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[Story] Yearly Physical IV

Yearly Physical IV

That evening, after getting back from the city, as we retired, we both got naked and laid on the bed talking. My wife reached down along side the bed and retrieved a the bag that we bought earlier this afternoon. She took out the prostate stimulator and put in batteries. Reaching into her nightstand, she got a good healthy glob of lubricant on her middle finger and leaned over toward me.
“Raise and spread your legs, darling.” she said with a giggle. I did what I was told and she lubed my anus and began to insert the stimulator. When it was al... Continue»
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[Story] A Trip To The Dentist

At The Dentist’s Office

My new wife and I had been living in this mid-west town for over 11 years. This was my second marriage and my wife’s second also. My name is George, and my wife’s name is Vonna. Recently, about 6 months ago, our “up in years” dentist retired. We had been seeing him since we moved here. His son, a dentist also, had taken over the business. We had seen him in the office a few times helping out his dad. He was around 35 years old and a very nice looking man. My wife had said, a few times before, how she thought he was a real ladies man. I ... Continue»
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[Story] Copping A feel

Copping A Feel

This happened a while back when we lived in a small collage town. Our rented house was 2 blocks from the campus and on a main road. Our back yard was completely fenced in with a 8 foot high wooden fence and we would hear students walking by every day. It started innocently enough, I guess, but turned into a wonderful time for both young students, my wife and even me.
It all started one summer, Saturday afternoon. My wife was out laying by the pool tanning while I mowed the lawn. She was wearing a two piece suit and was laying on he... Continue»
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[Story] First Time Glory-Hole For Wife

Before my divorce, I was dating a girl, who I later married, who had an affinity for making love in public places. She said she had never done this kind of thing before but since we really had no private place to go to make love, we did it in all kinds of places, and she really began to enjoy it. She said the thrill of getting caught made it all the better. We did rent motel rooms now and then, but that got expensive. Anyway, it wasn't long before I got divorced and we married a few months later. We continued to make love in public and at home, but she liked it more in public. About a year... Continue»
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[Story] First Time Glory Hole For Wife (PART 2)

I could see a hand. Slowly emerge through the hole, at first, lightly touching Vonna’s bare ass. Vonna jumped when she felt it, but I sort of held her where she was, convincing her it was all right. She finally settled back into sucking my cock and letting another stranger play with her ass and pussy. I began to hear her moan, and from her back side, saw her hips begin a slow, rhythmic motion, obviously to the guy fingering her pussy. This went on for about 3 minutes until the guy removed his hand and replaced it with his cock. It wasn’t a large cock, but it was pretty long, maybe 7 inches, bu... Continue»
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[Story] How I cucked myself

My wife and I had been married for 15 years. I really wanted to be cucked and see my wife fucked by another guy, but she would have never gone for it. She loved to be tied up and have me do things to her. Usually, I would blind fold her, tie her legs and arms to the bed, spread eagle, and make her wear ear plugs or most of the time I would put headphones on her and play music she liked. In this way, she couldn’t get away, couldn’t see anything, and couldn’t hear anything. She really enjoyed doing it this way. I like going to the peep shows and having my cock jerked or sucked, and I have had my... Continue»
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This happened to me about 4 years after I married my first wife. I was in the air f***e and my squadron had been sent to Europe for 65 days on temporary duty. As it happened, I got to come home early, and I decided to surprise my wife by not telling her I would be comming home. My wife, Debbie, played cards with my buddies wifes every Tuesday night while their husbands were away. I got a ride to my house and walked in. Sure enough, there was Debbie, Sandy, Cheryl and Beth, sitting at the diningroom table playing cards. Debbie jumped up and hugged me as I told her why I got to come home early. ... Continue»
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Wifie didn't know

This happened about 10 years ago while I was still married to my now x-wife. I had been going to the peep shows and playing at the glory-holes. I am a bi crossdresser. Anyway, one day at the hole I was playing with a guy who was about the same size as I was. I asked him if he would like to fuck my wife. He agreed and we set a day and time. My wife and I played a lot in the bedroom and she was paticularly fone of getting tied up and blindfolded, while I played with her. I had even started using ear olugs on her so she couldn't hear anything either. I figured she would never know she wasn't gett... Continue»
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Working Stiff

I work at a mini golf course. Reciently I jacked off on a few pink golf balls and placed them in the rack for the customers. Usually women take the pink ones, and I was right. The first woman to take a pink, cum, covered ball, exclaimed that it was wet. I assured her that since we have 4 water ponds and fountains on the course, that it had probably been in the water. That seemed to answer her exclaimation. I watched in delight as she walked off, rolling the ball in her hand, knowing she was smearing my cum all over her palm. The second gir to take a cum covered ball was only about 15 years old... Continue»
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