chapter 13 part 2

Now that all three of us were naked we were dismissed with a wave of the hand and we needed no second bidding to seek the security of the water where we would at least, temporarily, be hidden from prying eyes.

Despite our apprehensiveness of what lay before us, the water felt crisp and cool on our naked bodies as we frolicked around playfully. But after twenty minutes or so the cold mountain spring water of the small lake began to take a toll on Rachel and me as we began shivering. I suggested to her and Troy it was time to get out, but Rachel doggedly refused to leave, fearing having to reveal her nakedness again, plus whatever else the others may have in store for us. We all held out for another fifteen minutes, but by this time we were in danger of getting hyperthermia as our skins were turning blue. It would have been obvious to the adults on the shore what was happening to us, and I suspect they were privately enjoying our little conundrum.

Finally common sense prevailed and all three of us exited the lake together, united hand in hand. As we got closer to the adults several of them began smiling and giggling. When we looked down at our own bodies we could see the reason why. The chilly water had taken a toll on our bodies. We were shivering, covered in goose bumps, Rachel and my nipples were shrivelled into tight, tiny little marbles, whilst Troy's penis and scrotum had sought refuge somewhere in his mat of black pubic hair.

The adults were using our towels as cushions and made no attempt to give them to us so we could dry ourselves. Shivering, bedraggled and self-conscious, the three of us stood before my Parents in Law Jane and Ben, our hosts Debbie and John, plus my husband Michael.

Not surprisingly, it was my Mother in Law who spoke first. "After careful discussion we have decided that all three of you deserve to be punished severely for your conduct on Friday night, when we found the three of you 'playing' with each other." She heavily emphasised the word 'playing'.

Rachel opened her mouth to protest but was quickly stopped by my Mother in Law raising her hand for silence. Rachel had the very good sense to keep quiet.

"Each of you is going to receive 10 swats from the five of us." My Mother in Law smiled at her fellow supporters, who all earnestly nodded in agreement. I grimaced as I did the sums. A total of 50 spanks on my poor backside, which was still somewhat tender from yesterday's bar room punishment.

"However your behaviour was so disrespectful that a simple hand-spanking will not suffice. You have ten minutes to go off and find five implements that can be used to punish you with. If we feel the implements will not inflict the maximum amount of pain, your punishment will be doubled. Now off with you."

For a long moment Rachel, Troy and I stared at my Mother in Law in disbelief. Not only were we going to be severely punished, but we were expected to find suitable tools to administer the pain.

"The clock is running." It was my own husband giving his weight to this despicable plan.

After exchanging knowing glances, Rachel, Troy and I decided it would be in out very best interests to do as we were told. In unison we headed, naked, up the small bank beside the lake where the horses were tethered to a clump of trees on the edge of small forest of ponderosa pines. For several long minutes we gazed around, looking but not seeing, trying not to focus on anything that might serve as a suitable implement for our own punishment. Eventually Troy picked up a small wispy branch. He looked at me tentatively. "Do you think this would be suitable?"

I smiled ruefully, "I think so."

Rachel walked over to her horse and pulled out a small riding crop from the saddle. "I suppose this would be suitable," she mumbled, fighting to retain her composure.

I nodded my agreement, while at the same time stooping to pick up an eighteen inch length of broken fence plank. It was heavy and pitted and I knew it would hurt like hell, but I also knew we only had a couple of minutes left of our deadline and we still had to find another two implements.

Rachel untied a spare length of rope from one of the horses, but seemed undecided as to whether it would serve the purpose. Conscious of the time I reassured her it would.

Running out of time, Troy untied a leather strap from one of the saddle stirrups. With a fatalistic sense of achievement we ran back down the bank to the waiting five adults at the lakeside, clasping our implements of pain. Each of them selected their own implement of choice, then caused Rachel, Troy and myself much trepidation by giving them a few test swings. We stood together, shivering from a mixture of nerves and the cold water we had recently embarked from. I was still covered with goose bumps and struggling to get the heat back into my body.

Michael beckoned for the three of us to follow him down to the lakeside. He then methodically positioned us in a row, about five feet apart, facing the lake with our backs to the other adults.

My husband, Michael, then stood close behind me. "My Mother tells me you are very adept at assuming the position."

