My Favorite Teacher Final Part Last Encounter

Michelle and me started to date each other. We realized we both would be at university in the same town. She would attempt Harvard (smart and sexy: take this masturbating 14 year old me) while i would study at BU. She was a very nasty girl. She loved to be blindfolded or handcuffed. Another of her favorite things was the risk of getting caught. Once we fucked in the fitting room of the local Victoria's Secret store. Well Miss Peters was not quite happy about letting me go and made sure that Michelle and me knew it.

Michelle was pissed of and had a plan to solve the situation. I kind of liked the idea and couldn't wait for the day to make it happen.

The holidays already started and most of us couldn't wait until the start of college. It was a warm summer evening. Instead of going to one of the parties Michelle and me stand in front of a house. Michelle was completely naked under her coat. I carried her small bag.
"Ready?", she asked.
"Sure. Go ahead!", i replied.
Michelle rang the doorbell. A few moments later the door opened. It was Ms. Peters. She was wearing a top and some short sweatpants. Her hair was bound to a ponytail. She seemed surprised.
"What are you guys doing here?"
"Can we come in?", i asked.
"Sure." she replied confused.
She let us enter her house. Michelle let her coat fall off and kissed Ms. Peters. Ms. Peter returned the kiss. I could see her nipples harden under her top. Finally they broke the kiss. Michelle licked her own lip. Ms. Peters caught her breath.
"What are you guys planning?"
"We will have sex with you for the last time before we leave.", i said with huge confidence. The last months gave me a confidence boost.
"Is she okay with it?", asked Ms. Peters.
"It was my idea.", said Michelle.
"Follow me!"
Miss Peters led us to her bedroom. Michelle kissed her and removed her top while i removed her pants. No underwear at all. Michelle took care of Miss Peters' boobs while i played with her pussy. Miss Peters started to pant. I sucked on her clit while i let a finger run in and out. Soft moans escaped Miss Peter's mouth. I added a second and a third finger. Her moans became louder. Her pussy was already soaking and her cum ran down her legs. Her moans became uncontrolled while her pussy tightened around my fingers. Her legs became wobbly and Michelle caught her before she fell on the ground.
"I guess it's better if we move to a more comfy place.", said Michelle.

We led Ms Peters to her bed and let her lay on it.
"Thomas will give you a full body massage to relax you.", said Michelle.
"Uh that sounds great."
Ms. Peters turned around to lay on her belly. I knelt over her back and started to massage her shoulders. Michelle moved to her bag and put out four pairs of handcuffs. She cuffed Ms. Peters legs to the bed posts. Ms. peters didn't notice it. I quickly grabbed Ms. Peters arms and laid on her.
"What the fuck?", shouted Miss Peters.
Michelle quickly handcuffed both of Ms. peters arms to the bedposts in front of her.
"What is this all about?", asked Ms. Peters with fear in her voice.
"Well bitch i gonna make sure that you will keep your hands from him.", said Michelle with an evil grin.
She moved back to her bag and put out her black blindfold. She blindfolded Ms. Peters.
"After this you will take anal like a champ. Thomas take your clothes of!", she ordered me.
I quickly did so. Michelle moved to Ms. Peters ass. She pulled her cheeks apart and spit into the small hole.
"Fuck the shit out of her!", Michelle ordered me.
"No please that's to much for me. Please use the lube it's inside the nightstand.", begged Miss Peters.
"Shut up bitch. Be happy that he convinced me to use at least some spit. I wanted to do it dry. Now enter that ass!"
She pulled those cheeks further apart. I rubbed my cock in the rim. Ms. Peters pussy was leaking cum.
"Please don't do it!", she whimpered.
I heard the sound of excitement in her voice and i slowly guided the tip of my cock under Michelle's lustful view into the tight hole.

Ms Peters led out a whimper. I felt some resistance inside. I moved out and back in. This time a bit deeper. The spit was not really lubricating at all. With this method i slowly eased my way deeper in till my balls touched her cheeks. Michelle now put her hands away from Ms. Peter's cheeks and sat next to us to play with her pussy.
I started to gently pump. Ms. Peters was panting through the pain. Her ass was really tight. I increased the speed and her moans were mixed with the sound of pain.
"Pleas Thomas stop it. Please move to my soaking pussy it's waiting for you."
I followed the plan and continued pumping while increasing the speed again. She started to moan again but this time there were no sounds of pain in her voice. She started to enjoy it. I grabbed her boobs and increased the speed a bit more. She moaned louder.
"Fuck this fells so sensational now.", she cried out from pleasure.
My balls were slapping against her cheeks. She started to jerk me with the muscles inside of her anus. I went to full speed. her moans turned into screams from pleasure.
Her ass tightened around my cock and i felt the pressure building. I pumped through her anal-orgasm and came inside her ass. Wave after wave filled her anus. Michelle moved to us.

"Feed her your cock."
I pulled out and moved to Miss Peters'. My tip touched her lips and she opened her mouth.
"That's how your anus tastes now:", i said with proud.
She sucked and a bit and i pulled out of her mouth. I looked onto her ass. Michelle's face was buried in her ass. She was licking out my cum of that hole. A dripped out drop of cum ran down Miss Peters' ass to her spine.
"That felt great. But you didn't need to **** me.", Miss Peters said with a smile. I removed the blindfold and kissed her.
"We're not done yet.", I replied.
Michelle put her face out of the ass and licked the last drop of cum from Miss Peters' spine. She moved to her back and put out 2 vibrators. She inserted them into both holes of Miss peters and turned them on a gentle stage on.
"To relax you after that rough fuck of your life.", Michelle said with a smile.
She moved onto the bed and tuned her pussy next to Miss Peters' face.
"Fuck me!"

I moved my cock into Michelle's waiting anus. And pushed it all the way in . Michelle led out a soft moan. Miss Peters watched us and bit on her lip. I started to pump Michelle really hard. Her moans became louder. And her pussy soaked under my fingers. I pumped faster. Michelle was jerking me with her muscles.
Her ass tightened around my cock and i quickly pulled out and used all my concentration to not cum. When she was done i moved my cock into her pussy. There was no friction at all because of her juices that leaked out after every pump. I pumped her again and penetrated her g-spot with my tip.
"FUCK IT I'M CUMIN AGAIN!", she shouted out from pleasure.
I pulled out and she squirted all her juices over Miss Peters' face.
She was panting.

"I think we can uncuff her."; Michelle panted out.
She moved back to her bag and put out 4 keys. She passed me 2 of them. Both looked identical. I uncuffed Miss Peters' arms while Michelle did so with her legs. Miss Peters moved up.
"Now to the final.", said Michelle.
Both knelt in front of me. Michelle led Miss Peters' hand to my balls. Miss Peters started to massage them while Michelle jerked my shaft. Both kissed. I felt the pressure building again. The girls worked harder on me and i shot my next huge load onto them. Both of their faces were splattered with my jizz.
"I didn't allowed him to cum for the last 5 days.!", said Michelle with closed eyes.
"It worked.", replied Miss Peters.
Both moved to the bathroom while i fell asl**p on the bed just to wake up in the next morning with both girls beside me.

Michelle and me dated for 2 years. We both graduated from university and remained friends. Miss Peters turned into Mrs. Peters and became a mother.


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