Best friends

Susan sat in her bedroom with her best friend Helen.
The two s*******n year-old's were discussing a porno
movie that they has watched at their friend David's
place the previous evening.

"Jesus Susan, that guy's dick. Can you imagine that in
you for christ's sake!"

They both laughed.

"And that kinky stuff... absolutely weird. You know,
when the woman pissed into the guy's mouth?" added

They fell silent for a few moments. The girls looked at
each other and smiled.

Susan broke the silence, "Speaking of which I need to
take a leak". She stood up and headed for the bathroom.
She was fair haired and slim but nicely proportioned,
not skinny. Helen stood and grabbed Susan by the arm.

"Hang on Susan... err I..."


"You know what I'm going to say don't you?"

"Maybe, what is it?"

"Well, that pissing scene in the movie... I thought...
I thought..."

"You thought it was the best scene in it didn't you


"It's okay, don't be embarrassed. So did I!"

Helen, slightly shorter than Susan with lovely long red
hair and freckles, paused and then spoke "Really... you
did? Oh thank god for that! The way the woman spread
her lips and the camera really close up on that gush of

"Well, want to watch?" asked Helen.

"You bet...let's go!"

In the bathroom Helen lifted up her skirt and straddled
the toilet bowl. With one hand she pulled aside the
crotch of her panties. Helen's inner pussy lips were
large and protruding. The covering of hair around her
pussy was minimal.

"Can I put a finger in Susan?"

Helen just smiled her consent.

Susan ran one finger along Helen's slit, parting those
pink labia with the tip of her finger. Helen was
getting very wet. Susan used the other hand, thumb and
finger either side of Helen's cunt opening to spread
the lips and make easy access. In slide her finger
right up to the last knuckle joint. Helen moaned with
delight as Susan slowly finger fucked her, in and out
in and out. There was now a strong musky smell of sex
that both girls were picking up.

"I've got to... mmmmm yes... got to let it go... now!"
With those words Helen let loose her pee. A huge gush
that splashed over Susan's hand and ran over it both
into the toilet and down her arm.

"Yeah!!" cried Susan.

The stream kept coming for almost a whole minute. The
last bit being expelled on short pushes from Helen, a
slight grunt accompanying each one.

When all had been expelled, Susan, without prompting,
licked voraciously at Helen's pussy, tasting the salty
mix of piss and juices with delight.

Helen adjusted her panties back into place and moved
off the toilet. "I think it's your turn now isn't it?"

Susan looked a little embarrassed. "Well, trouble is, I
don't need to pee."

"Oh come on!! That's not fair!"

"But... I... well I can't say it really."

"Go on! Jesus, how long have we known each other for
goodness sake?"

"Well,, I don't want a pee.... but I'm desperate for a

Helen smiled broadly and Susan began to giggle
uncontrollably. "Oh Helen," she managed to get out
between giggles, "it just really turns me on to

think of you watching me do that dirty thing. That
private thing."

"Then let's go for it!"

Susan pulled down her panties from under her skirt and
moved round to sit on the toilet.

"No, hang on Sue, I've got a better idea."

Helen retrieved a white plastic bowl from one of the
cupboards in the bathroom and place right in the middle
of the floor.

"That will give me a better view!"

So, lifting her skirt, Susan straddled the bowl,
squatting down on her haunches, her asshole fully
exposed as she pulled apart her bum cheeks with her
hands. her cunt too was beginning to gape and was
glistening with her natural lubricants.

Helen lay down on the floor, behind Susan, on her front
with her head lifted up to take in the view to the best
possible advantage.

Susan grunted and pushed. Each heave caused her dark
ring to bulge out. On about the fourth push her anus
opened a little and on the next the dark brown tip of a
turd peeked out.

"That's the way my girl.. her she comes!"

Another push and the view was magnificent! A firm and
broad girthed monster of a shit was now protruding. "Oh
Susan, your telling me you were desperate", said Helen,
"it's a beauty!"

By now Susan had a good seven inch stick of p*o heading
from her bum hole into the bowl. It's own weight caused
it to break off at shit hole level and drop into the

Helen couldn't resist. She crouched behind Susan and
pressed the index finger of her right hand against
Susan's shit hole.

"Oh, oh... yes please!" gasped Susan.

Helen's finger made it's way into Susan's rectum. Soon
it was fully buried.

"I've not insulted you like this before Susan, but you
are full of shit!"