"Yes, Sir," I mumbled, hardly believing I was addressing my own husband as 'Sir'.

"And what does the 'position' entail, my darling little one," my husband breathed excitedly into my ear.

"It is when I have to clasp my hands behind my neck and thrust my breasts forward and..." I found it difficult to continue.

"And, what?" Michael persisted

" And, I....I have to spread my legs wide open." I shuddered at my confession.

"Indeed. Well why don't you give us a little demonstration."

Slowly I lifted my arms up, clasped my hand behind my neck, and pushed my elbows back causing my goose bumped breasts to jut forward. I then gradually inched my feet apart until I was standing spread-eagled on the sand. Not wanting to have to endure the further embarrassment of having someone direct me to open them wider I strained my muscles to get my feet wider. I could tell my husband had stepped back away from me so he could admire the view.

"Beautiful," he beamed, with what I interpreted as genuine pride. It caused warmth to radiant through my body, and I knew that despite the chill of my skin my body was swelling in areas it had no right to be, given the circumstances.

Michael turned his attention to the two eighteen year olds beside me. "Your turn, folks. Arms up and legs open. Quickly now."

I was surprised neither protested, although Rachel emitted a long groan of despair. Both of them clasped their hands behind their necks, and then looked at each other, willing the other person to take the next step first. Troy led the way, sliding his feet in the sand until his legs were wide open. I couldn't help but steal a glance down at his pubic region. His penis had recovered from the shock of the cold and was making an entrance into the sunlight like a turtle poking its head out of its shell.

Rachel was struggling to take the next step, and I could see her bottom lip was quivering as she fought back the tears of shame. I knew only too well how gut wrenching it was, especially for a female, to put your own body on such lurid display in full view of onlookers.

Michael walked over to her and stood directly behind her. "Do you want your punishment doubled? Does 100 strokes appeal?"

Rachel could contain herself no longer and tears rolled down her cheek. "No, Sir," she sniffled.

"Well open those legs." Michael left no doubt that disobeying his command would have dire consequences for Rachel.

Rachel struggled with the simple act of sliding her legs open, but somehow managed to complete the task. At least when I first had to endure the utter humiliation of assuming the 'position' I was only in the company of my Parents in Law, which was still totally demeaning. But poor Rachel, and I guess Troy also, had to perform this act of total submission in front of a considerably larger audience. Some of the audience, namely my Parents in Law and Michael, were total strangers to both of them until a couple of days ago.

"Open those legs wider, Rachel. You also, Troy," barked my Mother in Law, never failing to miss an opportunity to turn the screw, but then to my total surprise she paid me a compliment. "You are a good girl Kym. I can see you have strained to get your legs as wide as you can. You are learning well."

I felt a level of pride, despite my predicament. However I should have known, pride comes before a fall.

"Yes, she is amazingly spread," our host, John, couldn't help but agree. "Her cunt lips are spread open. How does she do that?"

"Well she is very flexible for a 29 year old, but I think we might find our little girl is also wet and swollen. That always opens her up." My dear Mother in Law was always so informative, especially if it assisted in increasing my humiliation.

"What, already?" John exclaimed, "Surely not?"

My face burned red as a beetroot and I was thankful I had my back to the onlookers.

"She couldn't be?" This time it was my husband's turn to show his disbelief. He stepped in close behind me again. His voice continued to be ragged with excitement. "You are not wet down there, in your pussy, are you honey?"

I closed my eyes and tried to focus my brain. I so much wanted to lie to my husband as I was downright ashamed of being sexually stimulated in these circumstances. But I knew almost certainly my Mother in Law would challenge me if I denied it.

I took a deep breath. "I think I may be a little bit wet," I whispered to my husband, hoping the others would not overhear my confession

But my Mother in Law instinctively knew how I had responded. "I think you might find she is a bit more than just a little wet."

"Is that so?" Michael enquired of me.

" am not sure," I responded hesitantly, feeling like a trapped a****l being eyed by predators.

Rachel and Troy held their positions like two Greek statues, eyes fixed on some imaginative object across the lake. I think they were thankful the attention was on me at present and they did not want to move for fear of drawing attention to themselves.

