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Diary of a Cougar

This is my diary about some of the young cock that I received in 2012 while I was still married to my husband. I think I got fucked by maybe 75 boys that year. But I honestly lost count. Some of my conquests are here.

Mommy Lisa


October 23, 2012. Driving My Husband Crazy.

My husband is divorcing me because I told him that his cock isn't enough for me and I need to fuck young guys too. But even with our divorce in the works, we are still living together. Hubby sees our home as his domain. I've tried to make it difficult for him to stay, but up until now he won't leave.

We don't share the same bed anymore. Hubby stays in the guest bedroom and I fuck my boyfriends in the bed that I used to share with Hubby. I keep my bedroom door open and my boyfriends and I make lots of noise when we have sex. Hubby pretends not to notice or care. But he's going through earplugs by the dozens and I know it makes him mad.

I've been waiting for the right opportunity to drive Hubby crazy and last Sunday was the perfect time. Hubby's beloved Arizona Cardinals football team played the Minnesota Vikings on television. Hubby was psyched all week for the game because the Cardinals' season is off to a pretty good start. He wouldn't miss this game on his big 72 inch HD television screen for the world. So I schemed to drive him crazy while he watched the game.


Just as the game is about to start there is a knock on our door...

My husband gets up from the sofa to answer it and it's Ed. Or, “Mr. Ed”, as he likes to be called. Mr. Ed is one of my black boyfriends. He's 21 years old and when I say he is black that is what I mean. My fair skin and blonde hair contrasts so well with his pitch-black features. And he's hung like a horse too (that's why he calls himself Mr. Ed). My husband is a little bit racist so I figure that Mr. Ed will really get under his skin.

Anyway, so Hubby tells Mr. Ed that he's in the wrong neighborhood. Mr Ed replies, “No, I'm in the right neighborhood. I'm hear to see your wife, Lisa.”

Right then I come to the door dressed in my wedding gown that still fits me perfectly after all these 12 long years of marriage. I give Mr. Ed a big hug and kiss and tell him to please come in. Hubby goes back to the sofa shaking his head and he thinks that Mr. Ed and I will be going into my bedroom to fuck like I do with my other boyfriends. But not this time.

I lead Mr. Ed by the hand over to the sofa and I sit down next to Hubby. Then I bunch my gown up around my waist and spread my legs and I plead with Mr. Ed, “Rip my panties and lick my pussy. Do it right here in from of my husband.”

I've done oral before with Mr. Ed and he is highly skilled at licking pussy. He rips my panties apart with one vicious tear and he has his tongue up me in no time. I've got my legs wrapped around Mr. Ed's head and I'm feeling pure pleasure and I say, “Oh, Mr. Ed, you're are a young man but you can already eat pussy way better than my husband ever did.”

Right then the Vikings score a touchdown and my husband is all upset. The game goes to a commercial break and my husband says to Mr. Ed, “Hey, fellow, I know it's really dry down there between my wife's legs. You must be getting thirsty. Why don't you watch the game with me and I'll get you a nice cold Budweiser to quench your thirst.”

Mr Ed looks up at my husband and says, “No, dude, your wife is wet. But keep that Bud on ice and I'll get to it after I'm done with your wife.” The football game is starting back up again and my husband says, “Okay, br_o, whatever. But my name is Hugh, not dude.”

Now I'm incredibly excited from Mr. Ed's oral skills and I manage to get up and lead Mr. Ed over to the carpet right below the television. I get on my knees and take off Mr. Ed's pants and undershorts to get at his big black cock. He's hung like a horse alright – 9 thick inches of black cock meat. I say, “Oh, Mr. Ed, you're twice as big as my husband.” Then I put the monster in my mouth and start cocksucking to get him extra hard for my fuckholes. Hubby is pretending not to watch us as his Cardinals score a touchdown and tie the game.

After I get Mr. Ed's dong really massive, I turn around and get in the doggy. Mr. Ed pulls my wedding gown over my back and puts two fingers up my asshole to loosen me back there. I was lubing myself up before Mr. Ed arrived so I'm pretty ready anyway.

Mr. Ed replaces his fingers with his black monster and starts to push in. No way he can get the whole thing in me because I am a petite woman. But it does feel like 6 or 7 inches are in me.

Then Mr. Ed turns his head to my husband and says, “Hey, Hugh, check this out. I'm fucking your wife in the ass.” My husband is pretending not to care.

Then I look back and tell Mr. Ed, “Keep fucking me. Harder too. Breed me a black baby. My husband could never get me pregnant. His sperm count is too low.”

Right then my husband shouts to Mr. Ed, “Hey, Einstein, I thought you might like to know that you can't get a woman pregnant from anal sex.” Mr. Ed replies, “Don't you worry, Hugh. I'll get to your wife's pussy. And it won't be the first time either.”

Sure enough, after several more hard strokes Mr. Ed pulls out and puts his black monster up my tight pussy. Then he turns to my husband and says, “Now I'm breeding your wife. Oh, and what's the score of the game?”

My husband shouts back, “Look at the screen, dude. Minnesota is back in front 14-7. It's almost halftime. Why don't you leave my wife alone and watch the game with me. I still have that cold Budweiser for you.”

Right then Mr. Ed shoots a massive load of sperm up my cunt and I just know that would make me a baby (except that I'm still on birth control).

Even though Mr. Ed is a stud, like most men he still needs a breather after he cums. He gets up and sits down naked on the couch with my husband to watch the game. But my husband – since he's a little homophobic - orders Mr. Ed to put his pants back on. Meanwhile, I go into my bedroom and I bring out my new Sybian machine and put it right next to the television.

Now it is halftime in the football game and it's 14-7 with the Vikings in the lead. The game is still close so Hubby isn't going anywhere. As is his tradition, he orders out for Round Table Pizza to deliver a King Authur's Supreme extra large pizza. One size larger than usual because Mr. Ed is going to help him eat it. My husband also brings out his extra large ice chest stocked with Budweiser and tells Mr. Ed that the beer and pizza are on him and lets Mr. Ed know that there are no hard feelings because he doesn't have any more feelings for me anyway.

The pizza arrives and the second half starts. Right away the Vikings make an interception and run it back for a touchdown and go ahead of the Arizona team 21-7. My husband is getting depressed and he's going through the beers pretty fast and Mr. Ed is pretending to be sad too as he scarfs pizza and washes it down with beer. Meanwhile, I'm bouncing up and down on my Sybian and I know that I'm driving my husband crazy – even if he pretends that I am not.

At each break in the game I tell Mr. Ed to come over to me and pull out his cock so I can suck on it to keep him on edge. Every time this happens my husband goes into the kitchen so he doesn't have to watch.

The 4th quarter of the football game starts and it's not looking good for my husband's beloved Cardinals. They are still down 21-7 and several empty longneck beer bottles are on the coffee table. I go over to Mr. Ed and sit down next to him. Then I say, “Mr. Ed, bottle fuck me while you and my husband watch the game.”

Mr. Ed grabs a beer bottle and pushes the narrow end of it up my pussy. Then he pulls it out and some of his cum from when he fucked me is on the mouth of the bottle. Mr. Ed turns to my husband with the bottle and says in a joking way, “Hey, Hugh, you wanna suck my cum off the bottle.” My husband isn't amused.

Mr. Ed puts the bottle back into my pussy hole and shoves it in even further until now some of the thick part of the bottle is in me too. My husband sees this and tells Mr. Ed, “Don't put the bottle in so far that you can't get it out. I get 5 cents back for each bottle that I recycle.” Ho, ho, ho.

Now the football game is coming to a close and it looks like my husband's team is going to lose. It's still 21-7. Another tradition of my husband on football Sunday is to gather up all the pizza toppings and pile them on one piece of pizza for a win-or-lose final big meal. So Hubby gathers up the uneaten pepperoni, italian sausage, salami, linguica, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, black olives and shrimp and piles it all on one pizza slice.

Right then - just two minutes before the end of the game - my husband's Cardinals score a touchdown and now they are only behind 21-14. He's excited again and there's a commercial break while the Cardinals call a time out to prepare for an on-sides kick. That's also when I pull out Mr. Ed's horse cock to suck on so I can make him shoot one more cumshot.

The Cardinals line up for the on-sides kick and I'm sucking on Mr. Ed's cock. My husband isn't watching me. For once he really is glued to the television to see if his Cardinals can recover the kick.

Mr. Ed is really throbbing now and he's about to bust his nut as the kicker moves his foot forward to squib the football. He kicks it and my husband stands up and roots for his Cardinals to recover the kick. I grab that treasured slice of pizza with all the toppings loaded on it and jack all of Mr. Ed's thick cum right on top of the slice. The Vikings fall down on the ball and Hubby's Cardinals lose the game. He's really angry about that but then he goes ballistic when he sees all of Mr. Ed's cum on that last slice of his pizza.

