I had been trawling the internet for an age. I was desperate to find a playmate. My fantasy were getting worse they were becoming all I thought about it was getting hard to concentrate on anything else. Another fruitless evening meant I was heading to bed with only my thoughts and hopefully my dreams. I left my computer on in the hope someone would find me and leave a message before I drifted off to sl**p. Nothing and my eyes were getting heavy, I could not keep them open the finally I was gone.

The morning came far too quickly and struggled to focus as I f***ed my sl**py eyes open. My head was thumping and my throat was sore. With a deep moan I tried to fling off my duvet but arm didn’t move. I opened and closed my fist thing my arm had gone to sl**p during the night. My arm felt fine so I tried to move it again. Nothing happened other than a little pain around my wrist. My head cleared very quickly and my eyes opened wide in double quick time and focused on my hand. A metal bracelet was wrapped tightly around my wrist. A short chain linked to another bracelet which was wrapped around the bed post. Suddenly my dim wits sharpened cuffs. Were the fuck did they come from I swung my head around and pulled on the other arm. Fuck another set, I was securely held to the bed. I was going nowhere fast if at all. My legs felt free so kicked at the bed covers. My suspicions were correct my legs were free. My constant kicking finally dislodged the covers the corner of which sent a glass of water falling to the ground with a dull thud. I froze. Was I alone in the house? I hadn’t thought of that. Could the person who cuffed me in my sl**p still be here. I silenced myself and strained my ears. Did they hear my struggling if not they must have the water glass fall? I stayed quiet and listened. Not a sound I could not hear anything.

My heart was slowing now. I was happy I was alone in the house. I let out a controlled sigh and let my head fall back on the pillow. Bang. The door to my bed room flew open and crashed hard against my writing desk. The silhouette in the door way seemed to block out the light but as the figure moved closer to me it shrunk down to a more realistic size. Still large but not huge. I struggled on the bed and pulled hard against the bedpost in a hope they would give way. Nothing, I was held fast. The figure now stood at the bottom of my bed shiny black and naked. I focus on the crotch it was a man a big one a confident one. My breathing was getting faster and shallower. I kicked out with free legs. He blocked my attempts with ease. He sat using one of his large hands to gently pin my flailing legs to the bed. He spoke, his voice was deep , deep and surprisingly calming. I felt all my fight just drain away.

