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Please be brutally honest about small penises

I have a really small penis. It is a bit over four inches long when erect. Unless a woman I am fucking is a virgin my little dick doesn't get much purchase on the inside of a vagina. In fact, in many cases it feels like I am fucking a warm glass of water.

It took me years to become okay with the fact that I have a little cock, but I eventually did become okay with it. In fact, I have come to the point where I enjoy hearing about how small my cock is, and how I can't really please a woman with it. No matter how much magic is in my little wand it just isn't going to be enough. I would love it if everyone could just come to that conclusion right away.

So, if anyone wants to make me feel better about my little cock please make fun of it instead. That is what I would really like to hear about. Here are some visual aides...

Posted by littleballs 2 years ago
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2 months ago
u have a really cute cock. mine is also just barely 4 inches....
4 months ago
after my last gf i always have the feelinng to have a small one, she always told me about that ...
11 months ago
Thanks for the kind words.
11 months ago
To tell you the truth, I've seen a lot smaller ones. But I do like a smoothly shave cock as shown on your profile pic. Being limp is OK, just means it needs a little attention to get it up. :) Hand in there. It's not so bad. :)
1 year ago
Thanks for showing your wife my little worm. She is totally right about our useless dicks. They are good for a laugh but little else. At least we know our places.
1 year ago
My wife said that your pathetic little cock and my worm are twins that no real woman could enjoy.
1 year ago
"Hi dear, come right in. So good to finally meet you, after all these months of messaging back and forth on xHamster. Please, have a seat and relax a bit. Want a coke or something? Please, stop thanking me for seeing you. You know this is something I enjoy, and I've only had a chance to do this with one other man, besides my husband. Its... fun. And such an easy way to give lots of pleasure to a man like you. Well, why don't we start? Stand up, turn around, undress. That's it. OK. Now hands behind your head, face me. Oh, my god! It seems smaller than in your pics! It looks fully erect, but is it? Wow. Four inches? Well, we better get this over with. I'll just sit here and relax, giving you a little encouragement. Hands down, one cupping your balls, the other gripping your dick. Wow. Your cock just disappeared in your fist. Try just a couple of fingers. Yeah, that's better. Slowly jerk the little thing now... there you go. Oh, see the shot glass on the table here? Pick it up when you're ready to squirt. Why a glass? Well, dear, one does drink out of a glass, doesn't one? OK, little guy, let's get to work!
1 year ago
PinkSlutSissy is right on! Mine's normal sized and even I got tired of hearing, "Is it in yet?", so I learned how to use my other assets -- my tongue and my holes and I give a LOT more sexual pleasure with those than I did my dick! All your photos show women in them, but really you are going to be hard pressed to find that many women that like little tiny dicklets and they can usually find big-dicked men to eat their pussies too. That leaves wearing panties and using your other assets to impart sexual pleasure -- you may even like it like I learned I did!
2 years ago
It's ok! It's good you've accepted you are a pathetic limp dicked boi. It would have been an endless and fruitless struggle for you to continue trying to be what you are not, a real Man.

Accepting your place as inferior slut, with an oversized "clit" or at best a cocklette, will make you much happier in life!

Learn to derive satisfaction from your boi-cunt, and work hard to be a good whoreish bitch for real Men, especially Black Men with Giant Black Cocks!