Hubby screams at Mr. Ed, “I let you watch my big screen T.V. and eat my pizza and drink my beer and you fuck my wife too. Then you do this on my pizza slice. Dude, get your ass out of my house.”

My husband is really irate and Mr. Ed didn't come here for a fight so he kisses me on the cheek and leaves. Then my husband grabs a few things, berates me for ruining his Football Sunday, and then he also leaves the house and slams the door behind him. Our Doberman dog Horace is out in the yard and this ruckus is making him very excited and he's barking up a storm. I go out to the yard and feed Horace that special piece of pizza to calm him down.


Late that night my husband called me from an undisclosed location – probably a lonely motel room. He sounded very inebriated and just said he wasn't coming home for the night and to make sure to walk the dog in the morning. Now it is two days later and my husband still hasn't come home. I hope he comes home soon so I can drive him crazy some more.

September 21, 2012. Buying Something at the Apple Store Besides the iPhone-5.

I've just returned from a sex addict rehab facility and it's time to get back to the hunt for fresh young cock. My girlfriend, Alicia, joined me on this prowl. She is part of my cougar pride - a slim 5 foot 3 inch thirty-seven year old sexed-up latina.

It's still hot in Phoenix. So we left our panties and bras at home. We each wore a solid white outfit - a very short skirt, a tight top and stiletto heals.

On the way to nowhere in particular, we drive past some low security prisoners doing road work and we roll down the windows on my SUV and we flash our tits at the guys. They wave back and we go around the block and give them a good second look at us. The guard is not paying attention and a few of the criminals pull their cocks out of their pants for us to see.

By happenstance we drive by the Phoenix Apple store. The new iPhone-5 goes on sale today and the line is way out the door with people waiting to buy it. Most of the people in line are youngsters. We wonder if we can coax a youngster or two to leave the line and fuck us.


We park and walk up and down the line and case it for prospects. With our skimpy outfits and heels, we look like a couple of street hookers. Finally, we come upon two boys. Some nicely built street meat. Muscular, 6 feet tall, dark complexions. These boys are a little older than the cock we usually pick up – they look to be around 22. But what sets them apart from the other nice specimens in line is that these boys are identical twin br_others.

I whisper to Alicia, “I need them bad. I really want to get fucked by two br_others at the same time.”

Alicia agrees it would be very hot and we circle around and come back to the br_others. We introduce ourselves and learn their names are Josh and Jeremy - and with a little prodding we learn they are actually oldsters at twenty-four years old. Our rule is to only fuck boys who are young enough to be our sons. But rules are made to be broken.

All of a sudden, some guy in back of us shouts, “No whores allowed at the Apple Store and no cutting in line.”

This ticks Alicia off and she goes back to this guy and tells him that we aren't cutting in line and – if he must know – we're trying to remove a couple of guys from the line.

While Alicia is taking care of the heckler, I'm saying to the boys, “You can always buy the new iPhone tomorrow. I want to take you to the Royal Palms Hotel (one of the most luxurious in Phoenix) so you guys can fuck me. Please...”

The br_others are interested. I mean, even as hunky as they are, I'm sure they don't get an offer like this every day. All the same, they say no because they must have the latest iPhone right now.

Alicia and I huddle to talk strategy and we decide to walk over to a nearby ATM and we each withdraw $500 from our bank accounts. Then we return to the br_others back at the line.

I ask Josh and Jeremy, “If we pay you guys $100 each, then will you come with us?”

Almost without thinking Josh says, “Sorry Hun, can't do it.”

Then I counter, “Okay, fine, how about $200 each to come back to our hotel room.” There is desperation in my voice.

Josh and Jeremy look at each other for a moment and Jeremy tells me, “We can't. We always get the new iPhones on the day they come out. But we'll have sex with you tomorrow for free.”

I don't want to wait until tomorrow. When I want cock I want it now. Especially from these br_others and I kind of love the challenge of prying them out of their treasured spot in line.

I back away and consult with Alicia. “I've never paid for sex before except for when I paid a Nevada brothel prostitute to fuck my husband. This is so exciting. I think we can have them for $300 a cock head.”

I walk back to the br_others and very discretely pull the waist band of my skirt out so the br_others can have a peak at my almost bald pussy. “Okay, guys, $300 to each of you to fuck me. Let's go.”

Now I think I have Josh. But Jeremy isn't buying yet and he insists on staying in line for his new phone.

I'm getting totally sexually frustrated and and tell them, “I'll pay you boys $500 each to fuck me. It will only take a couple of hours. Then you can come back here. They're not going to run out of iPhones. Do it for me...”

Josh is all in and when I show Jeremy the $500 that is for him that does the trick. The br_others get out of line and we walk over to my SUV for the drive to the hotel. Except for Alicia – first she goes back to that heckler who called us whores and tells him that the real whores are the two Apple Fanboys that we are leaving with.


We arrive at the hotel and Alicia arranges for check-in while the boys and I wait out in the car. Almost $300 for the room and $1,000 for the br_others. Oh well, it's only money. And besides, my husband is footing the bill for half of it since we're getting divorced.

Finally, we make our way up to the room with our boy-toys in tow. I fumble with the card key because I'm so excited to see their cocks. I can tell it's going to be big cock meat. We get inside and Alicia and I immediately strip to show the boys that we mean business. Then we sit on a sofa and masturbate ourselves and tell the br_others to get naked for us.

The boys mean business too because they insist on us handing over the $1,000 before they perform. I guess that can be expected. After all, they are prostitutes and every smart whore gets their money first. So we count out $500 to each of them and they take off their clothes and throw them in a pile in the corner of the room. Oh, my...their cocks aren't quite as long as I expected. Turns out only 7 inches when erect. But both the boys are extremely thick.

Then Alicia rounds up all the boys' clothing, puts her outfit back on and heads out the door to lock the boys' clothes in my SUV. Josh says, “Hey, where are you going with our clothes.” Alicia says, “You boys have your money. You'll get your clothes back after you perform for us.”

After securing the clothes, Alicia returns and strips and we get down to business. The br_others seem a little tentative. I get the sense that they've never had sex in front of each other before.

I get on my knees and Alicia give the br_others' cocks a helping hand and strokes them hard. Then Alicia – cocks in hand – presents them to my mouth. I open my mouth and say “Ahhh...” and Alicia fits both of the br_others' hard cocks in my mouth at the same time.

I can't talk to the br_others because my mouth is full. But Alicia says to the boys, “I bet your mommy never sucked on your cocks. And for sure your mommy never put both of her sons' cocks in her mouth at the same time. Did she?” Josh is just kind of taking in the sensation and Jeremy replies in a serious voice, “No Ma'am, our mom has never done that.”

I've never had two cocks in my mouth at the same time either. And two thick ones at that. My jaw is starting to hurt a little. But the nastiness of two males rubbing their cocks against each other in my mouth...and two identical twin br_others no me the thrill that I get when I do something that is really taboo.

I'm trying my best to suck on the cocks. But it's not the same as when there is only one cock in my mouth. All the same, the br_others are getting harder. Alicia gets behind my head and gently pushes my face into their cocks and says, “Lisa is a good little cocksucker, isn't she? Don't you wish you had a mommy like her to suck your cock?” This time the boys don't say anything. They just keep fucking my mouth.

Finally, I pull away because I have something else I want to do. I tell Jeremy to get on his back and then I mount him in the reverse cowgirl. Then I say to Alicia, “Girlfriend, it's time for my first vaginal double-penetration." Alicia knows what to do. She leads Josh over so he's in front of me. Then Alicia takes his cock and fits in snugly in my pussy so it is in there with Jeremy's cock. Then I say, “Okay, br_others, fuck my baby-making hole at the same time.”

The br_others are doing me now and I've never had so much thick cock in my pussy. God, it feels so excellent. And thinking that the br_others are feeling their cocks rubbing against each other is making me so excited. I say to the boys, “Time your strokes so you are both going in and out of Mommy's fuckhole at the same time.”

Both my boys are managing to screw me in sync and Josh is now bending me back and he's high-fiving Jeremy and yelling, “Good job, br_o.”

I'm seriously about to split in two and all this cock meat is about to make me explode. I tell the br_others, “See if you can spray your load up Mommy's pussy at the same time. Make a sticky cum mess in Mommy's cunt.”

The br_others slow down their pumping to see if they can do this. Then Josh tells Jeremy that on the 10th stroke they are both going to cum. Then they start counting out loud as they stroke me, “One, two, three...” I just know they are going to do it because I know the feeling inside my pussy when the cock in it is about to cum and I'm feeling it now. Sure enough, right on the 10th stroke the br_others blast their cum right up my vagina and, oh my God, it's incredible.

