Part 3... panties, stockings, dildos, and a table

Master continues, pulsing his tongue deep into my man pussy whilst massaging my slippery cock. My head swells the beer has really kicked in and now combined with the best rimming I’ve had in ages I’m in ecstasy. “Now get up pussy boy, you’ve got work to do” I look up in complete shock. I have a feeling master can tell this from the smirk on his face. “Pick the red one,” he says pointing to the side table where a small (5”) thin dildo sits. I pick it up and move over to Master at the end of the bed. Master takes it from me lubes up the length then reaches down and through the hole in my stockings slipping it onto my little hole. “Time for you to please master” is all he says as he walks out and sits on a chair next to his kitchen table. Mmmmmm I think.

I follow Master. He gets me up on the table with my back to him, kneeling down so he can get a full view of my work. I struggle at first trying to get the dildo through the hole in my stockings (I’m d***k) so pull them down to just under my arse and slowly begin to glide it in letting the gob of lube do its job. In no time I’ve got it all the way in, pumping it and out, moving it from side to side to try and stretch my little hole. It feels so nice I let out soft little moans each time I slide it in. I continue as I see Master get up, then quickly return with a bumpy but realistic looking 7” black dildo. Without talking he takes the red dildo from my hand and replaces it with the new one. I can feel the difference before it even touches my little pussy, it’s heavier, and fills my hand. This’ll take some work I think as I reposition myself so I’m flat on my back with my legs outstretched in front of Master. The stockings keep me from stretching out my legs so I slide them off over my feet and place them next to my little bum. Next I push the G-string to the side of my arse so it doesn’t get in the way. Then…

I take a deep breath, slide my fingers over the lubed up black dildo, and gently press it against my now slowly loosening pussy. I press it in and out a couple of times before my pussy starts to give way and I feel the dildo head slip into me. “Ooohhhh, mmmmmmm” as I continue to slowly push deeper and deeper, the little bumps on the shaft tingling my pussy every time I push it in and out.

In and out, in and out, in and out I push it deeper and deeper slowly working it into me as I arch my arse up and push my knees back to help as I continue. “Good, good. You are a great little pussy boy” Master gently takes the dildo from me, letting it slide all the way out before gliding it back in with what feels like a new glob of lube on it. I lay my head back on the table, grab hold of my knees and relax letting the little bumps on the dildo tingle my pussy as it opens up even more. “Oohhh, aaaawww” I groan as Master continues to work the dildo quicker and quicker. Master then leaves it deep in me gently pulsing it, getting me closer and closer. I let go groaning and moaning loudly. Then… oohhh, empty…

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1 year ago
on to 4, waiting for master to fill you