Finally the three of us decided to meet.

After several months of online banter, plans were made for our first in person sexperience.

Her name was Jessica and we agreed to meet at a quiet little Mexican restaurant in her small home town. When she got out of her vehicle, both Mike and I were quite taken with her. She was indeed much better looking in person. Jessica had granted our request and wore a very sexy white sundress showcasing her well tanned skin.

We all shared a nice introductory hug and made our way into the restaurant, choosing a secluded seating area in the back. Jessica took her seat next to me (Dee) across from Mike and I have to admit that I was feeling nervous, exited, and anxious all at the same time.

The chemistry was amazing and I could tell by the look on Mike's face that he also was feeling the same. The drinks arrived and the conversation began flowing quite freely. The three of us had already shared many intimate chats online but doing so in person only added to our desire....

After two margaritas, I finally got bold and placed my hand on our guest's leg. She looked into my eyes and smiled. She leaned in and whispered to me that I could move my hand up her legs as far as I dared. I blushed and accepted the invite and allowed my fingers to trace a trail all the way up her dress and gently touched her through her panties. She was already warm and wet. Both of us did not take our eyes from one another and the conversation continued without Mike knowing exactly what the two of us were up to.

Mike stood up and walked over to our guest and whispered in my ear.. He wanted Jessica's panties. The two of us women, politely excused ourselves and proceeded to the lady's room. Once inside the drinks had given me the courage to do what I had wanted to do from the first moment I laid my eyes on this pretty woman. I pinned her against the wall and kissed very hungrily. Our tongues danced inside each other's mouths. Both of us wanting more. I told her what Mike had asked and she said she had a perfect idea on how to give them to him. We kissed a few more times and made our way back to the table. Jessica took her seat this time next to Mike. She winked at me and then reached over and stroked his already aroused cock through his pants. She kicked off her sandals and leaned into him as she reached down and slowly removed her thong. She handed it to him under the table and smiled a very seductive smile. Mike decided that this would be a perfect moment to ask our waitress for the bill and take our fun to a more private setting.

We all walked across the street to our hotel.. Once inside the elevator, Mike got the chance to give Jessica his first kiss... It was very hot and sensual watching them tease each other with their lips and tongues and my brain was racing thinking about what was yet in store...

We walked in and Jessica and I made our way to the sofa and kicked off our shoes and began to kiss. Mike popped open a bottle of champagne, lit some candles, and put on some perfect mood music to fit the occasion.

I invited Jessica to dance with me to a very slow sensual song as Mike took in the view of us rubbing our hands over each other's bodies. The song ended and Mike stood and took us both by a hand and lead us all into the bedroom portion of the suite. There a king sized bed awaited us...

We took turns kissing each other while both Mike and I undressed Jessica who was finally only wearing her sexy bra. She was very well trimmed with only a gorgeous patch of hair accentuating her inviting pussy.
I undid her bra as Mike slipped me out of my dress. I had not worn any panties tonight and could feel my pussy juices working overtime ...

Mike undid his jeans tossing them aside and got down to his boxers. He tossed both of our bras aside as we continued to kiss and lead us both to the inviting bed. He told us both to lay on our front sides while he brought out some warm almond scented massage oil that he was dying to try. His fingers worked their magic on us both first across our necks and shoulders and then all the say down our spines working out all the kinks. He lightly kissed the backs of our necks before tracing a trail down our spines with featherlike kisses teasing us both... He then started rubbing our feet sensually once in awhile taking a toe in his mouth teasing us. He moved up our legs and really had us HOT as he got closer and closer to where we both really wanted to be touched. As Mike reached for a bit more oil, I leaned over to Jessica and kissed her very passionately. Mike then started massaging our ass cheeks and by this time we were all on fire...

He told us to roll over and began to apply the warm oil to our breasts. Finally he stood up and removed his boxers.. joined us on the bed and....

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5 months ago
Very nice start to what i hope was a wonderful, long night of exploration and passion.
9 months ago
why would you stop...
9 months ago
Would love to know how does it continue
9 months ago
Continued please