The boys give me a few more strokes and then pull out. I'm exhausted but totally satisfied. Alicia comes over and puts her tongue in my pussy and cleans up the mess. The br_others are watching. I don't think they've ever seen a girl lick pussy and Alicia sends me over the edge again. Then the boys say they have to shower and get back to the Apple Store to buy their iPhone-5. We tell the boys we'll help them clean up in the shower. They think that is cool, but they don't know what exactly we mean by “helping” them.


While the br_others make their way into the shower, Alicia and I pull our strap-ons out of our purses and wrap them around our waists – our matching hard plastic black 8 inchers. The hotel shower is quite spacious and there is room for all of us. When Alicia and I walk in the shower the br_others are soaping up their thick cocks and talking about the new iPhone-5 features. But when they see our fake cocks, their conversation stops.

Alicia and I start lubing up our dildos with some of the hotel body lotion. Then I say, “Okay, boys, bend over. Alicia and me are going to help you clean your assholes.”

The br_others start moving away from us and they say they are leaving. Alicia yells, “You're not going anywhere. We have your clothes. Now bend over!”

What can the boys do? They bend over and Alicia and I proceed to butt-fuck them. Alicia chides the br_others, “You boys didn't think earning $500 for a couple of hours of sex was going to be easy, did you?” Josh looks back at Alicia, who is fucking him, and says, “No, Ma'am.” Right then we start butt-fucking our boy toys even harder.

This went on for several minutes and we could tell the br_others were starting to like it. It was a kind of pleasure mixed with pain thing that I'm sure they had never felt before. This time it was Alicia and I high-fiving each other as we roughed up our Apple Fanboys. After awhile we decided that we had put them through enough and we pulled out and properly showered and then drove the boys back – fully clothed – to the Apple Store.


After dropping the br_others off at the Apple Store, Alicia and I returned to our hotel room for a little girl fun. A couple of hours later, Josh and Jeremy called our room from their brand new iPhones that they still managed to buy. They told us that those were their first calls on the new phones and that we should be honored. We were honored of course – but even more so when they told us it was one of the greatest days of their lives. Quite the same with us. A good time was had by all!

August 23, 2012. A Very Special Birthday Present.

Sandra is one of my best girlfriends - part of my cougar pack. A couple of weeks ago I took the virginity of her 18 year old son Gary when I let him fuck my pussy and have anal sex with me. You can scroll down in this blog to my August 1st entry and read about that.

Sandra was watching from behind some curtains when Gary screwed me. Ever since then, Sandra has been totally obsessed with the idea of having her son fuck her. Especially after I told Sandra about the fantasy Gary told me – the one he has about pulling down his mom's bathing suit in the pool and taking her pussy from behind.

The only problem with all of this is that Sandra just can't get beyond the fantasy of fucking her son because she thinks it would just be too weird to actually do it. But, like I say, she's totally obsessed with the idea and I've watched her masturbate more then a dozen times while she calls out Gary's name.


I don't see anything wrong with a mother and son fucking each other so long as they both want to do it. So the challenge for me was to make it happen. The perfect time presented itself yesterday on Sandra's 38th birthday – the same day that Gary was leaving for California to start his first year of college.

The night before, I called Gary and told him that I had a plan for how he could fuck his mom without her knowing. All he had to do was kiss his mom goodbye in the morning and drive off like he was heading to California and then check into a motel to get cleaned up and then come back to Sandra's bedroom at 1p.m. sharp. I also told Gary that he must not say a word during this whole time and to bring his video recorder. Of course he agreed.

I also called Sandra and told her that I would be over her house shortly before 1p.m. with her birthday present. This is kind of a tradition with us and we always try to think up something original as a present. Last year I paid for two male strippers to double-penetrate her.


So I arrive at Sandra's home and she's all excited and asks, “Where's my present?! Where's my present?!”

I tell Sandra to calm down and we go into her bedroom and I get her to take off her clothes and lie on her bed on her back. Then I take the cuffs and chains that I brought with me and spread her arms and restrain them to her headboard. I also put a very thick blindfold over her eyes so she can't see.

Now it's 1p.m. and Gary arrives at the bedroom right on schedule. Very punctual – I like that. I put my finger over my lips like I'm telling him to hush and I motion for him to turn the video recorder on and put it on the dresser in front of the bed. Then I whisper in Gary's ear to take his clothes off and sit on a chair in the corner of the room and jack his cock to get it hard.

I take my clothes off and put on my strap-on and climb on the bed and tap the dildo a little against Sandra's pussy lips before I slowly push it in to loosen her up. Then I say to her, “Your son Gary is in your bedroom right now and he's here to fuck you for your birthday present.”

Sandra laughs and says, “Nice try, Lisa, but he drove off this morning on his way to California. But you know I love the fantasy. In a perfect world I do want it to be true.”

I pull my strap-on dildo out of Sandra's pussy and lube it a little and then slowly enter her asshole to loosen that hole too.

“I'm not joking, Sandra. He's sitting in the corner right now masturbating his big 8 inch cock while he looks at his mommy naked and chained to her bed.”

“Oh, Lisa, you're such a tease. I don't think there's anybody in my bedroom right now except you and me. Gary's not here. But just in case some boy is, then I want him to come up to me so I can feel him. Then I'll know if it's Gary.”

I wave for Gary to stand up and walk over to Sandra. He puts his face right next to Sandra and she smells his cologne. Then she says, “Wow, Lisa, there is a boy in the room! And that's the cologne that Gary uses. You're going all out this time. You're making this seem so real. But let me touch him and then I can tell.”

“Sorry, Sandra, I can't let you touch him with your hands because that would mean uncuffing your arms and then you would take off your blindfold. But you can touch him with your feet.”

“I know, I know, if I take off my blindfold then I'll see it's not my son Gary. I may have been born in the dark, but I wasn't born yesterday. Anyway, sure, I'll touch this boy with my feet.”

I motion for Gary to come over to Sandra's feet. She runs her feet through Gary's hair. “That feels just like Gary's thick curly hair. And just the right length too.” Then she runs her feet across Gary's chest. “That's his build alright.” Finally, Sandra squeezes Gary's cock between her two feet and says, “I know he's 8 inches because you told me so and I saw him fucking you with it. This seems just about right.”

Then I ask Sandra, “Okay, now do you believe it is your son who is about to fuck you?”

Sandra replies, “Like I said, it all seems so real but he did leave this morning. But I'm up for the fantasy anyway so let this stud fuck me and I'll pretend he's my son.”

Gary gets on his mom's bed and then Sandra pleads to him, “Fuck your Mom, Gary. I've been masturbating about this ever since I saw you fucking Lisa.”

Gary is savoring this first moment of mommy love and I get up and move the video recorder in for a close-up of the initial penetration. Gary slowly pushes his cock inside his mom's pussy. The same pussy that gave him birth.

Gary's stroking a little faster now and he gets his fuck meat in all the way to his balls. Sandra is moaning and saying, “Fuck Mommy's cunt. You're bigger than your daddy was. That's why I divorced him. I needed a bigger cock – like yours.”

This dirty talk is making Gary extra hard and now he's slamming into his mom and her big natural tits are bouncing all over the place. Then he puts his mom's legs on his shoulders and he's really plowing into her. Sandra is helpless but loving every minute of it.

Gary finally backs off for a moment and Sandra says to me, “Lisa, this boy is good!! I tell Sandra, “I'm serious, Hun, this is your son fucking you.”

Then Gary points his cock at his mom's asshole and enters it. And he does it just the way I taught him to do it when I took his virginity. Nice and slow. Sandra feels it going in and she moans, “Fuck Mommy's asshole. But go slow. Just like I did it to you when I gave you a prostrate massage as a young boy. You didn't know that, did you? Mommy did it to you during your nap.”

This is turning on Gary something terrible and even though his mom is telling him to go slow he can't help it and now he pounding his mommy's asshole. Sandra's half out of her mind and she's hysterical, “Oh, Gary, fuck Mommy up my ass. Do it to me hard. Harder than you did it to Lisa.”

That's what Gary does and I'm afraid he's going to split his mom in two. I've never seen Sandra get fucked so hard and I've seen her get fucked a lot. During all of this I'm moving the video recorder all around to get all the action.

Now Gary is about to cum. He not lasting nearly as long as he did with me. I can understand why. It must be so thrilling to fuck your mom.

Gary pulls out of his mom's asshole and rushes up to her face and sticks his penis in her mouth. Nothing soft and slow about this. He's fucking his mom's mouth and now she can't say a word. Gary only lasts a few seconds and then he shoots his sperm right down his mom's throat. Sandra swallows and she's totally breathless.

I motion for Gary to pick up his clothes and recorder and skedaddle out of the house and be on his way to California. Then I give Sandra a bit more time to recuperate and then I take off her blindfold and uncuff her.

