the best text i've ever got

this is not a story, just a text that a friend of mine sent me! enjoy the picture as i did!

"I wish I had one hand around your left leg and my other wrapped around your big balls. First I'd lick those big balls, slowly work that left ball in and play with it with my tongue before slowly spiting it our to give the right on it's turn, my they look big and juicy!

Then I would start on that lovely dick, working that foreskin back to get at that big head working it down my throat feeling it pulse, in and out, up and down the your shaft, sliding down making up depth with each slide, I feel your gentle push deeper each slide. I taste that first drop of precum as it escapes your shaft. We work until we can feel it hitting the back of my throat and sliding out until my lips are against that big head, in and out, up and down. My face buried in your soft fur with each slide!

How does it feel man, are you liking it? Is this what you were looking for? I want your cum man!

I love the feel of your cock, this has it gotten me hard as well. By now my hands would work their way to your hairy belly through to your hairy chest, to the left nipple and start to work it gently then a little harder, just as you say you like it, then to the right. The feel of my hands sliding over each of your erect nipples is making my cock rock hard.

As you pump every so gently harder I feel those balls start to bang against my chin.

As I feel your rod start to twitch I bring my hand down and grab your beautiful butt gently pull you in as I suck your throbbing cock all the way down my throat and let you explode with rope after rope of hot juice down my throat emptying your full big balls. I can just feel those long streams hitting the back of throat as I try to swallow it all. Hope this is what you were expecting, those gentle moans, the way you grabbed by head and pushed me down as you let out that cry of release as you shoot your first huge hot load down my throat.

As your ramming slows I savor the taste of your man juice and slowly slide off and see that last big drop. I put my lips over the head and slowly draw it out gently squeeze out every last drop of salty joy! fuck man that was hot!

Thanks man"
90% (10/1)
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Wow that was super sexy!
3 years ago
awesome lol
3 years ago
That was 'sexty!' lol