ida cut me off.
“That’s right bitch you don’t think. Your going to fuck him and you better make me proud or I beat your dumb ass senseless.”
With that said Ida peeled back the foreskin on John’s cock and started giving him head. I went to Ida’s bag and lit another cigarette and took out a tube of “Anal Ease” lube. I squeezed a large amount on my finger and started packing my full of lube. This brand of lube has a numbing agent in it and I want to please Ida buy taking every inch of John’s long hard black cock.
I returned to the stage and got on my hands and knees next to Ida and John. I heard the slurping sound of Ida giving John head stop. I felt Ida’s hand on my back and she leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Bitch you’d better take every inch of his black cock, you understand.” I nodded my head yes and I felt the head of his cock against my anus muscle.
With one trust he buried his black shaft half its length into my tight ass. A wave of pain rushed over my body and stars danced in front of my eyes like fire works. I let out a sissy scream and Ida told me to muffle it. I went from my hands, to my elbows, to head and chest on the stage. John strong hands kept my hips and boy pussy right where he wanted them. He slowly eased his cock deeper down my hersey highway. I even felt the end of the condom past by my anus muscle. I finally felt his black balls against my pale white ass. I could feel the head of cock deep in my colon.
All of a sudden his cock started a piston action slow at first and then revving up to RPMs that a race car engine would envy. So violent that my body was f***e flat on the matt and my nylon cover legs danced uncontrollable as they hung now out over the edge of the stage. One of my heels went flying off my foot and banged against the wall opposite the stage and dropped to the floor with a thud. Ida kept telling him to fuck me harder and low a****l grunts like that of a pig came from my mouth. I was almost to the point of passing out from the pain of being pounded so hard by his big long black cock. When all of a sudden I was flipped on my back and I felt his black cocks head push between my red lips.
His cock exploded and copious amounts of spunk filled my oral cavity till it ran from the corners of my mouth. All ready gasping for air from the intense fucking just endured and my mouth full of dick and cum I started to gag. John pulled is cock out of my mouth and I started chocking on the half swallowed cum. The cum started coming back up my throat and a large wad of spunk shot out my nose as I had my lips sealed tight trying not vomit cum. I opened my mouth and took a deep breath and finally swallow the hot cum.
Both Ida and John laugh at me as I laid there a total mess and exhausted. I could hear John tell Ida he was amazed that I took every inch and had swallowed so much cum. I heard Ida asked for a tip. That she felt I deserved a good tip. I heard John laugh again and felt a quarter landed on my stomach as he left the room.
Ida told me to get cleaned up and dressed as there was money to be made tonight. She was giddy with excitement from the two hundred fifty dollars we had just made. She handed me a lit cigarette and a sheet of paper towel and told me to wipe the cum from my nose. “Oh, by the way, when John pulled out of your ass the condom stay behind. You should pass it in a couple of days,” Ida said with a giggle.

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weell that was so excitting
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Wow can i get a job with you