Sandra is all out of sorts and asks, “Who was that wild boy? Oh, God, Lisa, thanks for the unreal birthday present. What a fantasy...if only that was Gary.”

“I'm telling you, Sandra, that was your son.”

“Right. Well, if it was Gary then why didn't you let me see him?”

“You know why. It would have been too weird. At least the first time.”

“You're right about that. I so want to fuck my son, but I can't get the nerve and it would be too awkward. But, God, how I wish I could.” Then Sandra kisses me and said, “Thank you, sweetie, for a very special birthday present. I only wish...”


Sandra will be receiving another birthday present. In a couple of days Gary will be sending her the video. Then Sandra will know that fucking her son wasn't a fantasy at all. Or, I should say, it was her fantasy fulfilled.

August 19, 2012. My Adorable Young Kitten.

Last Friday morning started like any other morning of late. My husband, on his way out the door to work, laid me on my back on the kitchen table and put my legs on his shoulders. Then he let his pants drop and pushed my panties aside and fucked my pussy until he had deposited his sperm up my hole. Then he pulled up his pants and went off to work. It's been that way since he caught me cheating. He's been treating me like a slut. But whatever. That's his right.


About 30 minutes later Teresa calls me and wants to come over. She always brightens my day and of course I say yes. Teresa is just 18 years old. And just by a month at that. She's originally from Mexico. She came to America with her parents several years ago.

I'm kind of Teresa's American mommy, teacher and girlfriend all wrapped into one. Her parents hardly speak any English and I tutor her through a volunteer English tutoring program. Teresa loves America and I'm kind of her bridge to the American culture. And she's taught me how to cook some great south-of-the-border dishes and being around her makes me feel like a young girl again.

I've had my eye on Teresa's body too. I've watched her grow from a flat-chested 4 foot and a few inches young girl to a young woman several inches taller than me. And, with big and bouncy C-cup breasts. But Teresa has never lost that innocence of youth. Except when she's around boys. Some randy middle-school boy totally took advantage of her when she was 15 and stole her virginity. Since then she thinks all boys are wolves. And I can understand why because of all the way-to-lewd howls and catcalls she receives just from walking down the street.


Teresa arrives at my door in mid-morning and I welcome her into the living room. She's not here for any particular reason today. Just because we enjoy each other's company. We sit down in the living room and watch trashy television shows like The View, The Price Is Right and some of the Jerry Springer Show.

This is the first time that I've been alone with Teresa since she turned 18. I love teenage pussy just as much as I crave teenage cock. But I don't have my hunting skills down yet for the kittens because I haven't practiced much. Plus, I'm not as aggressive with girls. Somewhat because of the stigma in America about lesbian sex. Also because I know girls are always getting hit on by men and the last thing a girl may need is another girl hitting on her too.

But as young hottie Teresa is sitting next to me I wonder what's the worse that can happen if I make a move. Maybe she'll get up and leave. I don't want that, but she's of legal age so at least I won't get into any trouble. And I'll never know unless I try and for sure Teresa is not going to make the first move on me. So I go for it.

I ask Teresa if she has any new boyfriends. “Teresa, I've been meaning to ask, do you have a beau. You know, a boyfriend...a male admirer.”

Teresa slowly twirls her sliver Catholic crucifix that is around her neck and shyly replies, “None yet, Mrs. xxx (censored by me). The boys are just too rude to me. They want me to do these things to them...”

Then I say, “I totally understand. But you know, Teresa, that it's okay to misbehave every once in a while.”

I put my hand on her shirt at her midriff and lift it over her breasts and I lift up her bra too. Then I take hold of Teresa's crucifix and rub it across the tip of one of her bare nipples.

Teresa is a quite stunned and is confused about my advances. But she's doesn't resist. I kiss my youngest girlfriend full on the lips and slowly work my hand under her shorts and panties. I've seen Teresa's pussy before in the swim club showers. Oh, how I've masturbated about getting my hand on her down there.

I run my fingers through her pubic mound. A thick jet black bush of pussy hair groomed above her lips. My fingers touch her pussy lips and I slowly push my middle finger inside her young hole. I go in and out. Not like some guy who would frantically m***** this young girl. Just very slowly. Teresa is breathing fast and she's in heat.

I keep fingering Teresa and I softly say, “Yes, the boys will always be there for you. But you're a woman now and you need to feel the pleasures of your body. Mommy can help you through this.”

Teresa isn't saying a word. She is still overwhelmed with what is happening. But I can tell that she likes it. I would never be overly aggressive with a young girl like I sometimes am with guys. But that doesn't mean that I have to ask permission either.

I uncouple myself from Teresa for a moment and move in front of her and slowly pull off her shorts and panties and gently lie her on the carpet. Then I take off all my clothes and lead her into the '69' position and start to lick back and forth across this sweet Catholic girl's pussy and asshole with my tongue. At the same time I slowly lower my pussy onto Teresa's mouth so she can lick me.

Teresa tastes so sweet and she's squirming all about while my tongue moves back and forth across the two holes between her young legs. And now Teresa is following my lead and her tongue is way up my cunt and licking me out. It suddenly occurs to me that my husband's sperm is still in my pussy from when he fucked me just a few hours ago. This young girl is eating my husband's cum and she doesn't even know it!!

We're moaning and rolling all around and I want to do more. But I realize that she's just starting out and I need to take it slow. So after more than an hour of this luscious sex I turn around and kiss and trib Teresa for a little while and then we get up and put our clothes back on.

Teresa – and me too - have hardly said a word through all of this. But for sure our friendship has crossed into a new realm. I take a few moments to load a thumb drive for Teresa of lesbian sex vids for her to watch. I also give her my treasured Luxury Rabbit Vibrator – the one with 8 separate modes to totally stimulate a woman's erogenous zones. Then, with a little pat on Teresa's teenage butt, I usher her out the door less my suspicious husband comes home early from work and catches us.


I used restraint with Teresa because I so much want her to come back for more. Between you and me, I really wanted to take her out to a park and tie her to a tree and fuck her from behind with my strap-on. But I remember when I was 18. If some guy or girl did that to me at that age, then I would never come back for seconds. So I'm very content to move slowly with this dream teenage pussy.

August 13, 2012. My College Sons are Young, Dumb and Full of Cum.

Last week my husband caught me cheating on him. I thought that meant he would be watching me like a hawk. But just this weekend he took off to Tucson, Arizona, to do some dirt-bike riding with his buddies. What's that saying? When the cat's away, the mice will play? So true, so very true.

I know these five boys who go to Arizona State and live off campus in a big old house. Not a frat house, but it might as well be one. Good looking boys, but still quite immature. These boys let the college girls twirl them around and they can't even cook or pick up after themselves. These boys need Mommy to help them through this challenging time in their lives. Late last Saturday night these future leaders of America phoned me up and asked me to come over because they needed a shoulder to cry on.


So it was Mommy to the rescue. My boys needed Mommy because their girlfriends had left them high and dry – teasing my poor boys with their feminine wiles and tricking my boys into buying them nice dinners and then deserting them without putting out for so much as a handjob.

I know from experience what that is all about. I'm a college graduate (UNLV) and I was once one of those young girls who really got off on milking the guys of everything except their cum. It's kind of a power trip and girls can smell needy boys miles away.

Anyway, these days I'm beyond the stage of playing games. These are my boys – my surrogate sons. And I'm their Mommy away from home. The dirty Mommy they never had. The Mommy who will be open with them about sex and help them release their tensions. The Mommy they need and deserve.


I arrive at my boys' dump house at 11 o'clock in the evening dressed in shorts with a tight little top. No bra or panties needed. These boys have seen my body before and a couple of them have fucked me. My sons are all quite wasted – even if they are too young to legally drink. Empty Beck's beer bottles are all over the place. I can hardly find a spot to put down my purse. They start telling me their tales of woe. Mommy knows it's good therapy for the boys to vent. But it does get old and I know how to change the topic.

I take off all my clothes and lie back on an easy chair – one of the few nice pieces of furniture in the house. Now my boys have stopped talking and they are just looking – looking at my nude body. Then I ask, “Who wants to help Mommy masturbate?”

All five boys huddle around my body and I spread my pussy lips to give them a good look at my open cunt. Each son comes in real close for a detailed inspection. Their facial expressions are priceless. I've seen this in strip clubs where a girl lets a guy look at her pussy. So raw, so open, so hot. Out in public we're all supposed to act cool. But there's nothing to hide here. It's just like, “Look at my little fuckhole. Hope you like it.”

Just seeing that my sons are looking at me down there and thinking dirty thoughts is making me really horny. Now I want them to play with my pussy so I ask, “Who wants to fuck Mommy with a beer bottle?”

