After my first night working for Mama T, I was hooked. At least once a week I was a worthless whore at her trailer. I would be at her trailer, ready to serve her cliental. Of course most the Johns picked one of the real girls over me, but there were the occasional guys that wanted some thing different or couldn’t wait. I didn’t mind. I just craved being in this sleazy environment knowing I was nothing more than a piece of useless meat on sale. After all I was tainted merchandise; I had a cock between my legs instead of a juicy cunt. The other girls were great as they would refer any of clients to me if they requested anal sex. I did have to split my share of the money with them. It was only fair they got a finders fee.
I made my money on out calls. I wore a beeper all the time and when it went off I knew it was time to jump in the phone booth and change in to Super Bitch. Super Bitch who could jump on a cock in a single bound, Drain guy’s balls before their wife returned home and gives them what their women couldn’t. Thank the stars for wives and girlfriends that will not swallow, do anal, dress erotic, be a urinal or allow their men to full fill his kinky, perverted desires.
On this night business was really slow. So Mama T told Tammy and Jane to hit the street and for Mary and I to stay put for walk ins. Tammy protested and told Mama to send me instead. My heart skipped a beat. I had never worked Sprull Avenue. I idea of doing so was both exhilarating and scary. Her whores would stand on their corner and attract a customer passing by, make a date and then direct them up the side street to Mama’s trailer.
Some of the bitches would do the nasty deed in the car with the John, cutting Mama out of her share of the money they got. That is why Mary had not been sent out to work the street as she was notorious for sucking and fucking in cars.
Mama mulled over the idea. Looked at me, smiled and stated that she saw the idea appalled to me. I had on a micro mini skirt and my cock had pushed out of my panties, pushed the skirt hem up and was exposed for all to see.
“Okay Vanessa, Jane to the street, but first come over here and let me drain your pretty cock dear. We can’t have you going to street with a hard on like that! I am hungry for some goo any way,” Mama said licking her painted lips.
Mama was a SSBBW and she shifted her girth in the recliner as I approached. Her bright red silk robe opened as she shifted in to position so she could blow me from her recliner. The opened robe exposed her huge breast and auroras the size of salad plates. You could not have put one of her tits in a two gallon bucket and they rested high atop her big stomach. Her pussy was well hidden by the large apron the bottom of her belly formed. She was a vision of beauty. She lighted two VS 120 cigarettes and passed one of them to me, the filter stained with her red lip stick. Tammy, Jane and Mary gather around us to watch. Tammy stood behind the recliner and reached over the back grapping her mother’s massive tit and digging her long pink finger nails into the skin.

Mama puffed on the cigarette blowing the sweet smoke over the tip of my shecock. She slipped her larger lips over my cock and sucked hard. I could tell she was turned on by the hard massage her daughter was given her right breast. Her massive hand was on my ass pushing me closer to her wanting mouth. I placed one of my nylon cover knees on the recliners armrests and against her fleshy stomach. I was not long before my spunk was flowing into her hot wet mouth and she released her grip on my ass.
“Now you girls get your asses out of here and make Mama some money,” she said with my spunk dripping from her mouth.

On the Corner Jane and I stood in all our glory. Jane had on platform mules with 7” heels, a jean skirt that came to her mid thighs and a leather vest with only the button between her tits fastened. She was about 30 and a little on the heavy side. Her short butch blond hair was spiked. I had on 5” red open toe pumps with stiletto metal heels. I had on red fish net thigh high stocking and a red micro spandex mini skirt with a silk black and white tiger stripped blouse with puffy long sleeves. A ring on every finger and long red press on finger nails. A straight shoulder length blond wig with bangs frame my face. Red spandex thongs held my now spent package out of sight.
Jane told me to just stand there and look sexy and follow her lead. I was to walk over with her to any car that stopped and she would do the talking, so I could learn the lingo. We stood there waving to the passing car and every now and then Jane would yell out, “Want a date.” Some times it was necessary to walk back up the side street when we spotted a police car coming down the road.
Several cars slowed to check us out and finally one car made a second and third run by us and turned on to the side street and stopped. As we walked to the car the passenger side window was lowered. Jane leaned over and said to the black driver, “Looking for a date handsome?”
“Depends, what the going rate?”
“Depends on what kind of date you are looking for tonight. What do you want?” Jane replied.
The black guy smiled and replied, “A little head and I want to fuck your ass.”
“I don’t do anal. My girlfriend here does are you interested?”
The black man took a good look at me as now the car window framed both Jane and my face. I moved around the car to the drive side window leaning down and making sure my ass was visible through the front windshield. He told me to stand up and move closer as he wanted to feel my pussy. Now I was scared having no idea what his reaction would be when he felt a cock instead of a wet pussy. Jane came to the rescue.
“Baby, she has the same equipment between her legs that you have.” Jane purred.
“Oh! I doubt a white faggot boy has a cock as big as my ten inch cock.” He replied.
“Really, show it to me sweetheart,” I blurted out.
Jane stopped the transactions at that point. She told the guy to expose his ten inches first that she want to make sure he was not a cop and of course asked him in every way she could that he was not a member of law enf***e meant. Finally he unzipped his fly and hulled out the biggest black cock I had ever seen. When he took his eyes off Jane and looked back at me his door window was framing my sissy cock.
Pulling my skirt back down in place I leaned in the window and sucked his cock head for a few seconds. Then I backed out so just my face was in the window again. Jane and the black guy haggled over the price and because it was anal and he was packing ten inches of hard black meat it would cost him one hundred clams.
We pointed him the driveway and walk that was to meet up with him. I told Jane that I thought that I had just wrote a check my ass could not cover. Jane laughed and hand me a pill. Take this Hun she told me and you wouldn’t give as shit if his cock is twenty inches long. Not wanting to disappoint my trick I downed the pill.
Back in Mama’s bedroom I became indifferent to everything that was happening. I know I suck his black cock and I know he buried it to his balls in my tranny ass. I remember I was giggling a lot and begging him to pull out of my male cunt so I could swallow his hot load of cum.
When my head finally cleared I was sitting on Mama’s couch. My ass was racked with pain from the fucking I had just received. Mama was scolding Jane for giving me the pill and Jane was defending he act of kindness. Jane told Mama that with out the chemical help I could have never taken the black man up my ass.

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good story
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I bet you walked funny for a few days
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Fuck yeah!
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wow monster cocks thats for me thanks
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wow i don't have a cock like that but i think i could take in my asshole thanks