“What do you want” I asked in a very timid voice “why are you hear” his head turned to my computer. It was going crazy message after message was appearing and disappearing. One after the other on and on and on. “ I have been studying you, I have been watching you, I know what you want”. The pit of stomach reacted to this statement. I didn’t feel pain I didn’t feel the urge to be sick I felt nervous I felt butterfly’s. I had butterflies in my stomach. “ What do you mean” I asked. He said nothing but moved his heavy hands slowly up my thighs. I instinctively closed my legs but his hand seemed to seep through my tightly locked thighs. I felt a finger gently rub over my arse hole a slight pressure opened me for a split second. I gasped and it was gone. A flowing hand cupped at my balls and with a slight squeeze it moved on to a rapidly growing cock. I protested at the m*****ation but my cock gave away my true feelings. His hands kept moving up my body sweeping over my chest and electrifying my nipples. Suddenly his hand closed over my nose. I couldn’t breathe I opened my mouth to fill my lungs with air but something else was pushed in. A plastic ball. A ball full of holes held my mouth open and pushed my tongue down hard into my lower jaw. I tried to call out but my yells were muffled but perfectly clear. “ I had better try you out” he said “take you for test drive” he opened my legs with surprising ease and used a finger to massage my opening his finger felt cold and greasy the tip circled around my puckered arse. I could feel my passage relaxing to his touch and my stomach tightening with the panic you get when what’s about happen and there is nothing you can do about it. The circling stopped and prodding began. A shallow insertion at first. Then deeper and deeper until I could feel the backs of his knuckles pressing against my cheeks. My breathing was getting deeper now and faster . I was empty the finger was missing I felt relieved, may be that was it , maybe he had finished. He stood up “look at me” he said “ this is the tool I’m going to use to test you out” I did as he said even though I didn’t want to see the contraption I imagined when he mentioned tool. In his was large and perfectly formed black dick. It was long, it was wide and it was hard. This is for you let’s hope it fits. He held my legs high in the air and knelt in-between them and lowered my calves onto his shoulders he shuffled forward nuzzling the head of his cock. I could feel the pressure I resisted until the pain became too much and I gave in. The head of his shinny length opened me up in an instant quickly followed by a long long shaft his thrust stopped suddenly as his hips struck my backside with such f***e it took my breath away. The pain was intense it travelled from arse through my by now really hard cock and whimpered out in my stomach. He stayed still, now I noticed his girth. I began to feel the stretch. It felt like I had been split from balls to back. My eyes began to fill up with salty tears. He flashed an evil grin at me “look, it fits” he said. Now he started to move, to sway back and forth. Small movements at first. Then longer and longer thrusts until the head of his beautiful cock leaves me completely and then enters me again a split second later. He never takes his eyes of me. They bore into me as hard as his thick black dick. They make me feel beaten and subservient. It feels wonderful. The pleasure coming from his effort in my backside is matched by the pleasure in my mind. I was totally helpless and was being used for another man’s pleasure and I was enjoying every second of it. My captor’s thrusts were now getting faster and deeper his hips were striking me harder and harder. I felt fuller and fuller with every thrust. I closed my eyes and faded away into a pleasure induced fainting. I came to a few seconds later with a sudden feeling of loss. I was empty and didn’t like it. I opened my eyes, he was stood over me massaging his cock. His big hand gripped my hair tight. So tight it hurt. He used his grip to turn my head towards him. I was now looking directly down the shaft of his cock which looked huge from down here. Suddenly he let lose wave after wave of thick white cum flowed into the hole covered plastic ball. The ball filled quickly cum over flowing onto my chin and settling in the nape of my neck. The thick cum started to ooze out of the holes in the back of the plastic ball and slowly dripped into the back of my throat and slivered into my stomach. The taste and smell of his cum was overpowering it seemed to travel from nose and throat straight to my cock. I was desperate to cum now I was on the brink one more sensation would make me explode into the air. Nothing came he just stood there and watched me gyrate in pleasure. I tried to touch my own cock with anything I could. I tried to catch it between my legs buy no joy, I tried to roll over and rub myself on the bed. Anything would have done, just one little touch would have tipped me over and sent me into a heady spin but it was not to be. I drifted into a deep sl**p happy, pleasured but unsatisfied.

I woke hours later. I felt amazing and refreshed I hadn’t slept like this for an age. I was still bound by the wrists the plastic ball in my mouth still allowed small amounts of black man’s sperm drip into my mouth. Every drip of cum that hit my tongue awoke wonderful memories which I replayed in my mind over and over again. I looked around the room my jailer was nowhere to be seen but I could hear movement in the rooms below me. I lay back and thought about my first experience I began to feel warm, I could feel my body glow it was sensitive to everything. Every time I shuffled the sheets sent waves of pleasure over any part of my body which came into contact with them. I tried to exaggerate my movement to increase the feelings running all over me, but I couldn’t I looked at my legs they were now held fast with more metal cuffs. I guess it’s not over I thought to myself he must have plans for me. Instead of panic I felt relieved. Relieved I was going to see my captor again maybe even experience more of his offerings. The thoughts of forth coming events stated to swell my man hood and it hurt. It hurt like you would not believe but the pain felt nice it heightened my senses my skin felt electric. I looked to see what was causing this contradiction but all I could see was curved silver metal pipe looked in place with a dull brass lock. As I thought about my wonderful predicament I heard the bottom step creek presumably under the weight of my dark captor. The stairs seemed to grown under his weight almost calling to me, alerting me to his presence. He stood in the door way looking bigger than ever. “I’m glad your awake” he said “we have a lot do” he came towards me his arms out stretched and going for my throat. I buried the back of my head deep into the pillow in an effort to escape his grasp. His hands closed around my neck I felt pressure then a sudden release. He grasp had left behind a tightly fitted chainmail collar. “Good” he said “a lovely fit we will need that later”


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