Frantically, each son reaches for the nearest empty bottle and stands in line to fuck Mommy with it. I tell the boys to start with the narrow end and to push their bottle in real slow and see how much they can get inside me. One by one, each boy bottle-fucks Mommy. Each boy gets the narrow end – about 3 inches long – all the way up my hole and also the wider end of the bottle halfway into my pussy so that the Beck's label almost disappears. That's a good seven inches inside me. Rest assured, the boys won't be throwing out those beer bottles.

Mommy is so wet from these obscene things that my sons are doing to me. I'm moaning and cumming and I even squirt one time when one of my boys slowly pulls his bottle out of my pussy and then roughly fingerfucks me.

Being a loving Mommy, I must allow the boys to cum and release the tensions that their girlfriends built up in them. I think about letting my sons' fuck me. But there is something that I want to do later with their cum so I say, “Stick your cock in Mommy's mouth and then cum all over my face.”

One by one, my darlings again line up. I tell them to use my mouth and to take all the time they want. Now they get around me in a semi-circle and I'm giving whoever I can a handjob while one or the other of the boys is fucking my mouth. They rotate around and some of my boys are real rough with me and a couple of the boys want me to suck them off slow. After about 30 minutes of this wonderful cock attention, each son has sprayed his cum all over Mommy's face and I'm a total mess.


Now my boys are happy and hungry too. Like I said, they can't cook and there's no food in the house anyway. Their diet consists solely of fast food take-out. So we put on our clothes and hop in my Ford Escalade and head out to a nearby Burger King restaurant.

As I mentioned earlier, there was something I wanted to do with my boys' cum. I want to do a cum walk – or in this case a cum drive. The sperm is still all over my face. A little bit has dripped down onto my top. It's getting a little crusty and it smells wonderfully dirty!

Mommy pulls up to the drive-thru machine to place our order. I tell my boys that I'm paying and they take advantage of me and order a dozen hamburgers and loads of fries.

We come up to the drive-thru window to pick up our order. It's not ready yet, but I pay anyway and the boy at the window does a double-take when he sees all the cum on my face. Then he disappears and comes backs with three other guys working the shift.

The three restaurant guys are looking me over and I say, “Haven't you boys ever seen a woman with cum on her face?” I guess not because their eyes are totally bugging out of their head. Then one of my boys who is sitting behind me in my car reaches over and pulls up my top so the restaurant guys can see my tiny tits.

I leave my tits exposed and ask if our order is ready yet. Of course it's not because the guys are too busy looking at me. Impatient people behind us are honking their horns and the shift manager comes over to see what all the commotion is about. He's a real killjoy and he refunds our money and tells us to leave and never come back.

My boys still want their burgers but I hightail it out of there anyway. Things have gotten out of hand. I make a quick right turn out of the parking lot and get pulled over by a woman cop. I guess I didn't use my turn signal and she's really looking for intoxicated drivers since it's now almost 2 o'clock in the morning.

The woman officer knows something is weird about us. She probably doesn't run across too many “mature” women driving around with cum on their faces and with five goofy college boys in tow.

The officer asks if everything is alright and then goes back to her patrol car to run my paperwork. I'm feeling a little uneasy but I didn't do anything wrong except not use my turn signal. I tell my boys to sober up and to behave themselves for once and they hush down. The officer comes back and gives me a warning for not using my turn signal and she tells me to be more careful.

I dodged that bullet. Now the boys want some more beer but no liquor is sold at this hour and and I'm not going to contribute to the delinquency of a minor anyway so I tell them “no way”. So we drive back to their house.

Back at the house, I take turns tucking each of my boys' into bed and I give them a good night kiss and let them suck on Mommy's titties before they head off to dreamland. Then I go back home and go to bed with all that sweet cum still on my face.

August 6, 2012. To Catch a Predator.

My 3 girlfriends and I just returned from a week in Las Vegas. My girlfriends – Alicia, Sandra and Anna – are all cougars like me. We're in our mid to late 30s and we're always horny for young cock and kinky sex.

This trip kind of happened on the spur of the moment and it took us 5 full days to get around to the sex part with the male species. In the meantime we went shopping and we fucked each other with our toys.


We stayed for the week at the luxurious Bellagio in a beautiful two bedroom suite. A young couple from France was staying two doors down the hall – Colette and Axel. They weren't really a couple in the sense of being in love. Colette was footing the bill for their U.S. excursion and Axel was along for the ride as sort of her exclusive gigolo. Well, at least Colette thought Axel only serviced her.

Really, I don't know why Colette even needed Axel. Perhaps because she didn't feel comfortable fucking strangers. She's so hot. Just nineteen years old, a brunette with the cutest face, the biggest tits and the sexiest accent. Colette even had her own debutante ball back in France.

Axel, on the other hand, is a 19 year old sleeze ball and a wolf in sheep's clothing. We gathered together most every day for a lunch or dinner at the dining restaurants inside the Bellagio. The first time we got together was at the Circo and when Colette excused herself to go to the powder room Axel unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and tricked us into looking under the table at it.

Normally, that would turn us on. But doing it behind Colette's back like that was repulsive. So were the several times when Axel came to our suite and started jacking off his cock when we opened the door. He was constantly hitting on us for sex behind Colette's back. Finally, after we came upon another player we decided it would be a good idea to accept his sex invitation.


That other player was Vince. We ran into him during one of our shopping trips. At thirty years of age, Vince would normally be too old to get our attention. But what a hunk – 6 foot 5 inches tall, perfectly tanned and sculptured. We practically fucked him with our eyes and we came on to him real strong. But Vince came right out and told us that he was 100% true-blue gay. Which was a surprise to me because my “gaydar” hardly ever fails me.

Anyway, all was not lost. We talked to Vince about our problems with young Axel and together we hatched a plan to teach Axel a lesson for his indiscretions. Then Vince joined us on a shopping trip to Frederick's of Hollywood and an adult super store to buy some sexy outfits and accessories.


The next day I call Axel's room and he answers the phone.

“Hi, Axel baby, this is Mommy Lisa. Us girls need your sexual services. Why don't you come over to our room with some champagne. The door's not locked. Just come on in.”

Axel is over in a matter of minutes. Typical that he enters our living room with his cock hanging out of his pants. What Axel sees is each of us 4 girls sitting in an easy chair in each corner of the room.

There is Anna – a 5 ft. 7 inch leggy short-haired blonde with green eyes and she's a total puma for guys at the fitness club where she teaches a class. There is Sandra – a 5 ft. 10 inch big-titted real mommy with long dirty-blonde hair. Then there is Alicia – a 5 ft. 3 inch slim latina who is totally sexed up. Finally, there is me – a 5 ft. 1 inch slim cougar with blonde hair down to my tight little asshole. All of us are wearing matching black leather strapless corsets, black thigh high fishnet garter belts and black stiletto heals. We are sitting with are legs spread and Axel can see our fully exposed pussies.

Axel just about dropped his champagne and he shouts, “Okay, ladies, who wants my big cock first”.

Anna shot back, “Little cock bitch boy, that's not exactly what we had in mind for you.”

Then in unison us cougars reach behind our chairs for our black 10 inch dildos that we bought at the adult store and we strap them around our waists.

Axel is suddenly uncomfortable and tells us, “Ladies, I don't have in mind what you have in mind. I think I better leave.”

Right then, our gay stud Vince comes out of one of our bedrooms just like Chris Hanson does in that Dateline NBC show called To Catch a Predator.

Vince, who is huge compared to scrawny Axel, blocks the door and says to Axel, “Not so fast, young boy. You're not going anywhere. Now put down that champagne and empty your pockets.”

Axel pulls some condoms out of his pockets and Vince tells him, “I don't think there will be any use for those.”

Then Vince orders Axel to get on the floor on all fours and he tells us girls, “He's all yours. Have at him!”

Anna and Sandra get behind Axel and start to beat his ass cheeks with their fake dicks. Sandra and me move up to Axel's face and we whip our fake cocks all over his face. We have no intentions of going gentle on Axel. He's going to get a brutal reverse gangbang.

Now Anna and Sandra and taking turns pushing their cocks up Axel's little butt hole. It's not easy because they didn't lube him. They take about 10 strokes at a time and try to drill it up the gigolo's fuckhole as deep as possible. Meanwhile, I'm fucking Axel's mouth and Alicia is totally out of control – she's bitch-slapping Axel's face as hard as she can and yelling, “Take that you perverted little bitch slut boy.”

Axel's humiliation goes on for maybe an hour like this and Vince is in the corner enjoying the show while he strokes his so hot 10.5 inch massive cock.

Suddenly I remember one of my favorite things that I like to do with bad boys. I take my strap-on cock out of Axel's mouth and stick Alicia's cock into his mouth hole. Then I get on the carpet below Axel's cock and start to stroke him. It's kind of hard because Anna and Sandra are pushing Axel forward while they fuck his asshole and Alicia is pushing him backward. It's kind of like I'm stroking an accordion.

