chapter 14 part 2

The visitors were shown into the room and we all stood for the introductions. They were a husband and wife in their late fifties. During the introductions I found out they were both senior teachers at the local school. In fact the woman had taught Michael when he was at school. I vaguely remembered Michael describing her to me on a past occasion. She was the one teacher he feared and respected because she took no nonsense from anyone, and was not afraid to use the cane when required. Her canings were apparently legendary. The thought of this made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

I noticed the husband was carrying a brown paper bag, which he handed over to my Mother in Law. She had a peek inside and smiled, and then put it down on the floor beside her chair.

I was incredibly nervous and it was a real effort just to carry out polite conversation. Both of them had travelled briefly to the country of birth, New Zealand, and it was a pleasant distraction to chat about my homeland. Despite her fearsome reputation, the wife was friendly and very engaging, as was her husband. Dinner was served and we ate while continuing our conversations. We laughed a lot and I must admit I found both of them charming company. I couldn't help but offer up a silent little prayer that tonight would be just an ordinary night of pleasure. The thought that I would have to humiliate myself in front of such a lovely couple would be unbearable. I hoped the fact that I had got through dinner with my clothes on was a good sign. I guess I shouldn't be so naïve.

After a delightful meal we retired to the lounge in good spirits and the visitors continued to engage me in conversation. The wife put her hand on my knee and with a smile lent forward as if she was going to whisper a little secret in my ear. What she said to me almost made me faint.

"Pardon?" I gulped, a look of horror on my face. As if on cue, all other conversation in the room ceased.

"I said, my little dear, that I hear you are very naughty girl."

I was distraught and frantically pleaded with my eyes to both of my Parents in Law, then as a last resort, to Michael. All I got was the look that told me they were united as fellow conspirators. I closed my eyes in defeat.

"Yes, Ma'am. I guess so, Ma'am," I mumbled in a barely audible voice that did not sound like my own.

"And what happens to you when you are naughty?" she enquired.

"I am punished, Ma'am."

"Indeed. That is very interesting. My husband and I know a little something about punishing people who have misbehaved."

I gulped. I did not like the direction this conversation was heading. "Yes, Ma'am, Michael has told me of your reputation."

This caused her to smile. "Has he indeed. Well he would know from first hand experience when he was a boy."

Michael nodded in agreement.

My Mother in Law decided the time was right to step into the fray. "We have a little present here for you," she pointed to the bag. "But before I give it to you I require you to undress."

Despite the dangers of disagreeing with my Mother in Law, I felt I needed to plead for mercy. "Please, Ma'am. I don't want to undress."

My Mother in Law just smiled back at me. "Of course you don't want to get undressed, my darling Daughter in Law. You are a beautiful, mature woman who is going to be thirty years of age in just a few short weeks. Of course you don't want to endure the mortification of striping stark naked in front of your Parents in Law, your husband, and a charming couple of strangers you have only known a couple of hours.

It is only very natural you do not want to undress and display your private parts in all their glory. But that, my dear, is the very reason I have requested you do it. And you will do it now, without delay."

Her little sermon only served to increase my embarrassment. But she was right. I would do it. With fumbling fingers I began to remove each item of clothing and hand it to my Mother in Law who went through her routine of folding them and placing them neatly on the coffee table. The silence was deafening, and I knew all eyes were riveted on me. I couldn't help wondering what the visitors must think of me.

After what seemed an eternity my slow strip tease came to an end when I unclasped my white lace bra and handed it to my Mother in Law, then stepped out of the matching panties. When I passed her the panties she put her hands in the waistband and stretched them open so she could have a good look at the crutch. I could clearly see the big round wet spot, and when she held them up so could everybody else. There were knowing looks from my audience, but nothing was said. Nothing needed to be said as my advanced state of arousal was clearly evident to everyone in the room. I hung my head in abject shame. Our charming visitors would know that, despite my protests, I was sexually excited by my humiliation.

Now that I was finally totally naked my Mother in Law reached into the bag and pulled out a school uniform that had obviously come from the school where the couple teach. The uniform consisted of a white blouse, tartan skirt, long bobby socks and sandals. The woman school teacher stood up and came over to stand beside me. She then took each item of the school uniform and insisted on dressing me as if I was a young c***d incapable of performing the task on my own. I had to place my hand on her shoulder for support while she busied herself getting me dressed. The uniform was several sizes too small but I managed to squeeze into it. To complete the school uniform my Mother in Law produced a pair of oversized white cotton bloomer panties that the woman school teacher held open while I stepped into them.

Everybody then stepped back to admire my new clothing.

"Good heavens," Michael smiled, "You really do look almost like a schoolgirl."

With that the male school teacher stepped forward and took hold of my hand in his strong grip. "Come on Kym, we are going for a ride."

