My Favorite Teacher Part 3 Reward

When i woke up in our motel room i heard her taking a shower. She came out naked of the bathroom. She gave me a long kiss.
"Last night was intense. I have a reward for you but you have to wait for it till we are in my house",she said with a wink. She put her underwear and the coat back on.
"Put this on! So no one will recognize you." She gave me the base-cap and the sunglasses. I got dressed and we took a cab to her house. It was a nice small one in one of the suburbs of the city. She let her coat fall off. She took my hand and led me into the bedroom while wiggling her ass. She looked into her nightstand and put two things out. In her one hand was a bottle of lube in the other a butt plug.
"I noticed that you liked my ass and do you think i didn't notice your fingers in my asshole. Well i loved it and i want to take the next step.", she said and i could hear a bit of fear in her voice. I kissed her and squeezed her ass more firm than ever. I shoved my tongue into her mouth while she moaned into my mouth. I removed her purple bra and played with her boobs. I squeezed them and twisted her nipples. She moaned harder. I got on my knees turned her around and removed her soaked g-string. I spread her ass cheeks and licked around her asshole.
"OH! Where did you learn this Thomas?", she asked while she kept on moaning.
"From porn.", i replied with a smirk and turned back to her hole. Once her anus stretched i shoved my tongue into it.
I rammed my tongue in and out of her anus. While she pressed her ass against my face. Her anus stretched a bit more. I removed my tongue and grabbed the bottle of lube. I put some of it one her ass and led it run inside of her.
"Uh that's cold."
I put some on my middle finger and fingered her ass to fill it with the lube. Once her ass was lubed up enough i took the butt plug and inserted it slowly in her ass.
"AH! That hurts.", she said with a painful expression on her face.
I lied down on the bed and put her on me. We were pleasuring each other in 69-position her pussy was soaking. She was deepthroating me while i fingered her pussy. Her moans were turning louder while she came. Her juices covered my face. I turned her around and inserted my cock into her waiting pussy. She moaned as it entered her. She put her legs over my calves and hold me tight to her as i started with slow pumps. There was no friction in her soaked pussy.
"Do me harder Thomas!"
"As you wish Emily."
I pumped harder. She moaned loud so i kissed her. I was pumping on full speed.
"OH GOD! I'M CUMIN!" Her pussy tightened up a bit and her pussy was wetter than before. I kept on pumping while she was panting. She started to scratch my back.
"FUCK I'M CUMIN AGAIN!", she screamed as her pussy again tightened up. I was still pumping and every pump let her juices drip out. I felt her again cuming but this time she was moaning louder.
"Pull your cock out something huge is building inside me." I did so and stimulated her clit.
"OH MY GOD THIS FEELS INCREDIBLE!" Her juices shot out of her pussy. She was squirting.
"You now what i want now.", i said with big pride.
"Do it!", she gasped and turned around to get on her knees.
I took the butt plug out of her ass. Her anus was spread. I took the chance and rammed my cock deep into it. She screamed from pain. It was to tight deep inside her.
"Oh god please be gentle there! Remember,it's my first time.", she gasped.
I gently pumped her. Every pump made her skew her face but every pump made her ass less resisting so i slowly increased the speed. She moaned louder than ever before and her pussy was again leaking as she came a fifth time today. I was pumping her harder.
She moved her ass back and forth. I was pumping on full speed and her moans were incredible loud. I felt her cumming and this time i was on the edge too.
"Where should i cum."
"I want your jizz all over my ass. We both came and i covered her big ass with my spunk. We both collapsed on the bed.
"That was the best orgasm of my life Thomas."
"Your ass feels incredible Emily. Why have you never allowed anyone to assfuck you before?"
"I was scared"
She took a finger, ran it over her ass and licked my cum of it.
"You should go home. Your parents must wonder where you are."

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