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I'm:Lisa or Mommy, 40
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Occupation:Corrupting America's Youth
Education:BA/BS (4 years college)
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Body type:Slim
Height:5 ft 1 in (155 cm)
Hair length:Very long
Hair color:Blonde
Eye color:Blue
About Me
I started a new blog called “Mommy's Sex Life” and I add to it almost every day.

For the last several months I've been busy getting divorced, fucked and impregnated. Now I'm living in a small town in West Texas with the 18 year-old boy (Eric) who knocked me up.

As a married woman back in Phoenix, I had my eyes on Eric for several years – just waiting for him to reach that legal age. With his light Scandanavian type features, he easily passes for my son. Back in December we copulated non-stop for a week when I was at my most fertile and now I'm 4 months “with child.”

Out here in Texas, we tell everyone that I'm Eric's mom. It's a big turn-on to go grocery shopping with him and have my lady friends say what a nice son I have and then we get into my SUV in the store parking lot and I suck his penis. If all the respectible people in town only knew what “mom and her son” do behind closed doors...

Pretty much all we do is have sex. Neither of us is working, as my ex-husband's alimony is supporting us. I don't want Eric to work. He has a full time job just satisfying my sexual needs. I make sure that Eric has plenty of pornography to look at when I'm out running errands so that he'll be hard for me when I get home.

Of course my boy isn't perfect. I guess his real mommy never taught him to pick up after himself and sometimes he'll shoot his cum load just before I come home to fuck him. That's when I have to punish him. But the funny thing is that the more I punish Eric, the more he misbehaves.

Unlike my ex-husband, Eric understands that I'm not a one-cock mommy. But that is a problem in this small town That's because if I try to corrupt its' youth, then the no-fun-types will find a way to kick me out of town. And I really don't want that to happen since I like living out in the country.

Fortunately, there are a couple of college towns just a few hours away. I'll be spending quite a few weekends on the college campus preying on young boys and trying to seduce barely legal pussy. I should continue to have success because I still keep in shape with my tight butt. I really love it when guys masturbate about having anal sex with me even if, for some reason, we can't do it for real.

So, that's where I am right now. I want to get as many cocks inside of me as I can while I'm pregnant as I'll probably never be “with child” again. I know that lots of guys like to fuck pregnant women so they will get their chance as I'm as horny as ever.


Mommy's Helpful Tips

Here are some practical tips for my boys on xHamster...

April 28. Mother's Day is almost here. It's on May 12th. If there is a MILF in your life and you want to become more intimate with her, then don't miss this opportunity. Bring her a beautiful bouquet of flowers...or something just right for her...and most important thank her for being such a wonderful mother. She'll be so surprised and happy and you'll gain a special place in her heart – and who knows where that will lead. Oh, and don't forget your real Mommy!

April 3. Mommy knows that boys love to masturbate while looking at dirty videos on your computer. I think that it is perfectly natural and wonderful that you do this. All mommy asks is that you put a towel on your chair and around the carpet while you jack off -preferably a large beach towel for those long spurts. Those sperm stains are very difficult to remove from upholstery and carpeting without a professional cleaning.

October 24. Mommy knows that it isn't always easy for boys to find MILF that will fuck you at first sight. But that is just the way it usually is. MILF love sex just as much as you do. It's just that we also want you to like us for who we are. Take an interest in some of our hobbies and passions. Join us at a writer's or gardening club. Or maybe help us as we work on some political campaign. After you work your way into our hearts, then you will get more pussy than you can handle.

September 20. Mommy loves surprise sex just as much as you boys do. One minute I'm in a grocery store reading the label on a package of soup and the next minute I'm fucking the bag boy after he puts my groceries in the car. But be prepared for surprise sex. Always wear clean underwear because soiled or smelly underwear is such a turn-off. I suggest never wearing your underwear more than once. If you can afford $30 each week for beer, then you can afford to spend $10 each week to buy a new packet of underwear.

August 25. Mommy knows that boys want their girlfriends to watch porn with them. But break your girlfriend in slowly. Don't scare her with videos of gangbangs, bukkake, throat-fucking or even anal sex. Watch what your girlfriend wants to watch. Even if the video is only softcore or - God forbid - actually has a plot. In no time your girlfriend will be using your cock while you watch porn with her. Mommy knows that's what you really want.

August 22. Mommy loves it when boys expose themselves and masturbate their cocks for me in public. But don't do it in a menacing way like you're about to attack me. Don't even look at me. Just pretend that you don't know that I'm around. Give me some space to enjoy the show. Trust me, Mommy will be watching when your cock spurts out its' cum.

August 18. Mommy knows that boys like to brag about the pussy that they've fucked. But mature women look for boys who are discrete. We have much to lose when word gets out and back around to Daddy that you've fucked us. So, zip your lips so the cougars will know that you can keep a secret.

August 13. Mommy loves to swallow cum and I know that many of you boys want your girl to swallow too. You can encourage her by setting a good example. Taste your own sperm in front of her or – even better – eat your own cum out of your girlfriend's pussy after you've fucked her.

August 6. If you want a girl to leave you, then just ask her to do something that she just said she wouldn't do. It works every time!

August 1. Mommy loves to suck cock but I don't want to get pubic hair in my mouth or stuck in between my teeth. Please groom yourself down there and shave all the hair off your balls.
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26 days ago
aw its a shame such a wonderful lady hasn't signed in for sooo long
2 months ago
hello can you add me
3 months ago
mmmm i love you sexy coug
4 months ago
I love you
4 months ago
awesome stories
4 months ago
Nice picture and videos. Wish I live in texas. Plaese add me to your list.
6 months ago
:( I liked the brief chats we had, hope you come back someday
8 months ago
Just great...the perfect woman and she's gone
8 months ago
Wow. hot. I want you.
9 months ago
Perfect profile for a perfect cougar... i wish i were in the States, i'd come please you at a moments notice ;)
9 months ago
Almost a year without you :-(
9 months ago
Coming thru dropping some love on your page. Peace and Sexiness to you and yours.
9 months ago
I hope and Pray Mummy Lisa you are alright and shine and rise because you are not online in these days hope everything is good miss you and your blog too xx
10 months ago
Love that you love young boys. ;)
10 months ago
love the cougar !
11 months ago
Wow! You're a mommy after my own heart! I'd really like to be friends on here, and have the chance to know you even better! ;) I hope everything has gone well with the new baby, and that you've been getting LOTS of sex still. Hope to hear from you soon! xxx (_o_)
1 year ago
great profile!
1 year ago
kisses +
1 year ago
1 year ago
Still love your profile mommy, good to see you're still going sexmad !
1 year ago
You are one nasty "Mommy"!!!
I Love it!!
Chat sometime?
1 year ago
Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving Lisa! :)))
1 year ago
Happy Howl-o-ween Lisa! :)))
1 year ago
Wow! You are amazing! Such a refreshing view!
1 year ago
nice profile
1 year ago
Cock collection, lol...(^.^)
1 year ago
Your posts are quite amazing. Sorry it seems like I've missed your active period on here.
1 year ago
I've masturbated 3 times to your posts now mommy, is that enough? hope you're proud
1 year ago
Hi Lisa, you have a very inspirating profile. Kisses from Poland

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