As I was being led away I looked around frantically. The two school teachers were leaving with me, but my Parents in Law and Michael were still seated.

"Aren't you coming with me?" I pleaded.

"No, darling. We wouldn't want to spoil your fun," Michael responded, smiling.

I was about to object further but we disappeared around the corner into the hallway then out of the front door. The couple's BMW was parked outside and I was placed in the backseat, while they both hopped into the front. I felt so small and vulnerable. I was unsure of how I should act, but as if by instinct I lifted my hips off the seat and removed the cotton bloomers to my knees. It just felt to me that this was the right thing to do. The woman noticed my actions and gave her husband a nudge. They both turned around to stare at my panties.

For a brief moment I was horrified I may have offended them, but then the woman gave me a reassuring pat on the knee. "You are certainly a remarkable young lady."

I smiled in gratitude.

We were only in the car for five minutes when we drove into the gates of the local school where they both teach. My heart was beating a thousand times a minute. The husband took my hand again and like a c***d I was led up the front stairs, and after a door was unlocked we walked down a corridor and into a classroom. The woman turned on the lights then pulled the curtains. I was then directed to sit at one of the student's desks while both teachers stood at the front of the classroom. My eyes were like saucers when the woman picked up a cane. It was the old fashioned type, shaped like a walking stick with a curve at one end.

She addressed me. "Now, Miss Kym, I think you realise you are due for a punishment."

"Yes, Ma'am," I gulped, fighting to retain my composure.

"And how are you going to be punished, Miss Kym?"

"With the cane, Ma'am," I responded hesitantly.


"And...and on my bare bottom, Ma'am."

"Correct, Miss Kym. Come forward."

I felt like I was wearing lead boots as I stood up and took the short walk to the front of the classroom. I was actually trembling as I stood in front of her. She took hold of my arm and turned me side on to her.

"I like to cane people the old-fashioned way. Bend over and grip your ankles."

"Yes, Ma'am." I bent at the waist and took hold of my ankles. I was so nervous I could feel my legs shaking. I felt extremely vulnerable given I was about to be harshly punished by virtual strangers.

I tensed as I felt her reach up under the short tartan skirt of my school uniform and take hold of my baggy cotton bloomer panties. There was nothing gentle about the way she yanked them over my buttocks and down my legs. They came to rest against my wrists that were gripping my ankles. She then unzipped the skirt and again pulled it roughly over my hips and down to join my panties. I was extremely embarrassed as I was naked from the waist down and my buttocks were pointing towards the male teacher. He had a full on view of not only my bare buttocks, but also my labia peeking through between my legs. However I did not have long to fret over my exposure as I suddenly heard the frightening swish of the cane moments before it connected across the most fleshy part of my derriere. The pain was so intense I cried out loud and quickly used my hands to rub my poor buttocks.

"Put your hands back on your ankles. If you take them away again I will have to get my husband to hold you down over a desk so I can complete the task."

I obeyed, and the initial strike was followed up with a second of the same intensity. Again I screamed out, and struggled to maintain my position. When the third struck I knew I could not take anymore.

"Please Ma'am," I sobbed.

"Yes, Miss Kym." She now sounded every bit the stern disciplinarian.

"I cannot take anymore, and I know I will have to use my hands to rub my bottom. Therefore I think you had better get your husband to hold me over the desk."

"Very well girl."

Her husband had a lecherous smile on his face. "But if I have to hold her I want her to be totally naked."

Without being told to do so I removed my blouse as well as my bobby socks and sandals. He soaked up the sight of my naked body before stepping forward and taking hold of my wrists. I was then bent over a desk and he pulled my arms tightly. I was then given another three harsh canings, plus an extra one thrown in for good measure.

With the caning finished the male teacher picked up my clothing and dressed me. He took his time and on every possible occasion he brushed his hands against my breasts, buttocks and pubic region. Once dressed I was driven back to my Parents in Law's house. They, and Michael, were still sitting in the lounge as they had been when I departed.

Michael excitedly made me describe in vivid detail what had happened, and then I had to strip totally naked and show them the vivid red stripes that crisscrossed my buttocks.

I was sore for a week after the caning and had trouble sitting comfortably. However the pain soon fades, but the memories will linger on for a lifetime.

This has been my story of the past six months. It has been quite a journey of discovery for me and I have no regrets. Well, maybe a few.

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1 year ago
now that I finished the stories I'm sad because there are no more to read!!!! Excellent work. My mind had some alternative scenes of humiliation and punishment but that's immaterial. yours were great. Wonder how poor Tony and Rachel are doing!!!
1 year ago
WOW you are great and I loved this story. Hope there is more to cum and can't wait to see what you come up with.