part 2 of chapter 12

"I bet it did." The Sheriff was clearly enjoying himself.

"And then I felt somebody on the bed. I felt a penis pushing against my vagina, and then I was penetrated. I cried out because I am a happily married woman, and I didn't want to have sex with anyone except my husband." I gushed my story out. The Sheriff was wide-eyed, and even the three d***ks had gone quiet.

"But then I found out it was my husband, which was a really big surprise as my husband is supposed to be away on a business trip."

"I bet it was a surprise." The Sheriff took a moment to recover. "It is quite a story, young lady. But somehow my version seems more plausible."

"No, Sheriff Stone. I promise. My story is all true." I pleaded breathlessly.

Sheriff Stone returned to his paperwork and seemed to be writing down my confession. I stood in front of him nervously, still gripping my skirt. Once finished the Sheriff put down his pen and looked back up at me.

"Undress." His command was delivered quietly but with authority.

"What?" I exclaimed in total disbelief.

"You heard me, Kym Rose Barclay. Undress. All persons detained have to be searched. You could be concealing d**gs or weapons. It is standard police procedure. Surely you know that?"

I looked at him aghast, my mouth hanging open. "But...but, I didn't see you searching my d***ken cellmates. Is that because they are men?"

The Sheriff suddenly rose to his feet, sending his chair skating backwards. "Are you going to give me trouble, girl?" he boomed. "I am very happy to leave you here for the night and see if your cooperation has improved by morning."

The possibility of being locked up for the night with the three intoxicated males sent a shiver up my spine

"In fact, thinking about, leaving you here for the night seems like the right thing to do, given your lip and the way you keep disrespecting me." With that Sheriff Stone strode around his desk and roughly grabbed hold of my arm, pulling me towards the holding cell.

"!" I screamed, "Please, I promise I will cooperate. Don't leave me in the cell. I'm so sorry!" I must have looked a real sight. Bouncing around on my feet, dressed in my baby doll outfit, tears in eyes, wailing at the Sheriff not to lock me up, and at the same time gripping tightly to the bottom of my skirt.

The Sheriff stopped pulling and looked at me, obviously weighing up his options.

"Please!" I begged, "I promise I will co-operate."

Sheriff Stone considered a while longer, before letting go of my arm. "Very well. One last chance, young lady. Now undress!"

We were now standing only a couple of yards away from the cell. The three d***ken inmates were grinning from ear to ear. They could not believe their luck. A night in the cells had never been so good.

"Please Sheriff Stone, I have one small request," I whimpered

The Sheriff put his hands on his hips impatiently. "What!"

"Is there not somewhere I can undress that is not in the full view of them." I pointed my finger at the three stooges. "It is far more demeaning than I deserve."

The Sheriff laughed long and hard. "Lady, if that grand little story you just fed me a few minutes ago is true, you should have no trouble undressing in front of these good ole boys. In fact, given your perversions, you will probably enjoy it. Now get undressed and allow me to do the search before I change my mind."

With great reluctance I let go of the bottom of my dress and bent down to remove my shoes and knee high socks. I knew my white cotton panties were in full view. Once I had removed the shoes and socks the Sheriff held out his hand and I passed them to him. He made a big show of checking them to ensure I was not hiding any contraband. When he had finished his inspection he placed them on the chair and turned back to me. I swallowed hard, then unbuttoned my bibbed dress and slid it off. I was now only clothed in my white frilly top, my cotton panties with panda bears embroidered on them, plus the silly ribbons in my hair.

The Sheriff took his time inspecting my dress, before again placing it on the chair. He returned his attention back to me. With nervous fingers I unbuttoned my white frilly top, but I held it together with my hands. I was not wearing a bra, and I blushed when I saw my erect nipples protruding through the fabric. I glanced at the three inmates. They were all obviously ecstatic at my slow strip tease, and longing to see more of my body. I closed my eyes, then in one swift motion I pulled the top from my shoulders, fully revealing my pert breasts with the dark, erect nipples. I couple of the inmates groaned with pleasure. Again I went through the degrading act of having to pass the item of clothing to the Sheriff so he could carry out his inspection.

I was so humiliated, standing in the local Sheriff's office clothed only in my cotton panties. I held one arm in front of my breasts, while my other hand covered the front of my panda panties. I was mortified that I might have a wet spot on them, but I was too afraid to look down and check.

Finally Sheriff Stone placed my frilly top on the chair, then turned to wait for me to remove my final piece of clothing. His eyes were smiling and he was obviously enjoying the show as much as the cell occupants. I felt physically sick as I reached my fingers into my waistband, lowering my panties and stepping out of them. As I bent to pick them up one of the d***ks moaned out loud, and I suspect he may have cum in his trousers.

I dutifully handed the panties to Sheriff Stone. He was slow to take them as his eyes were distracted by my shaven pubes. This caused me to blush even more, and it only got worse when the Sheriff began to inspect my panties. He held them up in front of him, and a damp, circular spot in the crotch was clearly visible to all in the room. I bent my head in shame.

"What is this?" the Sheriff demanded

"A wet spot, sir. I am so sorry, sir. I get wet when I am nervous," I added as a lame excuse.

