letter to girlfriend Erin from my Skiing holiday

The German guys on the slopes.

The 2 guys were staying in our Hotel and Ginni and I had noticed that they were following us about and trying to bump into us all the time. I didn’t particularly fancy either of them but Ginni was really on heat and wanted to get with the one called Franz, the other was called Peter.
I thought that they were about 25 but we found out later that they were 28 !!!

Ginni is in one of my Non Nude pictures on my Profile, she is pretty and has long brown hair, she will go with almost any guy who pays her a few compliments and she gets really d***k and into some pretty naughty situations, like she loves to suck guys off when they are driving a car and she definitely loves cock lol.

We met them a few times after skiing and in the Hotel bars and they tried to get into the mixed saunas with us but we wouldn’t tell them when we were going in. The night we got with them was after a long day skiing and then drinking in the Bars. We were in Ginni’s room with them and messing about on the beds, not very private but I was d***k and didn’t care too much and Ginni was down to her bra and panties in no time at all. Ginni was getting quite hot and I could tell they wanted us out of the way as Franz was almost getting his cock up her, which I quite liked as I had never seen Ginni’s pussy clearly and to be honest I would have preferred to stay with the two of them and join into a 3 some that way I might have got to play with Ginni’s lovely pussy, her clit is enormous hehehhe, I just caught a glimpse of it and it is mmmm lovely.
So Peter and I want up to his room and it was a good job I was d***k as I nearly chickened out as it was all a bit cold by then, the moment had almost past and its easy to sober up when you are faced with a rampant guy who you don’t really fancy that much. Fuck it I thought I hadn’t had any cock for ages and maybe Peter was better at fucking than he was at kissing, he was all a bit rushed and to aggressive (much prefer girls sensual kisses)
Peter stripped straight down to his off white jockey shorts uurrgg and we lay on his bed, I had my top and leggings on but I let him take them off so was down to my Bra and Panties, we kissed and he was trying to maneuver on top of me and I could feel his cock stiff as fuck and really rubbing up and down near my pussy, I wouldn’t open my legs as I knew he would try and slip my panties aside and push straight in. Not likely I thought you are going to have to work harder than that to get into my Erin’s pussy lol
I thought I had better feel his cock a bit as he was grunting and panting a bit, anyway Erin, it was massive, a really long and thick cock with a big fat head when I pulled his skin back, it was so big I got a bit worried he might want to do my ass as well and we both know what that feels like . I jerked him off for a few minutes and it was good to feel its power, he was forgetting about me now, just laying back letting me toss him off (UK for masturbate) In fact I had to sneak my hand into my knickers and start playing with my clit to get some feelings going, cheeky sod I thought here I am doing us both !!!
I stopped for a minute and Peter thought I wanted to climb on his stiff cock but I wasn’t ready for that yet, I took my knickers off myself and pulled his face down to my pussy, he got the idea and started to suck and lick me, he was quite good and I soon got into it and let him give my some tonguing and clit sucking. He was doing fine for about 5 minutes and I could easily have cum but the useless cunt stopped and grabbed my hair and pulled me down to his cock and that’s when I smelled his sweaty stinky cock, it wasn’t nice at all and had far too many hairs for me, I try and suck it but every time I went down I got a face and nose full of smelly hairs and it almost made me gag !!!! eeerrrgggg

Peter was bursting by now, his cock end was massive and his cock veins were sticking out and bless him he was nearly jerking himself off and if he had been a lot cleaner I would have sat my pussy right onto it and slid as much as I could into my gaping pussy, cos it was very gapping and wanted so much to be fucked but I just couldn’t do it lol.
I thought the only way out of this was to give him a hand job quick and hope he would cum before he could drag me onto his cock. I just sort of pushed him back on the bed and squatted over his face so he had to suck my clit and I grabbed his cock and furiously masturbated him as fast as I could pulling his skin right down and back probably far too hard as he was almost screaming in pain hehehehe, what a bitch I was, jerking him off and rubbing my pussy over his mouth and nose so he could hardly breath and splash he shot a great load of sperm all over his belly and my tits and it was impressive Erin, he shot about 6 times all over the place, I was nearly tempted to suck it dry but remembered the stink lol. I came as well and it was very nice even though I mostly did it myself with his nose almost up my ass hole and tongue on my clit.
Well that was that I thought, time to exit stage left !! I said that I needed a pee and went into the bathroom to clean up and put my bra and pants back on, shuffled back to his bed and scooped up my top, shoes and leggings and said my goodbyes.
When I got back to our room and quietly let myself in I was confronted with the sight of Ginni on the bed on all fours getting doggy shagged by Franz, the lights were very dim but I could see everything especially Ginni’s pussy getting pounded and Franz’s cock pumping in and out, he was nowhere near as big as Peter but he was certainly enjoying himself as was Ginni as she was gasping and sighing and panting. I thought mmm this is quite nice actually so I went into the Loo, half closed the door sat on the side of the bath with my panties off and slowly masturbated my clitty again as I watched them fuck each other and oohhh my god it was wonderful, so erotic, watching others fuck is definitely something I need to explore more LOL

So Erin my darling that’s was it, quite nice in the end but certainly I need to do a bit more research into guys smelly cocks before going too far, lol or better still just stick to girls nice clean smooth pussies hey, especially yours my hot lover.

I LOVE YOU, Jenny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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3 years ago
Hey Jenny, bad luck: too stinky to fuck :-(
Let Erin choose a right Peter for you next time.
She knows a few who are gentle, big and clean!

I love your hot stories for Erin - Peter Pan

PS: Your common dialogue is the best I´ve read!
3 years ago
mmmmmmmmmm, horny little fuck machine.
3 years ago
Great story of your trip, sounds like you have to do all the work. A pity babe about Peter ;), you deserve better.
3 years ago
Hey, Jen. Thank you for sharing. A very spontaneous and funny account of your time at the resort. I love your line about exiting “stage left” after Peter shot his cum. A million kisses for you. Erin.