Glory Hole Orgy

Glory Hole Orgy
Driving down the street I spied my destination. A big yellow building with “Adult XXX” written on the marquee in front was on my right. I turn into the parking lot and drove to the back behind the building and park in the darkest spot I could find. Another crossdresser had told me that they welcomed our kind and even let gurls like us in the back where the video booths were located.
I sat in my car and lit a cigarette, thinking I would see who was going in and out of the store. Half an hour later I had witnessed four men and one couple enter and two men and the couple leave. The parking lot had about fifteen other cars parked.
Not much traffic and no crossdresses in site; I started to get cold feet. Then I saw I gurl come out and walk toward the area where I had parked. Turned out she was parked next to my car. When she notice me sitting there she motioned for me to roll down my window.
“Hi sugar,” she said. “You going inside and suck a few cocks.”
“Ya, thinking about doing just that in a bit. Never been here before how is the action inside.”
She giggled and rose up so I could the front of her blouse. It had several cum stains on it. Looks like you have been a naughty sissy I told him. Well there are about fifteen men milling around in the booth area but that I would have the most fun in the small video theater what was also in the back if I liked being watched. Video theater I asked what was up with that and she told me it was a room with a large television on one wall and built in benches on the other three walls. The room held about twenty perverts at a time.
I thanked her for the information and she departed. I sat a minute and said to my self hell why not and got out of my car. Navigating the dirt and gravel parting lot in six inch heels was a challenge but I finally made it to the entrance with out busting my mini skirted ass. I walked around the store for a bit looking at the sex toys and videos and finally approached the clerk at the counter.
I asked for a ticket to the back. I he asked me if it was the first time in the store. I told him it was and he told me the first visit was on the house. That he would buzz me in when I got to the door. Once in side the dimly lit room I see there were about 20 mini booths back to back in the center of the room and at the far end of the room a door marked theater.
Not wanting to look to eager I went into one of the mini booths in the middle. Selected a channel slipped my panties off, hiked up my skirt, grabbed my cock and sat down. I had sat down in the middle of a puddle of cum someone had left in the plastic chair. How fucking nasty I thought but then again it was kind of a nice present to leave behind. The booth and the room smelled like stale cum and the booth floor was sticky with loads of cum that had been spent from many cocks. I lit a menthol cigarette to mask the smell of the goo on the floor and in my seat.
I heard a man clear his throat in the booth next to me and look at the hole in the wall through which his finger was sticking. As he with drew his finger from the hole I stuck two of my fingers through the hole showing him my long red finger nails and my sissy rings. He had to know by this action I was a sissy cock sucker and I wanted to play with his penis. I was not long before his cock poked through the wall in all its glory. I stood up squatted down and slide his cock between my painted lips. It took a couple minutes of sucking before I had his cock filling my oral cavity with his yummy cum. He withdrew his spent cock and left his booth. Soon the door to the booth open and another man entered the booth. I heard him drop coins in the video machine.
I again put my two fingers through the glory hole and with drew them and waited. There was no reaction from the other side of the wall. I repeated the finger sign that I want to suck his cock and still no response from him. I took a cigarette out of my cigarette case and put my head close to the opening. In the softest, fem voice I whispered, “Do you have a lit Sweetie?” His hand cam through the hole holding a bic and he flicked the lighter. I bent over and lit my smoke and as he withdrew the lighter I exhaled smoke through the hole.
A condom package came through the hole followed quickly by his hard uncut dick. I opened the condom and placed it tip first into my mouth. Grabbed is cock with my cigarette free hand and skinned back his foreskin. As I accepted his cock in my mouth I slid the condom over and around his hard love muscle. I took a long drag on my cigarette and let the smoke curl out of my mouth as a swallowed his shaft. Between drags and sucking it took about eight minutes before his cock pulsed and his spunk filled the nipple tip of the condom. I caught the end of the rubber between my teeth and as he with drew his pecker the condom stayed with me.
I drained the liquid from the rubber into my mouth. Then to make sure I got every nasty drop I placed the whole condom in my mouth slowly pulling it back out use my lips like a squeegee to extract every drop. I tossed the used rubber on the floor, freshened my lip gloss and lit another Misty 120. Ten minutes passed and no new meaty sticks appeared, so I figured it was time to check out the theater. I took a wipe from my purse and cleaned cum off my ass where I had sat in it. Pulled my skirt down which barely covered my boy clit, left my panties on the floor and headed for the mini theater.
Three guys leaned against the wall and I gave each of them a big smile as I walked buy headed to check out the action in the theater. Two guys were standing by the door and one opened the door for me and I walked into the room. At the far end sat one old man and even though this room was very dark I could see he was play with is semi erect penis from the light casted by the movie on the television.
I took out another cigarette and as I fumbled in my purse for the lighter a flame light up in front of me. I lit my cigarette looked up at the owned. I was the old man bent over at the waist still stroking his cock with his arm extended so the lighter had reached me. I mouthed the words, “thank you,” he nodded and sat back down. The door to the room opened and closed and one of the guy that had been by the door entered.
He sat down beside me and told me there were eight guy outside the room. Two others and he want to come in and fuck me and the others wanted to watch. Wow, I thought to myself, this was going to be fun. I told him sure I would love to be watched as they fucked me. As he left to tell the guys the good news I stood up and took off my skirt and blouse. As they filed back in I was sitting there in my heels, thigh high stocking and black 36A bra only. Legs spread wide apart so they could see my boy clit. I had my cock pierced just under the knob and two more piercing in my ball sack. Each piercing supported a heavy gag ring and the diamond in each sparkled even in the dim light. I was told to stand up, turn around and bend over. There was no foreplay. Each of the three men fucked me in my ass one after the other. The only sound in the room came from the movie on the television, me grunting as each tried to fuck me harder than the last and my head thumping against the wall. When the last guy finished they all filed out of the theater. Not even a thank you for fucking us bitch. I dressed, took out my compact, put some lipstick on and straighten my wig. That old man was still sitting there jacking his semi hard cock.
As I walked out of the back room the clerk was talking to a couple at the counter. He called me over and said he saw that I had a good time. I thought some of the guys must have came out and told him what was going on in the back. Wrong! The clerk turned, looked at a small TV screen behind him. There on the screen was the old man still stroking his limp dick. OMG! The clerk and who else had been watching!

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3 months ago
whoresome darling
5 months ago
2 years ago
Gloryhole scenes are hot!
3 years ago
i love gloryholes
3 years ago
Wow and to think of the show must have been very hot show you knwo i've done that at the adult arcades its always fun thanks Candi
3 years ago
I sure wish it was me
3 years ago
Very nasty and wonderfully erotic story!
3 years ago
Very hot story, sounds like you had a good time and will be welcomed back.
3 years ago
Nice i have done some thing just like that