"Is that so," the Sheriff responded sceptically as he walked to his filing cabinet and pulled out a pair of thin rubber gloves, placing them on his hands.

My eyes were like saucers.

"Now bend over, placing your hands on my desk."

I feared what was about to happen, but was too afraid to ask questions. On shaky legs I managed to walk the short distance to his desk, bending over and gripping the edge with my hands. I knew this only served to expose me more to the three d***ks. I tensed as Sheriff Stone stood beside me. "I need to do a cavity search for d**gs," the Sheriff stated in a matter-of-fact tone, "Now open your legs wide young girl."

I obeyed by splaying my legs wide open, in a manner very reminiscent of what I was required to do for my Parents in Law. I gulped in surprise as I felt the huge hand of Sheriff Stone cradle my vagina. He squeezed it tightly, causing me to groan with the pain, before releasing it and sliding two fingers deep into my vulva. His fingers twisted around roughly inside me, exaggerating the action of searching for something. He then penetrated me deeper, using so much f***e that I fell forward on the desk, causing much hilarity for the three intoxicated onlookers.

"Why don't you fuck her good, Sheriff?" the teenage d***k called out crudely.

"Why don't you fuck yourself, Hank," the Sheriff retorted, "You are pretty good at that." Everyone laughed, except me, as I was not exactly in a laughing mood.

The Sheriff continued to probe me hard and deep with his fingers. It hurt, but I was also aware it was causing my labia to swell and my lubrication to flow. Almost without realising it I pushed my feet wider and arched my buttocks to give the Sheriff better access.

"Good girl," Sheriff Stone complimented me, "This is the sort of co-operation I expect. Wouldn't you good ole boys like to have a woman like this waiting at home for you?"

"Would we what!" the three cellmates all agreed without hesitation.

I began to moan and gyrate my hips, my breathing coming in short gasps. To my dismay Sheriff Stone withdrew his fingers, however I froze when his hands roughly gripped my buttocks, pulling them apart so my anus was stretched and fully exposed. Before I had a chance to react he drove a finger deep into my rectum, causing me to scream out in a reaction to the sudden invasion. Again he rotated his finger about as if searching my cavity, all the time probing deeper and deeper.

It was such a depraved situation I was in, but I was aroused and powerless to stop my body from reacting. It was as if someone had flicked a switch and the ability to control my reactions to sexual situations was taken away from me. Or perhaps the simple truth was that I liked to be humiliated, and no situation was too degrading.

I bent my arms and lowered my breasts onto the Sheriff's desk, which pushed my buttocks higher in the air. I was exposed to the maximum. It was an act of total submission on my part. I pressed back against the probing finger, rotating my hips obscenely. The Sheriff began pumping his finger in and out of my anus, as if he was fucking me. I screamed out aloud as I began to ride the crest of an intense orgasm.

The Sheriff slapped my buttocks with his free hand, as if he was urging his horse to gallop faster. "Come on girl, show the good ole boys how a real slut cums."

And I obliged Sheriff Stone. I bucked up and down like a wild horse and grunted with the pure pleasure of an orgasm that comes from deep within the body and just keeps on building. The orgasm had not yet subsided when the Sheriff withdrew his finger and spun me around. My vision was blurred, but through the haze I could see he was unzipping the fly to his trousers. He reached in and pulled out his penis. Even in its semi-erect state it was huge. Not long, but thicker than anything I had ever seen before.

I knew what was required of me. I knelt down in front of Sheriff Stone and took hold of his penis with my hand. In an instant he was rock hard. I placed the head of his penis in my mouth and almost gagged he was so big. I glanced over at the cell and noticed that all three of male prisoners had their penises out and were openly masturbating.

Sheriff Stone gripped the back of my head and thrust his penis deeper into my mouth. I struggled to breath, and had to focus on breathing in and out of my nose. He used my head as if it was a toy, riding it up and down his penis. My mouth began to ache and saliva was running down my cheek. Just when I felt I was going to faint the Sheriff grunted and exploded inside my mouth. There was so much sperm I could not even begin to swallow it. I coughed and gagged, causing sperm to flow down my cheek and drip onto my breasts.

Sheriff Stone withdrew and, after some difficulty, managed to f***e his penis back into his trousers.

"Our turn now Sheriff," one of the d***ks called out.

I turned to see the frightening, but also slightly amusing, sight of all three men thrust up hard against the cell, their erect penises penetrating through the gaps in the bars. Each penis was begging for me to crawl along and give it satisfaction.

Fortunately the Sheriff was my unlikely rescuer. "Not today, boys, sorry. It is going to have to be another hand job, I'm afraid."

The men groaned in chorus.

"Unfortunately this young lady has got her husband and Mother in Law waiting for her down at the hotel, and we wouldn't want to delay her now, would we." The Sheriff gave me an amused smile

"You mean I am free to go?"

"Certainly, young lady. Now that I am satisfied you are not concealing anything on that darn body of yours, I guess I have no reason to hold you any longer."

"You mean you believe my story after all?"

"Hell, dang it lady," Sheriff Stone drawled, "I had already talked to your husband and Mother in Law before coming back here with young Hank. I knew the full story already, but you sure do tell it well."

I groaned.
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