This happened to me about 4 years after I married my first wife. I was in the air f***e and my squadron had been sent to Europe for 65 days on temporary duty. As it happened, I got to come home early, and I decided to surprise my wife by not telling her I would be comming home. My wife, Debbie, played cards with my buddies wifes every Tuesday night while their husbands were away. I got a ride to my house and walked in. Sure enough, there was Debbie, Sandy, Cheryl and Beth, sitting at the diningroom table playing cards. Debbie jumped up and hugged me as I told her why I got to come home early. After a few minutes, the girls returned to playing cards. Sandy excused herself from the card game and said she was going home. She said my comming home made her sad and lonely for her husband. After she left, while I was in the kitchen, I heard one of the girls ask, "How are we going to play with only three players?" There was some discussion and finally Beth said, "What about your husband?" Just then, Debbie called to me to come into the dining room. "How about you sitting in for Sandy?" she asked. I was kind of tired, but agreed. After a few hands Debbie got up and said that she was getting board with this and mixed some drinks for all of us. We sat around talking for a while and were getting pretty snockered. "What if we play a different card game" Beth asked, almost falling out of her seat. We started suggesting different card games and no one could agree until Cheryl said strip poker. I couldn't believe these women and my wife wanted to play strip poker! Of course, I had to agree. We played and drank for another hour. I was down to my underwear, Beth only had on her bra and panties, Cheryl had only her panties, and my wife was totally naked. Not a good poker player. Beth giggled and said "You know, we're almost all naked, and what are we going to do after that! It's still early yet!" Cheryl popped in and said, "What if we do dares. The winner gets to dare the losers to do anything he or she wants. If you don't do it, you lose." It took awhile, but everyone agreed. The next hand was played and Beth won. She stood up and as she pulled down her panties, told everyone else to get naked. So there we were, all four of us playing cards, naked. The next hand was delt, and Beth one again. She thought for a minute and then dared me to stand up and jack my cock in front of them. I wasn't going to be the loser and stood up. My dick was almost hard anyway, and I began to stroke it as the girls watched intently. I jacked for almost a minute and felt my cum start to boil, and stopped. "If I don't stop now, we'll have a mess on the table." I said. All the girls laughed. Another hand was delt and more drinks were downed. This time it was Debbie who won. She thought for a minute and a wicked smile came across her face. "George, stand behind Cheryl ans hold her tits up while Beth sucks on her nipples." The other two girls argueed that that wasn't fare. "So your saying that you to lose?" Debbie asked. I already had my hands under Cheryl's tits and was raising them up. Beth slowly bent her head down and touched her lips to Cheryl's left nipple, and pulled back sharply. I don't think I can do this she said. Cheryl reached her hand out and placed it behind Beth's neck and slowly pulled her face to her tit. This time when Beth's lipe touched her nipple she opened her mouth and sucked it in. Cheryl moaned and Debbie giggled. Beth removed her lips from the hard, plump nipple and looked at Debbie. "Your time will come!" she said, and went back to sucking Cheryl's nipple. Cheryl's eyes were closed and I could feel her heart beat quicken in her chest. After a minute, Beth pulled away. Cheryl was flushed and breathing a little faster than normal. We all sat back down and had a drink before the next hand. The hand was delt and played. I won this one. I told my wife to come over in front of me and get on her knees. "Hey!" Cheryl said, "What are we supposed to do?" "Your next!" I told them. Debbie sucked my cock for a minute or so and then I called Beth over. She was a little hesitent, but did it anyway. I don't know why she was so hesitent, she was a great cock sucker. After about 15 seconds, Cheryl said, "Hey! when is it my turn?" Beth let my cock pop from her mouth and answered, "You'll get your turn....Hold your horses!" and wnt back to sucking me. As Beth finished, Cheryl almost pushed her out of the way, dropped to her knees with a clunk, and I thought my dick was in a hoover vacume cleaner. As she sucked, and moaned, she rolled my balls around in her free hand. I was about to squirt again and tried to push her away. She wouldn't budge. I could feel my pre-cum oozing out onto her tongue and I thrust my hips backwards, my cock popping out of her mouth. She had such a sad look on her face, I almost let her suck me some more. At the table again, another hand was played. Finally Beth won. "Now you going to get it!" she said looking at my wife. Beth reached out in front of her and gathered all the cards on the table and placed them in front of her. "Get on the table, Cheryl, and lay on your back." Beth commanded. As Cheryl got up on the table, Beth positioned her with her spread legs, right in front of my wife. "OH NO!" Debie exclaimed. "That ain't going to happen" "Oh yes it is!" Beth said.

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great story, curious about part 2
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fantastic ! let's hear the rest
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cant wait for part 2
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Can't wait for the rest of the story!
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very good start
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Very nice start.
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Dam what a card game. Hot for sure