How My Wife Found Out I Was A Slut, The Party

The night of the Halloween Party we dresses identically for the party as planned. Matching black leather mini dresses, red strapless bras, garter belts, black seemed stockings and black open toed four inch heels. Even our nails and lipstick matched— a nice whorish candy apple red. We looked like to identical sluts.
My wife had invited Ben, one of our threesome partners, to go to the party with us. Ben brought his wife Gerri. We had swung with them a few times in the beginning when we first met them. After our first couple of parties she would tell Ben to come see us without her as I did nothing for her in the sack. However, Gerri could not pass up the opportunity to see me in drag.
They came both dressed in civil war military uniforms. Gerri even had on a bushy mustache as part of her costume. Even though she was a very pretty woman she looked quit passible as young rebel officer. Only her bodacious 40 double D boobs gave her away— just too much for the rubenesque woman to hide. We all had a couple of drinks and complemented each other on our costumes. Both Ben and Gerri during this time could not get over how passable I looked.
We left for the party in Ben’s van. Sally, my wife, sitting up front with Ben and Gerri with me in the back seat. Gerri and I could see Sally reach over— even though the bucket seats blocked our view— and started jacking Ben’s dick off. Soon I felt her hand slide up under my mini dress and pull my panties to the side. “Oh Shit,” Gerri screamed.
Gerri had found the last item of my ensemble the wife brought me— a steel male chastity device. It was then that my wife told our friends about our new relationship. That if I wanted to be a bitch she was making sure that is all I could be in the future. She told Gerri not to worry that there would be ten swinging couples and four or five stray cats at the Halloween Party. Plenty of dicks would be there to give her pussy a good workout but just not mine. “Oh by the way henceforth he/she should be called Vanessa.”
With that said my wife bent over and started giving the driver a blow job. Gerri giggles and said, “Well Vanessa finger your new girlfriend’s pussy.” She unzipped the fly on her uniform pants and guided my hand to her wet honey pot. I soon had her moaning as my fingers slipped in and out of her cunt and we heard Ben grunt as he unloaded a big load of cum into my wife’s sucking mouth.
We pulled up in front of the house where the party was. We three girls check our makeup; well the wife and I check ours and Gerri made sure her fake mustache had not came loose. We got out of the van and my wife Ben’s arm and I on Gerri’s arm walked up the sidewalk to the front door. Before he rang the doorbell he said, “Okay girls let see if we can get Vanessa fucked good tonight!”
Our hostess answered the door looked the four of us over and said, “Great customs but where is Jim, Sally. Even though he is a below avg. fuck your husband can sure eat pussy and I was looking forward to that. So who are your friend’s?”
“Well Irma, this find rebel officer is Ben. Wait till you see his sword. His privet next to him is Gerri and the bitch is ready to take on a company of men. Wait till you see the custom she has under the uniform. The slut next to me is my new girlfriend, Vanessa.”
“Charming nice to meet you all, come on in and get ready to drop you panties, but where is Jim?”
Sally laughed, “Right next to me you silly slut. Jim is my new girlfriend, Vanessa. Jim is no more and all I am left with is this bimbo, sissy, cock sucking, little faggot bitch. Jim’s pathetic dick will never feel a pussy wrapped around it again, but Vanessa’s boy cunt here to be split wide open tonight and every night for the rest of her life.”
Irma took a long hard second look at me and smiled. She stepped forward and gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear, “Darling do I have a strap on you are going to love and I know a few of the guys here tonight will want to fuck you.”
Irma took us in and intro deuced us to the rest of the party goers. It was not long after the party goers downed a few alcoholic beverages that the action started. First a few of the ladies started eating each other pussy while the guys urged them on. Every guy in the room was soon jacking their dicks and a few of the ladies stopped eating cunts and started sucking cocks. Irma’s husband Bob came over to me and put his cock on my red lips. I began to vigorously sucking his meat hard. Irma had told Bob who I really was although I had thought I had him fooled.
That is when Bob in a loud voice said to everyone, “Hey ya all want to watch me fuck this sissy faggot in his ass.” He got a resounding “YES” from everyone. Bob told me to stand up and as he did he lifted my dress to revile my caged up dick which he slapped hard with his hand. My knees buckled a bit as the metal tube with my dick in it slammed against my balls. I was lead over to a coffee table and f***ed to my knees and made to lay across it length wise. While all this was going on Irma had slipped on a strap-on dildo.
“Me first honey,” I heard Irma said.
“Of course babe ladies go first. Warm the little faggot’s ass up for me.”
She moved behind me and I soon felt her lubing up my honey hole. The guests where pressing around the coffee table to get a good view. It was then I felt a sharp pain of her slamming home the big dick attached to the strap-on harness. Red and white flashes of light danced in front of my eyes and I lost all of my senses. I must have passed out for a few minutes but when I re-gained my senses I could feel the dildo sliding in and out of my boy cunt. All the women where tell her to fuck me good and hard. “Make him know what it is like to have your pussy tore up by a man,” I heard Sally yell.
Soon there was a cock in my mouth and Bob’s dick had replaced Irma’s strap-on. The novelty of seen me fuck wore off quickly and soon everyone was paired up each other. Three or four of the single guys took turns fucking me but most of the married men avoided me— all two of them slipped me their phone numbers when their wives were not looking. All in all it was a pretty damn good party.

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4 months ago
great. like how 3 married guys gave you their #
11 months ago
wow wish id be smacked around like that
1 year ago
Fantastic and very horny story thanks for sharing x
1 year ago
fantastic very erotic