My first story of how i became a cock hungry whore

It started off as any other day in the life of a 15 year old lad. Get up, go to school, stare at some tits, come home, stare at some more tits. And then somewhere between staring at tits and staring at more tits I got a text message from my mate. Nothing out of the ordinary, asking if I'd like to meet up with him in the park, by the old shed up the back. I replied saying "Of course! I'll bring my football. See you then". And with that I got dressed and left.

I stood around for 5 minutes before texting my mate, asking him where he was. He replied by saying "Inside, where else would I be?" I thought to my self that this was rather odd as the shed was always locked, but "what the heck?" I thought to myself, and stepped inside. It was pitch black, and I called his name, then all I could hear was heavy breathing, I told him not to joke with me like that when all of a sudden a hand, wrapped in a material, soaked in what was obviously something designed to knock me out, shot round from behind and covered my face. As I clawed at the hand, I felt the air, flow out of me as I fell into a deep sl**p.

When I awoke, I knew straight away that I was naked, I ha also been bound and gagged. I was no longer in the shed, but rather, a bedroom. As I lay on the silk sheets, wondering what the fuck was happening, I heard voices.

Voice 1: "I can't believed it worked"
Voice 2: "I know!"
Voice 1: "Whodda thought nickin' some k**s phone and texting a random person, would lead us to such a sweet little fuck tool"

As their conversation continued, I began to cry, they must of heard me and so they wandered in. Both were middle aged, nearly bald, one slightly taller than the other and both were in nothing but boxer shorts. They smiled as I continued to sob, when suddenly *WHACK* I was slapped silly. This made me stop crying for some reason, and it was done again, some how, I was enjoying it to say the least.

I was lifted onto my knees and both stood in front of me. As they dropped their boxers I realised that this was going to happen, an I wasn't afraid, in fact I jumped at their cocks and began sucking and slurping on one, whilst the other slapped against my face, and vice versa. Eventually both were as hard as rocks and they decided it was time.

My face was shoved into the bed and with only my own spit on their cocks, both began to shove their huge cocks into me at once. I never imagined having one dik up my arse, let alone two. They fucked me for what felt like hours, the pain was indescribable, but that only added to the pleasure. As they fucked me, I thought about what would happen after, so before anything could be done I said "I want to be your slut, and never leave you" to which they replied "You thought we'd let you go?" and both laughed, I only moaned in ecstasy.

Eventually one pulled out and cummed all on my face, and I sucked him till, he was soft. He left the room and the other man cummed straight up my arse, it felt amazing. The man who had left then walked back in, and told me to get off the bed and go into the bathroom. I then ha to lie down in the bath and wait. I happily obliged to my new masters. They both then walked back in with grins on their faces and told me to close my eyes, when again I followed. What happened next was a dream come true, I felt warm streams of piss hit my face and straight away I opened my mouth and swallowed as much as I could. Once they had finished, they put a collar on me and led me to my new bed, a cushion next to the main bed, in case either ever needed to use me whenever. I settled in fine, and knew that this was my dream come true.
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14 days ago
Got me rock hard, loved it!
1 year ago
Wish this was true! Great story :)
2 years ago
WOW...this is super hot.
2 years ago
Why does those kind of story ever happen to me ? :(