But I do manage to milk the cum out of his small cock and it lands all over my little tits. Then I move in front of Axel and ask Alicia to take her cock out of his mouth. I also tell Anna and Sandra to put their fake cocks up Axel's asshole at the same time and to be still in the DP.

Then I order Axel, “Suck your dirty cum off Mommy's tits and swallow for Mommy.” Axel is beyond the point of arguing and my little boy does what his mommy tells him to do.

We're not done with Axel though. He has a few more things to experience. I ask Anna and Sandra to take their cocks out of his ass and I ask Axel if he wants some of his champagne. He thinks we are letting up on him. Not exactly.

When Axel says he wants his champagne, Anna reaches for one of the bottles and shakes it up real good and then uncorks it. Then she sticks the narrow end of the bottle up Axel's butthole and the bubbly floods it. Now he's getting really loose in that hole and the champagne is tickling Axel's backdoor almost to the point of torture. Then after the champagne runs out of his hole Anna and Sandra stick the narrow end of the bottle back up Axel's ass and fuck him really hard with it.

Axel's screaming, “Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!” I'm not totally unsympathetic so I say to my girlfriends that I think we've had enough of Axel.

The girls back off and Axel is feeling relieved. But not for long. Now Vince is behind Axel and he's stroking his gigantic piece of meat to make it bigger than ever. Us girls take our seats in the corner of the room and we masturbate our pussies and watch the show.

Vince finally enters Axel's puckered butt and he's not messing around. Vince is riding Axel bareback and he has Axel nailed to the ground on his stomach.

I've never seen a man fuck a boy and it's so exciting! All of us are laughing and shouting for Vince to fuck his little boytoy even harder. This is total humiliation for someone who deserves it and it's getting all of us completely off just to watch it.

As Vince is sodomizing his prey he tells us, “Call this wimp's girlfriend and tell her to come over here. There's something that she has to see.”

I get Colette on the phone and ask her to come over. I give her a heads-up, “Your friend Axel isn't exactly as faithful as he pretends to be. He's been pestering us to have sex with him ever since we got here and so you better come over and see what he's up to now.”

In the 5 minutes time it takes Colette to come to our room, Vince has fucked Axel raw and he's shot his cum load right up Axel's butt. Then Vince flips Axel on his back and that's when Colette knocks.

I let Colette in and she's a lttle taken aback by our slutty outfits. But nothing compared to how she feels when she sees Vince probing Axel's asshole with his fingers for his cum and then feeding it to Axel to swallow.

Axel pleads with Colette, “It's not what it looks like...” I interrupt, “This isn't even the half of it, Colette. You're better off without this guy. You deserve better than this.” Colette is very shaken. But she nods her head and walks out the door.

After Axel's swallows all of Vince's cum, we tell Axel that he can leave. Axel puts on his clothes as fast as he can and races out the door and we tell him not to let the door hit him on the way out and that we never want to see his sorry ass again.


The aftermath of this expose is that Colette locked Axel out of her room after giving him time to retrieve his belongings and after giving him enough money to buy airfare back to France. We didn't mean to break things up. But that fact is that Axel simply isn't worthy of Colette.

August 1, 2012. Taking My Girlfriend's Virgin Son on a Tour Around the World.

Last week I was over at my girlfriend Sandra's house. We were planning our trip to Las Vegas to hunt down young boys to fuck.

Sandra is in her late 30s and is way too hot with dirty long blonde hair and a full figure. She's recently divorced and has an 18 year old stud son. His name is Gary and he's 6 foot 2 inches tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. I've had my eye on Gary ever since he was in elementary school.

So I got really excited when Sandra asked me to seduce her virgin son. Gary had confided in Sandra about being a virgin and Sandra thought it was the right time for him to get his first sexual experience.

Sandra told me, “Lisa, I want you to make my son's first sexual experience a good one. I don't want him to do it for the first time with some uptight or inexperienced girl or, even worse, with some prostitute who is just in it for the money.”

Of course I accepted the invitation. I just love seducing virgin boys and I've been up to the challenge more than a couple of dozen times in the last two years.


The next day I arrive at Sandra's house under the pretext of doing some planting in our common garden in her yard. Sandra told Gary to expect me and she was out on an afternoon shopping trip.

I'm puttering around in the garden for awhile and Gary is inside watching TV. After about an hour I go inside and ask Gary if it's alright if I cool down and go for a swim in their outdoor pool. Since this was part of my seducing strategy I had brought along my bikini in my travel bag.

Gary didn't mind so I go back outside and start to change into my bikini right where he can see me. Just to be decent, I turn my back to the house while I put on my swim wear.

Now I'm swimming and Gary comes outside and sits on an air mattress on the side of the pool and watches me. Well, he's pretending to be texting on his cell phone but I know he's out there to watch me. Gary is so darling in his shorts and with his tanned chest.

After a few minutes I take off my top and throw it on the side of the pool. Gary pretends to act like he doesn't see me topless but I know he's just showing good manners. I see him sneaking peaks at my tiny little tits each chance he gets.

Finally, I walk up the pool steps and sit on the side of the pool. Now Gary is starring at me and there's sexual tension between us.

“Gary, I have to go use your bathroom. Can you please hand me a towel so I can dry off before I go inside?”

Gary gets a towel and starts to walk over to me and all of a sudden I say I can't wait and pull my bikini bottom aside and pee in the pool.

I'm sure Gary has never seen a woman pee before and I've got him where I want him. “Oh, sorry Gary, I couldn't wait. Now, can I please lie down on your air mattress.”

“Sure Mrs. xxx (censored by me). No problem at all. I've got another mattress I can lie on.”

Then I say, “Don't worry about that. There's something I want to show you.”

Then I lie down on the air mattress and take my bikini bottom off so that I'm totally naked. I say, “Have you ever seen a woman's pussy before?”

Before Gary has a chance to answer I put my hands around the back of his head and pull it between my legs and ask, “Gary, have you ever eaten a woman's pussy before?”

Gary doesn't answer. Well, not that he can because I'm forcing his mouth onto my fuck hole. Gary starts to eat me and he's not too bad. But he could be better because he's just kind of moving his tongue all around with no particular purpose.

Then I run my fingers through his thick curly hair and say, “That's real good, Sweetie. But let me show you a few things.”

Then I sit up and touch my clitoris with my fingers and say to Gary, “See my little clit right here. Women like this licked and sucked very gently.”

Then I move my fingers along my pussy lips and to my asshole. “Gary, women want these parts licked too. Nice and slow.”

Gary is not saying a word. He's just kind of nodding and taking it all in.

Then I take two fingers and spread my pussy lips apart. “Hun, this is my pussy hole. I like boys to finger it while they lick my clit, lips and asshole. If you finger me hard enough in just the right way then I can squirt my orgasm for you. Want to try?”

I lay down and spread my legs and Gary moves in and then I wrap my legs around his head. Now he is doing it just right. He sure is a quick learner! After about 15 minutes of this pleasure and knowing it's coming from a very young boy I squirt my woman cum all over his face.

Then Gary asks, “Did I do it right, Mrs xxx?”

I replied, “Sweetie, I can think of 25 of my girlfriends who would stand in line to have you lick their pussies like you just did to me.”

All this time Gary has still not removed his shorts so I strip them off him and take off his briefs too. Like they say, big cocks come in big packages and this was a nice huge one. Probably 8 inches of virgin timber.

“Gary, has a woman ever seen your penis before?”

“Just a few times on a dare with a few girls, Mrs. xxx. That's all.”

“Did those girls do anything with your penis?”

“They touched it. That's all”. Oh, my, I had a true virgin on my hands!

“Well, Gary, I call a penis a cock. And what you need to know is that while you need to eat a woman's pussy the way she likes it, it is your right to have a woman suck on your cock just how you like it. You can have woman suck slow, take it all in, put your balls in her mouth or even have her finger your asshole while she's sucking. And you can mouth fuck her too.”

With that I take Gary's cock in my mouth and do my best cocksucking until he is almost all the way down my throat. And he's totally erect now too.

Then I take him out of my mouth and hold his cock in my hand and say, “Gary, just so you know it's okay to do this, I want you to fuck my mouth. Now I'm gonna put your cock back in my mouth and I want you to put your hands behind my head and shove your big cock down my throat.”

I put Gary's cock back in my mouth and Gary pushes my head gently. He's being tentative and shy. I want to give him the experience of truly fucking a woman's mouth.

“Gary, I know you are being polite and that this isn't the type of thing you usually do to a woman the first time that you meet her. But I do want you to be very rough with me. Just fuck my mouth hard.”

This time I put Gary's cock back in my mouth and he really goes at it. The young boy is extremely rough with me and I love every minute of it and I thank him for fucking my mouth.

