My Itallian girlfriend Mia, loves skiing and girls

After Mia had talked me into having an orgasm with her in the Jacuzzi we used to meet most afternoons in the sauna and steam room but always there was other people about, men, women, older guys and a couple of younger girls as well so mixed. Anyway one afternoon we met on the slopes as well and she said she was very tired and sore as she had fallen a few times and would I come off the mountain early with her for a sauna, I thought this is probably a come on as there was never anyone in the hotel during the afternnon as they were all on the slopes.
We met in the sauna as planned about 2-0pm and it was vert quiet and empty, we both undressed and put towels on and went into the furthest sauna from the door as this was the coolest. we lay down on the wooded benches one above the other as the seats were at diferent hights so I was above Mia and we were head to toe with our pussys level lol, maybe she planned it I thought so who was going to make the first move. There was music on and it was warm and quiet, I could see Mia had here eyes closed and I could see her pussy very clearly eben in the dim light. it was nice and clean with no hair (like ours) and I could just see the top of her clit where her lips parted but nothing else as she has a neat pussy. After about 10 mins I let my arm drop down onto her arm and slowly started to tickle her and run my nails along her arm and just to the side of her boobs, immediately her nipples grew very hard, she has very little boobs but luvely puffy nipples. So I did this for a while and she didnt move at all so I was a bit afraid she wasnt going to play so I stopped, at that she got hold of my had and moved it onto her nipples so I knew she wanted more. I played with her nipples running my fingers from one to the other and in between and round the egdes of her boobs and nipples very lightly and slowly, she let one of her legs drop down onto the next bench so I could see all of her pussy and her lips just opend a little. So I knew it was time to go further, I let my fingers drift down to her stomach and tummy button which was ful of sweat and dripping down into her pussy.
I moved my fingers down to her pussy and Erin my heart was beating so fast as this was the first time in my life I have made a move on a girl, my boobs were moving uo and down as my heart beat faster and I was panting as well as Mia, I was quite very turned on and had to put my fingers into my own pussy as I as desperate to masturbate.
I was now running my fingers into Mia's pussy and pushed her lips apart as I pushed my own apart, I then gently rubbed her up and down over her clit ( she has a bigger clit than me and only 17) pushing her hood back and making her move her arse up and down in time with my hand. I couldnt get my fingers right up her cunt as she I was at the wrong sort of angle but I did push my thumb up as I slid my middle finger over and over her clit. Mia started to moan and grown as I moved faster and I knew she was going to cum soon so I masturbated my own clit in time with hers, it was so lovely, I was doing us both and this is the honest truth Erin I was thinking of you and our cybersex pissing and wanking and masturbating and dogging and pissing on each other as I made us both cum together, it was wonderful. So when Mia had calmed down and I had cum as well we were both really sweating and dripping cum juices so we got up and into the shower, they are communal showers so we had to be careful as we could hear other people coming in as we washed ourselves and cooled down. We went into the steam room after that and I got quite turned on by a big guy and his wife sitting opposite me staring right at my boobs and pussy and they must have been exhibitionists themselves as they bith smiled as she let her legs slide open and he got a bit of an erection, it was so hot to just look at his cock growing with his wife holding his hand and she was squeezing her legs in and out. I just sat with my legs apart and my eyes closed and let them have a good luck, Mia was next to me and she was holding my hand as well, it was very erotic
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3 years ago
Such sexy story for dear Erin, Jenny! I love it!
Thanks for sharing it - Peter Pan
3 years ago
good little story
somehow I cant recall a thing about skiing in it.
3 years ago
why arent we friends miss jenny pussy
3 years ago
fantastic story x you are soooo erotic
3 years ago
Hey, Jen, this story makes me so hot. I wish i was there with you & Mia. All three of us fucking each other. Erin.