So, there they were, Susan hunkered down over the white
bowl while Helen had one finger firmly up Susan's dirt

"God Susan, you've dropped a monster job in the bowl
but you are still very full up here!"

Susan was pushing and pressing against Helen's inserted

"Mmmnnnnnn... ugh... I know nnnn Helen...nnn! This...
is... lovely!"

Helen gyrated her finger up in Susan's hole and hooked
out a good sized lump which plopped into the bowl.

Helen said, most urgent tones, "I want to do one, I

Susan stood, "Okay!" while reaching down and around
between her thighs to poke and rub at her shitty hole.
"But I am going to arrange a little assistance!"

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see!"

Susan went over to the bathroom cabinet and brought out
a long plastic nozzle with a large rubber bulb at one
end. Meanwhile, Helen stood astride the shit filled
white bowl and, parting her cunt lips with both hands,
aimed a fulsome jet of golden piss into it.

"You must have been practicing!" teased Susan while she
filled the nozzle device with warm water from the

"Now my girl, down on all fours please! Come on! Doggy
style!" ordered Susan.

Helen obeyed, making sure her skirt was lifted well up
exposing her bum, cheeks held apart with her own hands.

Susan knelt down behind Helen and brought the tip of
the nozzle up to Helen's wrinkled little nut-brown bum
hole. She inserted the tip and pushed about an inch
length in.

"Oooo... Oow! Mmm yes, that's good."

Susan squeezed the bulb of the nozzle device and Helen
squealed with delight as she felt the warm gush of
water rushing into her rectum.

"Now hold it in Helen while I get a refill."

Susan withdrew the nozzle slowly and once removed a
slight dribble of water trickled from Helen's hole and
into the already shitty bowl that Susan had positioned
under Helen.

In went the nozzle again and Susan squeezed the bulb.

"Oh God! My insides are fit to burst! I'll never hold

But she did, and she continued to hold it for two more
fill ups of the device.

"Now Helen, how do you feel?"

"Ooooo Oh... so, so, so, SO FULL! I've got to let it
go. I MUST. I have to push and let it go!"

Susan quickly grabbed the bowl and held it up under
Helen's bum as the pushing began. With the first
grunting heave a very powerful jet of water ejected
from Helen's hole into the bowl. The noise was like a
fire hose water jet hitting a wall!

There were three or four more bursts like that, of
clear water. But with the next, the jetting stream
started to turn slightly brown.

"Ahhh, I think Helen, we are in business! Keep

And that is what Helen did. With the next big heave,
"NNNnnnnn... grnnnn!" half a dozen little pellets of
shiny wet shit exploded like machine gun fire into the
bowl, then another jet of now dark brown liquid. And
then the master piece! A long, long wet turd started to
snake out of Helen's shit hole.

"Wow Helen, is it ever going to stop.? My God... you
should see this!"

As the p*o continued to snake out of her, Helen moved
and positioned herself in a squat over the bowl so she
could peer down between her own thighs.

Both girls giggled loudly.

When Helen was done she and Susan looked into the bowl,
then at each other, giggled some more and began to kiss
a deep French kiss. Susan whispered into Helen's ear "I
think we ought to clean each other up, yeh?" There was
no need to say more as Helen smiled and the two girls
lay down head to cunt in the good old 69 position.

With a little shifting of legs amidst much laughing,
each girl was tonguing the clit of the other like
crazy. Helen moved her tongue around to rim Susan's
shitty bum hole. Probing and poking while frigging
Susan's clit with one hand. Susan likewise was working
at Helen's wet and stinky bum hole and cunt as both
girls tensed and shook and cried out in wonderful


So, there the girls were. Susan sitting on the floor
against the sofa with here panties completely full and
stretched be the load she had pushed out. Helen was
reveling in the sight of what Sue had done in her
panties, as was Anne, who was driving Susan to the
brink of orgasm by finger fucking Susan's shitty bum

Susan stood up.

"Right you two! I seem to have done something in my
panties. Entirely by accident of course! I think you
should both stop what you are doing, you dirty bitches,
and clean me up! Follow me."

Helen and Anne trailed behind Susan into the bathroom.
All three girls, once in the bathroom and under
instruction from Susan, stripped off, Susan and Anne
down to their panties and Helen naked.

Susan spoke, "Right! Clearing up this vinyl flooring
will be a bit easier than the carpet in the other room
won't it?!"

After that observation Susan instructed Helen to help
her off with her panties.

"Come on Helen. Get them off me."