Now for the big event – taking Gary's virginity.

I ask Gary to lie on his back. I straddle him so my bare pussy lips are rubbing against his hard cock. I'm ready for entry in the cowgirl position.

“Gary, now it's time for me to fuck you. Have you ever been fucked by a woman before?”

“No, Mrs xxx. This will be my first time.”

“Well, enjoy Sweetie.” And with that I put Gary's cock up my tight pussy and began to bounce up and down on his young fuck meat.

Oh, God, it feels so good. Gary is, like, in another world and he asks, “Am I in you, Mrs. xxx?”

So innocent! “Yes, Sweetie. Welcome to the wonderful world of fucking.”

While I move up and down on Gary's cock I look toward the house and see Sandra – Gary's mom. Sandra has the curtains pulled back and she's masturbating while she watches me take her son's virginity.

I keep fucking Gary and I ask him, “Sweetie, have you ever fantasized about having sex with your mom?”

The question surprises Gary a little on this day full of surprises. But he answers, “I know it's not right. But sometimes when I'm swimming with my mom I think about ripping off her bathing suit and having sex with her against the swimming pool wall.”

“Wow, that's hot, Sweetie. Nothing wrong with fantasizing. And you never know what might happen some day.”

My God, Gary is amazing. He's been fully erect ever since I sucked on his cock and he still has not cum. Most young boys – and quite a few older gentlemen – can't hold out on their first cumshot any longer than a minute. This boy is a true stud.

I have one more thing to show Gary so I climb off his cock and get on all fours in the doggy.

“Sweetie, this is the sex position where the man is the aggressor . This is the position where you pound the woman. You get deep penetration into the woman and that makes her feel good. So I want you to get behind me, keep standing but bend your knees and then stick your cock up my pussy and fuck it good.”

Gary gets behind me and puts his cock in my cunt. But again he's being way too polite and stroking me much too slow. So I turn my head and say, “Sweetie, don't hold back. Push it in and out as hard as you can and treat me like your dog.”

That did the trick and now Gary is giving me a really hard fuck and treating me like his little doggy bitch. Oh it feels so good. I let it go on for quite some time. One of the best fucks I've had since I can't remember when.

While Gary is screwing me I get to thinking that now is the time for him to experience anal sex. After all, I want to show him around the world. The only problem is that I'm still sore from being assfucked by Lester the m*****er a few days ago. But a little bit won't hurt - just to give Gary the experience.

“Sweetie, have you ever had anal sex with a woman?” Of course I know the answer but I want to see Gary's reaction. He's stunned and speechless. It's like Xmas morning and the gifts just keep on coming.

Then I say, “Hun, what you need to know about anal sex is that you must start out slow with the woman. Take some time to lube her and start with slow strokes. Even though most women get great sensations from anal sex, the asshole is not meant for hard fucking like the pussy is. At least not right away.”

So with me still in the doggy I ask Gary to put two fingers in my pussy hole and get them all wet and then insert them up my asshole to loosen me back there. And to do it slowly. Gary follows my instructions perfectly. Smart boy here.

After a few minutes of me moving my penetrated asshole back and forth on Gary's fingers I tell him, “Okay, Sweetie, now you can fuck my asshole. Just do it slow. It's tight.”

Gary gets behind me and tries to enter. He can't quite get it in at first. But he pushes a little harder and gets his cock head all the way in and then he starts giving me nice slow strokes. I look up and see Gary's mom peering through the curtains at us and I gave her a smile.

“That's it, Sweetie. Fuck Mrs. xxx up the ass. You can cum in my backdoor if you like. Or anywhere else. It's up to you. I let boys cum where ever they want to.”

Now Gary is pumping away pretty hard and I'm not quite as sore back there as I thought. Really, he's hitting those special places and it feels great.

“Mrs. xxx, I'm ready to cum all over your body.” Then Gary pulls out and flips me on my back and shoots a massive cumload all over my pussy lips, stomach and tits. What a yummy mess!

I'm amazed with Gary and tell him so. “That was a wonderful fuck, Sweetie. One of my best.” Then I scoop up all his cum with my fingers and swallow every drop. “This cougar swallows, Hun.”

I'm sure that Gary will remember his first fuck for the rest of his life just like it was yesterday. But I want to give him something special so I get my bikini bottom and manage to stick it completely up my pussy. Then I very slowly pull it out so it's all wet with my cum and I give it to him as a present. Then we get dressed and head back to the house.

We run into Sandra in the house and she pretends she just got home and didn't see anything. It's just a dirty secret between Gary and me. Or so he thinks. Sandra called me that night and told me that Gary was on cloud 9 after he fucked me.


Sorry for the long blog entry, but I wanted to get it all down. Particularly for Sandra to read. She's sitting next to me right now in our Vegas hotel and she's about to go masturbate while she thinks about how she might let her son fuck her in the swimming pool.

July 26, 2012. Lester the m*****er.

Most of the boys that I'm attracted to are the sweet and innocent types – clean cut with very little sexual experience and with an eagerness to follow my lead. But there is this one boy that I've run across at my local community college who doesn't quite fit that profile.

That boy's name is Wes. But I like to call him Lester the m*****er because he's always m*****ing my ass in public. Here I'm 37 years old and Lester the m*****er is 19 years old and he always comes up behind me on campus in front of everybody and just starts spanking my ass through my shorts. Didn't his mommy ever teach him that isn't appropriate behavior?

So today I was super hot and bothered from the time that I woke up and I know Lester the m*****er is good for a nice hard fuck if I give him half the chance. I knew he had morning classes so I met him at the school cafeteria and told him to come over to my house at 1p.m.

Then I went home and got my girlfriend Alicia to come over and prepare me for the fuck. Alicia is just like me – another hopelessly sexed-up cougar always looking for a good time. She's Hispanic and her dark features contrast with my light features and more than a time or two we've two-timed a guy.

Anyway, I strip and Alicia gets my lipstick and turns me around. Then she draws a big arrow pointing down to my asshole and writes, “Fuck Me In My Tight Little Butt Hole.” Then Alicia ties me to my bed so I'm spread eagle and on my stomach.

Lester the m*****er arrives at 1p.m. and Alicia lets him inside. I didn't tell him why I wanted him to come over but I suspect he knew because I sure don't want to talk with him about his auto shop class. Alicia leads Lester into my bedroom and closes the door so that my Doberman dog named Horace can't come in. Lester sees me tied to my bed and reads the invitation on my back.

Oh, God, right away Lester turns totally crazed. He has his clothes off in no time and he actually jumps on top of me and right away he sticks his huge cock right up my asshole and he starts sodomizing me extremely hard.

Lester the m*****er is pulling my long blonde hair like he's pulling the reins on a horse and he's hissing in my ear, “You dirty little bitch. I knew your tight asshole always needed my big cock. Your husband can't satisfy you like I can. Isn't that right, slut?” All the while Alicia is helping Lester by pushing his ass cheeks with her hands so that his cock drills deeper into my backdoor.

This hard pounding went on for what seemed like an hour and for some reason that song by John Mellencamp came into my mind where he sings about it “hurting so good.” But it was getting to the point of hurting too much and I was getting sore so I told Lester the m*****er to wrap it up with a cumshot.

Then Lester shot back, “No way, cunt. Your fuck holes belong to me. What are you going to do about it? You're all tied up.”

Then I yelled at the top of my lungs, “GET OFF ME NOW!!”

My dog Horace heard me yelling and now he's barking up a storm like I've never heard him before and I hear the sound of his sharp nails clawing the door.

I gave Lester his one and only warning, “You get off me now or Alicia's gonna let my dog in the bedroom. Now get off!”

Lester pleaded, “But, baby, I haven't cum yet.”

Then I told Alicia to let Horace in the bedroom. Before Alicia could do that Lester jumped off me and I called off the dogs. (so to speak).

I told Lester the m*****er to get dressed and get out of my house.

While Lester was putting his pants back on, Alicia stepped outside the bedroom and chained Horace to a pillar in the kitchen so he wouldn't attack Lester on the way out.

Good thing too because as Lester slipped out through the kitchen, Horace was barking and growling something terrible and his nails were clacking against the linoleum as he tried to bust loose from his chain and get a piece of Lester.

While I felt a little bad about how things turned out and about denying Lester his cum, I insist that guys play by my rules in my house and when I say something I mean it.

July 22, 2012. My Little Boy, Timmy.

My husband is at an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game today and I had the house to myself.

This entry is about Tim. He's a boy that I know from classes at the community college and he is celebrating his 21st birthday next weekend with a trip to Las Vegas with some of his boyfriends. So, I invited Tim over to my house to look at some of the pictures that my husband and I took on our recent trip to Vegas.

