How I cucked myself

My wife and I had been married for 15 years. I really wanted to be cucked and see my wife fucked by another guy, but she would have never gone for it. She loved to be tied up and have me do things to her. Usually, I would blind fold her, tie her legs and arms to the bed, spread eagle, and make her wear ear plugs or most of the time I would put headphones on her and play music she liked. In this way, she couldn’t get away, couldn’t see anything, and couldn’t hear anything. She really enjoyed doing it this way. I like going to the peep shows and having my cock jerked or sucked, and I have had my share of sucking and jerking cocks myself. One evening I had an idea. I told my wife, Debbie, to be ready Friday night, that we were going to have a good time. When Friday came around, I could tell she was anxious. That evening, I told her I had to go to the store for a few things I wanted for us to play with tonight. She was going to get a bath and shave her pussy for me, and be ready when I got back. I went to a peep show instead. After about an hour, I found what I was looking for. After checking out 5 or 6 guys, some of them I ended up sucking off, I found a guy that was close to my size, penis size. Through the hole, I asked him if he would come home with me and fuck my wife. He agreed. When we were outside the peep show, we talked. I told him the only thing he couldn’t do was cum in her cunt, since she was still able to get pregnant. I also told him he would have to put on some of my after shave so he smelled like me. He agreed. We got to my house and I pulled in the drive way. I told him to stay in the car until I was ready. When I flicked the porch light on and off, he could come in. Debbie was out of the tub, in the bedroom and had all of the toys out and ready. She was still naked from her bath, and I laid her down and tied her up. Then put on her blindfold, and finally the headphones. She was ready. I stripped and went quickly to the front door and flicked the porch light on and off a few times. John was at the door in an instant. I let him in and had him strip right next to the door in case he had to make a run for it, his clothes would be right at the door. We made our way back to the bedroom. My heart was pounding with excitement, knowing my wife was about to get fucked by a strange cock. We entered the room and John’s cock stood straight out looking at my tied, naked wife. I reached over and stroked his dick a few times and finally told him to have fun. John climbed onto the bed straddling my wife on his hands and knees. First, he bent his head down and was sucking her big brown nipples. As he did, I reached between his legs and massaged his wrinkled ball sack. He began to kiss and lick his way to her exposed arm pits. After licking them, he went back to her tits and down her stomach to her bald, smooth cunt. He must have licked her hole and clit for a half hour. She came at least 5 times before he stopped. While he was licking her, I bent my head down between his legs from the rear, bent his cock back towards me and sucked it until it almost shot in my mouth. Finally, he raised up and plugged his already soaking wet cock into her cunt and began fucking her like a rabbit. Debbie came 2 more times while he dicked her. He was about to cum and he pulled out and straddled her chest. He was going to cum on her tits, but I grabbed his cock, pumping it as I pulled it closer and closer to my wife’s mouth, until his cock head touched her lips. She instantly opened her mouth, searching for his cock. He got the idea and leaned forward, just in time to fill her mouth with his load. He finally got off her and I cleaned his dick with my tongue before kissing my wife. He left and she never knew the difference.
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You have now got to tell her and repeat the experience.