I smoothed down the front of my piny. My uniform was looking sharp today. Mistress told me I must look my best for this special day. But that’s all the information I had been given. I picked up the tray with mistresses breakfast and started the walk up stairs. My hands were trembling with anticipation. I pushed open the door to her room. I was greeted by her beautiful smile and a gentle wave towards her breakfast table. I put her tray down and stood back waiting to be dismissed but the dismissal didn’t come. “maid” my mistress mouthed “come to me” I walked towards my mistress she was standing at the foot of her bed naked as the day she was born. Her hair and make-up were immaculate which was unusual for this time in the morning she normally liked to bath first. I know stood toe to toe with my mistress my gaze towards the floor.
My mistress gracefully stepped to one side exposing the bed to me. There was a man, a man, sitting in my mistress bed and he was naked. It felt like my heart had been ripped out. I felt it in the pit of my stomach. I knew mistress had needs and that my pathetic efforts were of little comfort to her. But she had never let me know of her playmates, I had never seen one before. She had never brought one home before. “This is Jonathan maid, well sir to you” . What did she mean sir? Was he staying? Would I meet him again?. Then she answered all of my questions “ Jonathan is moving in he has asked me to marry him and I have said yes” My world came crashing down, I felt faint I could feel the life drain out of me. My mistress raised my chin with the tip of her finger and looked into my eyes. I tried to look away but she held my gaze “I trust you will serve Jonathan as you have served me”? I gave mistress a half-hearted nod “good maid good, I will leave you to get acquainted” with this she glided out of the room and I was alone, with this man, a man who is taking my mistress. The fury in me was boiling. How dare he take her heart, how dare he take her body. How dare he sit in her bed a look at me like that. I could feel myself shaking with hatred and anger. “maid” he said in a horribly condescending voice “is that what they call you, well maid serve me” he flung back the sheets to reveal his arousal. He beckoned me over with a wave of his hand. I knew what I was expected to do it was written all over his face. I moved forward and knelt between his legs. His cock was a good size but not big. I wet my red lips took a deep breath and closed my mouth around his girth. It felt huge in my mouth “put some effort into it maid” I re doubled my efforts and took his entire length into mouth my nose touched his flat hard belly I took a deep breath through my nose. He smelt wonderful. I wasn’t expecting that. I moved my head up and down his shaft my tongue worked the head of hi cock. My manicured nails gently fingered a tight scrotum. I gave it my all not only to please my mistress but to get this over with. I thought if I do a good job he would cum quickly and I would be sent away. No such luck. He pushed my head back and slid from underneath me. I was left crouching on the bed my ruffled skirts ballooned around me. Sir or Jonathan walked behind me. He pushed me forward. I slumped onto the bed and sir manipulated my stockinged legs and gloved hands so I was spread eagled face down. Sirs hands clasped around my ankles then moved up the back of my legs. I could feel his fingers as they moved up my thighs the backs of my skirts lifting as moved forward. His hands were now firmly kneading my bottom the lifted skirts now exposing my lace trimmed French knickers. I felt his fingers push them to one side and pulling my cheeks apart. My balls and arse were now easy for him access my cock was now hard and pinned between the bed and my belly. He, Sir, Jonathan shuffled himself forward his inner thighs rubbing along my stockinged outer thighs. I sensed him lean forward. His cock was now at my entrance he gave it a little push and he eased inside. His arms slid under mine as he laid his body on mine his cock pushing deeper as he moved. His hands now locked over the back of neck trapping my arms and forcing my face into the bed sheets. I was trapped, I couldn’t move. Why did he feel the need he had the use of my body for anything he wished to use it for. I didn’t struggle, I let him hold me down not that I could stop him. He started to move his hips slowly with a long smooth motion which filled me to the hilt. The smooth motion felt wonderful it made me feel loved but the restraint made it feel like a ****d. I was in heaven and I really wasn’t expecting that. My cock exploding in my knickers my head went light and body began to shake” that’s it maid you enjoy it” he whispered into my ear. Just as my body started to settle from orgasmic bomb which had gone off I heard his breathing deepen and his grip increased he held me hard he stopped moving and buried his cock deep into my arse. Everything went silent and still but his grip didn’t release. I felt his cock soften inside me a slowly slip out. His cum once corked by nice hard cock now trickled out a could sensation allowed me to track its progress over my soft pampered scrotum.
He released me from his grip and I stretched out my arms. Sir got from between my legs and I instinctively closed my legs and sirs cum squished all over my inner thighs as I raised myself onto all fours my cum spread itself all over my own cock. I was now lubricated from front to back with mine and sirs sperm. Sir left them room without so much as a word and I was left alone to clean myself

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