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Please be brutally honest about small penises

I have a really small penis. It is a bit over four inches long when erect. Unless a woman I am fucking is a virgin my little dick doesn't get much purchase on the inside of a vagina. In fact, in many cases it feels like I am fucking a warm glass of water.

It took me years to become okay with the fact that I have a little cock, but I eventually did become okay with it. In fact, I have come to the point where I enjoy hearing about how small my cock is, and how I can't really please a woman with it. No matter how much magic is in my little wand it just isn't going to be enough. I would... Continue»
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Toilet paper roll test

I don't hear about this much, but a good way to know if you have a small cock is to try to stick your dick through an empty toilet paper roll. If you can get the head of your cock all the way through the empty tube then you have a small cock girth wise. If you cock head isn't visible when it is all the way in the tube then it is very small lengthwise.

My little dick slides through the tube without any trouble and about a 1/4 inch of my cock sticks out the end of the tube. So I guess I "pass" the toilet paper roll test. I have to take a picture of this soon. Has any else tried this?
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Posted by littleballs 2 years ago  |  17