Michael continued to probe. Until know I had not realised many of his traits were so similar to his Mother. "Perhaps I need to do a little check just to see first hand just how wet you are."

"Please Michael, don't do this," I pleaded, "Please don't embarrass me in front of yourself and the others."

"Well, let me consider the facts," Michael parodied a judge in a courtroom drama. "Have you been humiliated by being told to strip naked, and then told to collect implements to be used for your punishment?"

Yes, I have, absolutely," I gushed, "Totally humiliated."

"Yet you confess to the fact that you are, at the very least, a wee little bit wet down in that pretty little cunt of yours."

My ears burned, and I could not think of a response.

"So, by deduction, my little darling," Michael continued, unable to hide the delight in his voice, "A little more humiliation is only going to make you a little more stimulated. So sorry, the judge dismisses your appeal for mercy. Now I want you to bend over at the waist and rest your hands on the sand. This judge wants to conduct a much closer inspection on the aforementioned vagina at the centre of this dispute."

Humiliation was being heaped on top of humiliation. My eyes briefly pleaded with my husband but to no avail. Taking in a deep breath I bent forward at the waist like a staple, only too aware of how utterly exposed I was. My cunt was wide open and totally exposed, not only to my husband, but also the other onlookers. Michael did not muck about with gentle stimulation on my clitoris, or any other foreplay. He simply rammed his thumb as deep into my vaginal canal as he could, then promptly pulled it out.

"Holy smoke, woman. You are so fucking wet I don't believe it. My mother has told me stories of how well lubricated you get, but until now I always felt she was exaggerating. You are truly amazing."

All I could do was grunt in despair.

"What about you, Rachel?" It was John's voice. "Are you wet down there like your friend?"

"Most certainly not," Rachel fired back indignantly. "Your sick little games do not turn me on."

"I'm not so sure. I think a little check is in order." John turned to his wife, Debbie, seated beside him. "What do you say darling? Do I have your permission to do a little scientific inspection on your charming little s****r?"

Debbie laughed openly. "I am not sure how scientific it will be. But go ahead. I know you have being dying to get up close and personal with my little s****r."

"No! No!" Rachel cried out in total despair. "Please, anything, but not this."

Rachel's plea fell on deaf ears and in a flash John was standing behind his eighteen year old s****r in Law. Rachel continued pleading between sobs as John slowly and deliberately traced his hands up and down both of her buttocks. Suddenly he encased each buttock with his hands and squeezed tightly.

"Bend over," John commanded his young s****r in Law

"No!" Rachel responded defiantly.

John was in no mood to negotiate with his young charge. He stepped back and picked up from the sand beside him the piece of yellow nylon rope Rachel had earlier untied from one of the horses. Without warning he raised his arm above his head and brought it down viciously across her buttocks. Rachel screamed in surprise and pain, at the same time falling forward into the edge of the lake. John immediate stepped forward, gripped Rachel by the arm, and pulled her back into position. "Will you obey me now, or do want another dose of the rope."

Rachel's defiance had been quickly broken. "I'm sorry, John... Sir. Please..." She was taking in gulps of air between sobs, making it difficult for her to speak. My heart went out to her in empathy.

John spoke slowly and deliberately. "Spread your legs wide, and I mean wide. Then bend over and place your hands on the ground.

Submissively Rachel complied, opening her legs as wide as she could before bending forward at the waist and not stopping until the palms of her hands were resting on the sandy surface beside the lake.

Like me, she was now totally exposed. Looking back between my own legs I could see John's eyes were as round as saucers. He very much liked what he saw of his s****r in Law's inner sanctum. I could also see my own husband, Michael, standing close to John so that he could also cop an eyeful. I couldn't help but feel a pang of jealously, but I quickly dismissed it from my mind as I was in no position to do anything about it. In fact, if I was brutally honest with myself, I was probably jealous because Michael was able to get a full view of beautiful young Rachel's pussy and I wasn't able to.

Slowly John ran his finger up and Rachel's buttocks several times, before lowering it and encircling her vagina. She continued to sob quietly. When he stopped his finger at the entrance to her vulva she held her breath. From Rachel's cries of anguish I could tell John's finger had invaded her.