Tim may be turning 21 years old, but he looks so much younger. Actually, he looks just like Justin Bieber. The problem for me is he might be gay.

So, we are sitting on the living room couch together. I'm still wearing my pajamas and Tim is wearing his shorts and t-shirt and I can hardly keep my eyes off his tight butt.

I start with my lap top slide show and I show him pictures of the Vegas Strip, the MGM Grand, the Bellagio, the Luxor and then...a picture of me pops on the screen with me looking into the camera while I'm sucking on my husband's cock.

“Oops!”, I said, pretending it was accident. “How did that picture get in there.”

Then more pictures of the Excalibur, the Fremont Street Experience and then...a picture of me sitting on my husband's cock and it's totally up my pussy hole.

“Oh my God, Tim, I'm so sorry. I have a whole other folder with pictures of my husband and I that we took using our camera timer and I guess some snuck in by mistake for this slide show.”

“I understand, Mrs. [censored by me]. Any more pictures of Las Vegas?”

“I do have more pictures. But they are all of my husband and me. Do you want to see them?”

Without waiting for Tim's response I clicked on the next picture. It was me sitting on the hotel toilet with my husband standing beside me with his erect cock in my mouth.

Tim was fidgeting and getting exciting. I didn't know if it was the pictures of my naked body or my husband's hard cock that were getting him exciting. All I cared about was that he was getting aroused.

“Mrs. xxx, can we look at a few more of those pictures of you and your husband please?”

“Timmy, if we're going to watch the pictures of me and my husband fucking, then we're going to have to take off all our clothes. That's the rule in my house – no one looks at porn with their clothes on.

Without waiting for Timmy to chicken out I pulled down my pj bottoms and unbuttoned my top and threw it on the carpet. Judging from Timmy's look, he had never seen a nude woman before.

“Okay, Timmy, a deal's a deal. Take off your shorts and shirt.”

Timmy hesitantly took off his shorts and shirt but left his briefs on. That was good enough for now. I gave Timmy the lap top mouse and showed him the folder to click on that had the sex pics of me and my husband.

Timmy had his legs crossed and was covering his crotch with his left hand while he clicked on the folder. I got down between Timmy's legs and told him, “Let mommy suck her little boy's cock and make it hard.”

Then I moved Timmy's hand away and reached in his briefs and starting giving him a hand job.

“You've never had a female suck on your cock, have you? Well, sit back and enjoy mommy's mouth while you look at pics of me and daddy.”

Then I put Timmy's cock in my mouth and it was fully erect in no time as he looked at my pics.

Timmy saw pics of me getting fucked from behind in the doggy, of me taking it up my asshole, of me fucking my husband with a strap-on, of me with cum all over my face, of me tied to the bed and more.

Timmy was just about to cum, but I didn't want him to yet. I had other plans.

“Timmy, I want to give you an early birthday present. I'll let you do anything with me that you saw me do with my husband in those pictures.”

Timmy clicked back to the pic of me fucking my husband with a strap-on. “Mrs. xxx. This is what I like.”

“Timmy, don't call me 'Mrs. xxx'. Just call me 'mommy'. I do want to fuck my little boy's asshole. Now be good and take off your briefs while mommy goes in her bedroom and gets a few things.”

I went into my bedroom and retrieved my strap-on, some lube and a wedding picture of my husband and me. Then I returned to Timmy.

I strapped on my dildo and jacked it in from of Timmy. Then I said, “I thought you might like a cock up your ass. First mommy's gonna put lube on two of my fingers so I can go in easier. Now get on your hands and knees so mommy can loosen you.”

Timmy got on his hands and knees and I put lube on my fingers and then I put my fingers up his asshole and began to m***** him.

“My little Timmy likes mommy's fingers up his tight butt hole, don't you?”

“Yes, mommy, I like that a lot. Can I play with my penis while you do that to me.”

“Oh, yes, Timmy, make your penis hard for mommy. But please but this wedding picture of daddy and me under your cock. When your penis shoots its' semen I want it to land on my wedding picture.”

Timmy obeyed and started stroking his cock right above my wedding picture. I replaced my fingers up his backdoor with my strap-on. I went in slowly at first with my 6 incher and then picked up the pace.

“Mommy loves fucking her little boy up his asshole with her cock. This is the best birthday present you've ever received before, isn't it?”

“Nobody's ever been in my ass. mommy. I'm going to ejaculate so hard. Are you sure that you want me to do it on your wedding picture.”

“Yes, Timmy, shoot your white sperm all over mommy and daddy's face. Don't be shy.”

That's exactly what Timmy did. After just a couple of minutes of me sodomizing him Timmy jerked his big load of thick cum out of his cock and it landed almost completely on my husband's face in the pic.

“Good job, Timmy! I'm proud of my little boy. Mommy is gonna lock this picture in her box of treasures so daddy never sees it. He thinks I'm faithful. And don't you ever tell daddy that you jacked off on our wedding picture.”

With that I gave Timmy a few more hard strokes up his asshole and pulled out. Then we got dressed and he was out the door after I slapped his butt a few times.

I hope Timmy masturbates about his early birthday present. I enjoyed giving it to him. And I hope he has a good time in Vegas with his boyfriends too. I don't know if Timmy is gay or just shy with females. All I know is it's another cougar conquest for me.

July 17, 2012. Grocery Shopping for Cock.

Today I went afternoon grocery shopping. Dressed in tight shorts with a too small little tank top so guys could see my tiny little tits and nipples through the material.

I kind of wandered around the store until I spotted my target. A cute young boy who I had seen at the community college where I take a few courses (the only reason I take the courses is to meet young cock). Anyway, he's looking at me and I know he wants to fuck me.

I walk up to him and get on my tip toes and tell him my problem - I want to buy a bunch of perishables like ice cream and meat, but with it being so hot it is all going to go bad if I don't have someone to help me unload my car and put the groceries in the refrigerator. I ask him to drive home with me and help me and then I'll drive him back to the store.

This technique doesn't always work, but it worked this time. Now we're driving home and I think he knows what I want but he's still being a gentleman. We get to my house and nobody is home because my husband is a work. He starts putting the groceries in the fridge so they won't spoil. I sit down at the kitchen table. I tell him it is so hot that I have to take my top off. He helps me and pulls the top over my head and now my little titties are exposed.

Now he knows what's going on and he unzips his shorts and pulls his young cock out. He's still going in and out of the house for the groceries but now his cock is sticking out and getting hard.

Then I ask him, “You want mommy to suck on your cock and make it feel good?”

He comes over to where I'm sitting and puts the head of his cock at my lips. Now his cock is fully erect and it's about 7 inches.

“Yum, Yum”, I say. “Mommy likes her little boy's cock.”

I suck it into my mouth about an inch and then a little more and a little more until I'm to his balls. Then I take it out and massage my face with it and then suck it some more.

Then I remember that there is still lots of ice cream in my car and I tell him to bring that in and then we'll have more fun. Right then my husband texts me and tells me he's getting off work and he'll be home in 30 minutes.

While the boy is outside getting another bag of groceries I rush into the living room and take off my little shorts and panties and now I'm totally naked. When he walks back in he sees me on my back with my legs spread wide open.

I tell him, “Forget the groceries. Daddy's coming home in 30 minutes. It's time to fuck your mommy.”

He's already hard so he takes off his shorts, underwear and shoes and just starts pounding me. That's what I love about young guys. They are so strong and full of energy. I'm getting fucked really good and then my cell phone rings with my husband's ring tone. I answer the call and this boy starts fucking me even harder while I talk to my husband.

My husband wants to know if he can pick up anything at the grocery store for me. I tell him that I've already picked up what I needed at the store. Right then, the boy pulls out of my pussy and shoots his thick load of cum all over my face. I tell my husband I have to go and I hang up.

My husband's going to be back any minute now so my young boyfriend and I get dressed in a hurry and we're out the door and I'm driving him back to the store. The crazy thing is that his cum is still all over my face. After dropping him off I go to a park where there is a drinking fountain and clean up. Then I go home to my faithful husband.

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Your words are great. There’s nothing better than feeling young black stud's monstrous cock entering and doing you till your eyes roll over.
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Superb blog mommy.Do more..
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lol fucking love it Lisa. You are a naughty girl, thats what he gets for being a stubborn guy. I am coming over next
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lucky Ed very unlucky hubby but tats what he gets for not been able to keep you happy
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Great diary. I love your writing. Sandy
Can wed be friends?
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I should try to track down a MILF in my local area, I'm sure there's a few. Yet again your blog is as sexy as ever, doubly so for me now on 8 days without fun x
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Wow that new one was pure evil. I totally loved it. I wish there was a naughty mommie like you that lived in my area. I love the stories keep them up, I know they keep me up.
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You are one naughty mommy! Hope you get all the young cock you can handle...including mine
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