part 2 of chapter 11

"This is going to be an ultimate test, Kym," my Mother in Law spoke gently.

"What is going to happen to me?" I whispered

"I will leave you alone in a few minutes, " explained my Mother in Law. " But shortly after I leave a group of strangers will come into this room."

"A group of strangers," I gasped, pulling helplessly on my bound wrists. "But who are these people?"

"They are townsfolk whom we have asked to punish you."

"Townsfolk!" I screamed, "Please no, not this."

"Hush little one." My Mother in Law's hand had moved from my tummy to my vagina, and continued to stroke me in a soothing manner.

She spread my labia and gently played with my clit. It had the desired affect. I relaxed a little, and felt a familiar warmth building from within. She continued to sooth me for several minutes, before continuing to speak.

"When you hear the people enter the room, you are to say nothing. You will open your legs wide and bend your knees. This will be your sign of submission, and your invitation for them to punish you. If you do not spread yourself wide open in this manner, they will take it as an indication you do not want to be punished, and will leave."

"But I can't do this," I pleaded. " I cannot bring myself to act in such a debasing manner. I will surely die!"

"Darling Daughter in Law, we understand how humiliating this simple act will be for you, but only you can decide if you are ready for it."

I was still trying to absorb the meaning of my Mother in Law's words when I felt her remove her hand from my vagina, then without a word she was gone. I heard the door open and close. I wanted to say something, but words would not form.

The darkness and silence in the room was almost overpowering. Time had no meaning. I lay there, naked, blindfolded, and bound to the headboard, aware of every tiny noise.

I could not believe my Parents in Law were subjecting me to this ultimate humiliation. I knew I could not submit. I resolved that I would simply lie there in silence, legs firmly closed, and wait until they left. It would be degrading enough just knowing that these strangers would be able to ogle my naked body, but given what I had been through in recent months I felt I could live through that.

Without warning I heard the door handle turn and my heart began pounding. Panic rose up and I had to fight the desire to try and get up from the bed, knowing it would be useless.

In the quietness I heard several people shuffle into the room, and I could sense them surrounding my bed. There was a quiet murmuring, then silence.

I could not believe I was lying naked and bound on the bed, and all these strangers had an unhindered view of my nakedness. I was undoubtedly the centre of attention. As these thoughts raced through my mind, the fear and apprehension began to be replaced with sensations of eroticism. Submission and humiliation became a frightening need I had to fulfil.

Almost without realising it my body began to submit. I opened my legs, bent my knees, and brought my ankles up until they touched my buttocks. I was splayed wide open in an act of total submission. I could feel my labia rapidly swelling and my juices were running.

I braced myself for some form of punishment, but nothing happened. I f***ed my legs open even wider, and then raised my knees until they were hovering above my head. My buttocks were raised high off the bed, and I knew that every part of anatomy was as openly exposed as it is physically capable of being. I could feel my juices flooding out of my vagina, and my body was alive with sensations of ecstasy. I was inviting punishment.

When the punishment came, it was not on my buttocks as expected, but firmly on my swollen labia. The sting caused pain to rattle through my body. I did not know what I had been smacked with, but it clearly was not a hand. It felt like some form of small whip. I cried out and straightened my legs, squeezing my thighs together in a bid to quell the pain.

After several deep breaths I f***ed myself to resume my position again, lifting my knees high above my head. I was sobbing after the third blow, and crying like a baby after the sixth. I could take no more, and fortunately for me the punishment ceased. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, and I knew my nose was running but I could do nothing to wipe myself.

When I finally gathered my wits I was suddenly aware of how quiet the hotel room was. I lay there in silence, straining to keep my legs held up above my head. I was just beginning to wonder if I was all alone when I felt someone climb onto the foot of the bed. The closeness of this person to my exposed genitalia sent my mind racing and I suddenly felt very exposed again.

I began to lower my legs but felt strong hands grip my knees. I cried out in shock

"No, don't, please," I cried out, ignoring my Mother in Law's request that I remain silent.

But in response to my plea I felt pressure against my labia, and instinctively knew it was a man's penis. I began to fight against the intrusion but was almost powerless as my wrists were secured, and the invader had a firm grip on my knees. In an instance the penis was deep inside.

"Please don't, not this," I pleaded, "I love my husband, Michael. I know I need to be humiliated and punished, but I never want to be unfaithful to my husband. I beg of you, please!"

"Your husband is a very lucky man," came a familiar voice.

As the rigid penis began pumping my vagina the blindfold was pulled off my head.

"Michael!" I screamed

My husband's face hovered over my own, grinning from ear to ear.

"But how..." I managed to grunt before being overcome by an orgasmic tsunami.
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