"You are somewhat dry, my darling little s****r in Law, but lets see if we can change that." With that John probed deeper into Rachel's vagina and began to methodically pump his finger in and out.

It was not long before Rachel's breathing began to get ragged, and I could see her knees beginning to buckle slightly. Finally John withdrew his finger and held it up proudly for all to see. It was glistening with Rachel's juices.

"I now declare my charming s****r in Law officially, fucking aroused," he boasted.

"How very scientific of you, John." Debbie piped in, at the same time walking over to stand beside her husband. Taking hold of his hand she held it down lower where she knew her s****r could get a good view of it from between her legs. Then to my absolute amazement Debbie leant forward and took his finger, coated with her own s****r's juices, and inserted into her own mouth before erotically sucking it clean. Once completed she stared deeply into her young s****r's inverted eyes, and gave her an exaggerated wink. It was an act of pure dominance.

At this point my Mother in Law obviously decided she had been in the background too long. Something she was not accustomed to. She strode lazily over to where Troy was standing. I had noticed he had been furtively glancing around as much as he dared to, trying to get an eyeful of what was happening to his girlfriend. When my Mother in Law reached Troy she walked around and stood in front of him, her eyes fixing on his penis. From my bent position I could see that Troy's penis was almost fully erect.

"A little over stimulated, are we young man?" My Mother in Law quizzically enquired of a blushing Troy.

"No, Ma'am..yes, Ma'am." Troy was clearly flustered and embarrassed to be questioned in this manner by a much older woman.

My Mother in Law put her hand on his shoulder and swung him around to face the onlookers. "I think the correct answer was definitely 'yes Ma'am', don't you dear friends."

Debbie playfully licked her lips as she nodded in agreement.

Troy had submissively opened his legs wide again after being swung around to face the adults. As everyone watched his penis became even more erect, increasing his anxiety levels to boiling point.

"Bend over," my Mother in Law directed.

I think Troy was thankful to be able to hide his erect penis. However his relief was short lived as my Mother in Law brazenly reached through his legs and took hold of his scrotum.

"Randy, are you boy? Fancy older women do you?"

"No Ma'am," Troy winced.

"You think I'm ugly, do you boy?" my Mother in Law was playing Troy like a fiddle.

"No Ma'am, you are very attractive for your age."

"So you do fancy me then?" My Mother in Law obviously squeezed his scrotum a little harder as Troy let out a low groan.

Debbie was now standing beside the hapless Troy. She had carefully positioned herself so that her younger s****r could get a clear view looking back through her legs.

"I think you are right Jane," Debbie winked at my Mother in Law, "he does fancy a more mature woman. I think he craves a bit of experience."

With that mischievous comment Debbie reached under the belly of her s****r's boyfriend and gripped his penis. "Come on Troy," she cooed into his ear, "Show us all how much you crave an older woman."

With Debbie stroking his penis vigorously, and my Mother in Law holding his scrotum, poor Troy didn't have a chance. He barely lasted 30 seconds before his body shook and he cried out in intense pleasure.

Debbie slowly removed her hand, which had some of Troy's cum dripping down it. She stepped over to where her s****r was still bent over like a staple, and knelt down beside her. She placed her finger close to Rachel's mouth. "I'll have to watch that boyfriend of yours. He came so damn quickly and hard in my hand that I am sure he must fancy the more mature woman. Now lick his cum off my finger."

Rachel groaned, but did as she was requested and quietly sucked the cum from her s****r's fingers.

"Good girl," Debbie complimented Rachel's acquiescence.

Troy was then directed to stand up. When he did he revealed the rest of his cum had shot onto his chin and neck. Before he could get a chance to wipe it off he was directed to turn around again and bend over. Troy, Rachel and I were now all bent over in a row, our buttocks invitingly presenting themselves to the five adult onlookers. I could see that each of them had now picked up their selected implement of punishment, and I knew the dreaded moment had arrived when we were each going to be punished.

We were shown no mercy. The three of us received ten swats from each of the five adults, who rotated in turn, gleefully awaiting their opportunity to inflict agony upon us. I could not believe how each of the implements inflicted a slightly different type of pain when they impacted on my poor buttocks. But every implement had something in common: it hurt like hell.[video][/video]
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