My first girl in my life

The next story is true :D

The story is about my first girl in my life.
I was 17(and a half) years old, and because at that moment i didnt wanted to became 18 years old and still virgin, I started chasing after girls...

She was somehow a petite, sweet girl, she needed 1 month to get to 17 :D, younger that me, but physically prepared for some "games". A girl that you would beg for... I met her with help from one of my friends, we like us, and we decided to date. She was very open-minded, I thought first, thats why after a week I ask her about sex, and I received a unwanted answer "I want to keep my virginity", first I said ok, maybe that should change in some days/weeks. We continued dating, we started to be more close in our relation... And some day, she came to my house, and were alone, my parents were out of the city for some days... First I didnt had any plan for making her want to have sex... Because Im shy, and she was too, i decided to put a porn movie on computer and see what will be her reaction. After some strange looking at me, curiosity led her to the computer, on a chair near mine. And I said im myself that i wait a bit lets see whats happen, because she was open-minded i waited her to rub my pants and... I was too optimist, nothing like that happened :D, and I knew I need to make the first step, my heart was beating extremly because i feared a refuse, and I moved my hand over her leg, she was dressed in miniskirt made from jeans :D, and a T-shirt, that way you had a little look to her stomach :D, it was a short T-shirt, how I said i move my hand on her leg, starting to move up and down, i was happy because there wasnt any unwanted reaction, I thought that she likes it, I continued... After I move my hand to her breasts, because she was petite, she had some relativelly small breats, but how small that rock hard ^^, i started rubbing her breast through her T-shirt that way how I saw in porn, still no reaction so I gone on, I undressed my little GF from the T-shirt that keep her breats in captivity :D, and I continued rubbing her breats... Still no reaction, by that moment it started to be akward, youre "working" on a girl that dont say any word and dont move, just looking to the porn, my heart was beating hard because the next step was her vagina :D, because I saw she didnt refused a play with her breasts, so decided to move forward... I move my hard to her stomach, making some moves in the direction of the clock... she smiled at me, and I slipped my hand in her little jeans pant, I was very happy because, the first time in my life I put my hand on a girls vagina, and she didnt refused still, so I went for her clitoris first, i moved my finger in any direction for rubbing her... Slowly i observed a small change on her face, like how she was enjoying it, I was getting very excited and more happy... I moved one of my fingers into her vagina :D, I didnt knew where is the hymen of a girl... I touched her hymen... then a short "Aaaauuuu, thats painful", ok... I moved my finger back to her clitoris, playing a bit, being happy like a bear near honey :D... But I was waiting her to get in the game, fully, waiting her to have an interest in touching my penis, for that girl I shaved my pubic hair for an easier access, I thought maybe she will learn sucking a dick... My cock was "crying" for that girl ^^, nothing happened at that moment, so because I was getting annoyed of playing with her clitoris, after 2-3 mins I started to move down/up on her vagina, it was hard a bit in her pants, so I asked her to remove her pants and move in to the bed, to be more comfortable... Thanks God she accepted, at that moment a rock fall of of my heart^^... We were in the bed... she was naked... but i still in clothes, and i decided that I will not undress myself, maybe a mistake... She was lying on my bed... So I moved back my hand to her vagina, clitoris,... A bit of playing with her... After I decided again to move my finger in :D, but the answer was the same... and because I feared a refuse I stopped going in... Because Im a bit pervert and I didnt had any new idea what to make, I moved my finger to her little pink, naturally no hair, "back door" ^^, My finger was "wet", because of her vagina :D... and inserted slowly,and without any problem my finger into her asshole... No refuse ^^, i was surprised I didnt thought that she would love anal play :D, my luck. Because I had some bisexual ideas than too, I had inserted my finger in my own anus before, and I thought that isnt any difference, so I moved a finger from 10 oclock to 2 oclock... Now that moment I received another smile ^^, I was proud because "I was doing well", no refuse, and she was still enjoying it. So I moved my other hand to her clitoris, playing with them in the same moment... After aprox. 10 mins, and no look to my penis, I thought there will be nothing better happening with me that day... So I tryed to make her reach an orgasm. I dont know, just a can think that she reached an orgasm because after playing with clitoris and anal, intense, I felt a pressure from muscle inside of her ass and her vagina was a bit more wet... So she get up with her torso, standing on the corner of my bed... She looked at me, and asked if I dont want to go somewhere :(, I kissed her, and "sucked" fast her right nipple one time ... I was somehow disappointed that my penis wasnt invited to the party, but happy that maybe a provoked an orgasm on a girl ^^.

The story didnt end here... but not so much to say, We repeated this manny times, introducing new thing in "the game"...
If you want me to continue the story, just say :D

Somehow this and another girl made me... thinking about having a "game" with a boy, thinking about being officially Bi :D... because you dont hear "I dont want now", "I dont have appetit for", etc. With boys you mainly can have what you want anytime ^^...

I prefer girls more than boys, because i want to have a familly... But in the current situation I dont want to have to "work" on another virgin girl, to fuck her... wait a bit until all of them loose it ^^, and getting to that part when you have action isnt so hard to achive...

P.S. I tell the end... she remained still virgin, maybe it was my mistake, but had some really nice time with her... and after my knowledge she is still virgin today... and almost 18 :D... And I too

Thx guys/girls for reading my first try of writing, I think I complicated it too much, too much text :D...
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2 years ago
A Fun story that brings back some memories from my first encouters, although I was bit more successful than You apparently were...
By the way, I Fucked a Girl for the first time when were both FIVE in a School Room Coat closet!
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
nice story bro,
3 years ago
very good