Helen knelt down behind Susan and started to peel down
the heavily loaded underwear. Finally, Susan stepped
out of them. Most of the crap had stayed in the panties
but Susan's ass was well caked up with p*o. Susan lay
face down on the floor.

"I think that a little shower with some of your
'natural spring water' is needed here."

Anne and Helen laughed and stood astride Susan, over
her bum, facing each other. Anne pulled the crotch of
her panties to one side and parted the lips of her cunt
with the other while Helen used both hands to open up
her pussy lips. Both girls let loose almost
simultaneously. They gyrated their hips and use hands
to direct streams of hot piss onto Susan's shit covered
ass. Pieces slid off onto the floor, now swimming with

Soon both the peeing young ladies had dripped their
last drop and the moved as Susan stood up. Streams of
shitty yellow piss ran down her legs. She went over to
cabinet and retrieved something that had the other two
girls in fits of giggles. It was a pink strap-on dildo,
a good ten inches long and enormous girth. Susan
strapped it on.

"Now who's in for a good time with my pal Dicky eh? I
think it should be you Anne. Take off those panties and
get down on your back and you Helen, get to her head
end and pull her legs back over her shoulders. Well
parted mind you!"

Anne and Helen obeyed and soon Anne's cunt and bum hole
were fully exposed and vulnerable. Susan knelt down
between Anne's legs. She pushed the massive head of the
dildo against Anne's cunt opening, which was running
wet with piss and juices. Anne used her hands to reach
down and try to make her cunt gape wider to admit the

Susan pushed and Anne's pussy yielded. Soon a seven
inch length of the dildo was buried in Anne and Susan
began to thrust in and out. With each inward push the
dildo would enter a little further.

"Fuck me fuck me fuck my stinking cunt hole you shit
smelling fucker!"

Soon Susan was thrusting the full length of the plastic
dick in and out.

In breathless panting voice, Susan commanded Helen.
"Get straddled over her... [thrust!] face. I seem to
remember... [thrust!]. that... she left you with ...
[thrust!] a shitty arse. She... [thrust!] ...better...
[thrust!] ...lick you clean!"

Still holding onto Anne's legs Helen shuffled forward
and got into a full squatting position over Anne's
mouth and could soon feel the tip of Annes tongue
probing her bum hole. Anne licked and lapped all around
the stinky brown-smaeared hole. As she did so, there
was a slight pulsing and bulging of Helen's bum hole.

She warned Anne, "Well my sweety, that finger up the
ass routine you gave me has made me need to, well...
you'll soon get the idea!"

Anne was delerious with delight at the fucking she was
getting from Susan and didn't really take in what Helen
had said. Her eyes gaped with shear disbelief as she
saw Helens bum hole start to gape wider, wider. Then
the nose of a a p*o stick like Anne had never seen
peeked out of that dark gaping hole.

"Unnnn fuCK! SHIT! This hurts it's so bad!"

Indeed. The turd now creeping out under the pressure of
huge heaving pushes from Helen was of dimensions easily
matching those of the dildo... certainly broader in
girth, the length yet to be fully ascertained!

Anne opened her mouth to receive this giant. Out it
crept. Anne brought a hand up to Helen's stretched
anus, tracing around its edge with the finger tip, all
around the base of the extending p*o.

Susan was still fucking away with the dildo. "Take that
in your mouth, and... [thrust!] this in... [thrust!]
... your... [thrust! ...cunt!"

The end of the shit finally emerged and Anne grabbed
the turd as one might grab a stiff cock to wank it off.
She pulled it out of her mouth but keeping her lips
tightly around it. Leaving her lips chocolate brown.
She remained lying on the floor and lay the ten inch
turd, remarkably smooth fat and solid, lengthways
between her breasts.

Susan immediately fell forwards to lay on top of Anne,
still fucking Anne. The turd squashed between the two
girls and Susan gave Anne a deep open mouthed kiss,
tasting Anne's shitty lips and tongue.

Helen moved round behind the two of them and furiously
frigged her own pussy with one hand and stuck a finger
up Susan's bucking backside. All three were gasping and
building towards orgasm. The stinking shit was spread
well between Anne and Susan's breasts. Helen now had
three fingers worked into Susan's shit hole and almost
all her own other hand up her own pussy.

The stink of piss and shit filled the place as all
three girls built to screaming orgasm.

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hot story.
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like it a good story
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Love the story. I would love to become a toilet sissy and cater for all your needs.