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[Story] Visit to a Humiliatrix (JOI, CEI, IR,SPH)

You're precisely on time and I appreciate that. It's my pleasure to finally meet you in person. This is your first visit to a Humiliatrix, isn't it? Well, I want you to know none of what we will do this afternoon is anything that I haven't assisted past clients with. I understand men like you, and I respect your most private fantasies, desires and needs. Which does not mean I will always treat you with respect. Do you understand that, dear? From the questionnaire I had you fill out, I believe you do. And I'll try and make every effort to touch on the things you expressed an interest... Continue»
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[Story] Creampie Eater

Creampie Eater

"Hi, I'm Dave," I said by way of introduction. I entered their hotel room, eagerly anticipating the night.

"I'm George," he said, "and this... is Raven." George was an average looking guy, but Raven was hot. Entering her mid-40s, she had serious sensuality. "You look like your photo," George was saying as I gawked.

"You too," I smiled. George was closer to 50, with the growing middle of the successful executive, as did I. His hair was graying, more than even mine. I wondered what he did in real life; his presence was fairly commanding, even when wearing just a bathrobe.... Continue»
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[Story] His Thumb Sized Dick...His HUGE Load!

I met a guy in HS and we became friends instantly. Over the years we tried to date on and off, but it never really got anywhere.

We started seeing eachother regularly one year and one night our hormones got the best of us. We kissed every once in a while, but whenever I would reach for his dick he would pull away and say he had to leave...not this time! He kept telling me how bad he wanted to fuck me and I was so curious as to why he kept his dick all to himself for so many years?

He asked me how wet I was as we sat in the car trying to figure out where we were going to go for the even... Continue»
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[Story] Countess Xotik's Erotic Stories - Sea Nymph &

The Countess loves her peaceful afternoons aboard her yacht while anchored in the Bay. She basks in the sunshine and enjoys the gentle sea breeze that lifts her thin white dress. With the persona of an angelic Sea Nymph, she sits on the teak rail and dreams of a handsome man boarding her yacht and seducing her in the open air. Her crew has strict orders to not interfere with her personal matters, especially if she is sexually “engaged” with a man, woman or multiple partners. All crew must stay out of sight and ensure the Countess’ privacy as she takes matters where she wishes. The profess... Continue»
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