punished by parent in laws chapter 7 part 2

I then started opening my legs, sliding my feet along the sand as I did so. I did not stop until I had my legs splayed as wide as they could go, as I did not want to have to suffer the extra indignation of being directed by my Mother in Law to open them wider. When I was finally in position I looked up at my audience. Rachael had a look of pure shock on her face, much as her older s****r had when she first witnessed my little act of total submission. Young Troy could not believe his luck, and was clearly ecstatic at this unforeseen turn of events. I bet he never thought for a moment a simple horse-riding trip could have ended up in such an offbeat, erotic manner.

The other men, my Father in Law and John, were also making no attempt to hide their pleasure that a young lady was performing in such an overtly sexual manner in front of them, displaying all of her private parts. It mattered little to Ben that the woman was his son's wife.

For my Mother in Law and Debbie I think it was the intoxicating pleasure of being able to wield so much power over another female. Akin to training a pet poodle, yet a lot more fun. I noticed Debbie whisper into Jane's ear, and Jane nodded in agreement.

Debbie went and sat on a rock, and I knew what it was they had agreed on.

Debbie patted her lap. "This is where I want you," was her simple command.

With head hung I walked over to Debbie. I was about to be spanked by a woman of my own age, and despite everything I have endured, I still found it gut-wrenchingly difficult to give myself over to her. I did not feel I should have to submit to her in this manner as I had never done anything to make her upset, and therefore did not deserve to be punished.

I therefore stood beside her in defiance, and did not go over her lap even though she gestured for me to do so.

Debbie could sense my reticence. "Do you want a double dose?"

Boy, had she been getting lessons from my Mother in Law

"No, Ma'am." My lip pouted

"Well get over my lap this instant."

I was not good at winning these battles, and this was another one that had ended in abject defeat for me. I flopped myself over Debbie's lap, my buttocks proudly on display. My wet body clung to her jeans. Without ceremony she laid into my poor backside with unrestrained vigour. My buttocks were still wet from my swimming and the water seemed to make the spanking even more painful, if that was possible.

The spanking was so vigorous Debbie had reduced me to tears, and soon I was balling like a baby, begging for forgiveness. I tried to squirm from her lap but her free hand held me in place. My legs were kicking in the air, but I tried to keep my knees together as I did not want to give people an eyeful of my vagina, as that would have been as humiliating as the spanking.

Just when I thought she would never stop, she did. My buttocks were on fire, and I continued to sob long after the spanking stopped. Gradually I regained my composure and stood up. I could feel the tears on my cheeks and knew my nose was running. I must have looked a real sight.

"Give Debbie a hug and thank her for your spanking." It was my Mother in Law speaking, again not missing an opportunity to humiliate me just that little bit more.

I lent over and hugged Debbie.

"Thank you for my spanking," I sniffled, having to wipe my nose with the back of my hand for fear of dribbling on her.

"That's all right little one," Debbie responded with a condescending smile.

"You look a right mess," Jane spoke. "Go and clean yourself up in the lake before we return."

The coolness of the lake was wonderful on my inflamed backside, but I then had to endure everybody ogling at my nudity again as I exited from the lake and dried myself off with the towel

Although they allowed me to put my top back on to protect me from the sun, I was made to ride back to the ranch house naked from the waist down, with only a towel to protect my sensitive buttocks from the harshness of the saddle. I have heard it said that some women find the rhythm of riding a horse erotic, but I was too damn embarrassed, and had such a tender backside, that I found it far from enjoyable.

When we finally arrived back at the house I was so tender I found it difficult to walk properly, much to everybody's amusement. I was made to remain naked from the waist down once inside the house and was even too tender to sit down, which ensured my pubic area and buttocks remained in constant view of everybody.

I noticed young Rachael and Troy disappearing into our bedroom, then a short time later Rachael was at the bedroom door beckoning me to join them. Given my semi-nakedness I was a little reluctant to go into the bedroom, but then decided it could hardly be worse than standing around the house feeling sorry for myself.

Once in the bedroom Rachael closed the door. Her and Troy exchanged embarrassed glances

"What's up?" I enquired

"We were wondering if you would like us to rub some oil on your tender backside. We feel so sorry for you."

"What, both of you?"

"Yes," Troy piped in, clearly very keen to help out.

I knew I should have refused right away. That would have been the smart thing. But my buttocks and inner thighs were extremely chaffed

"I guess it would be nice if you rubbed me Rachael, but I do not think it would be right if Troy touched me in such an intimate area. I am, after all, a married woman."

"Oh, please Kym," Troy begged. "I promise to be good."

Yes, I am a dumb woman, but I was moved by his desire. And he was a hunk of an 18 year old. Plus the thought of having these two attractive youngsters wanting to massage my buttocks was flattering.

"Well okay, but you behave yourself young man."

They were both delighted and actually gave me a hug. I then laid face down on the bed, and soon felt cool oil being squirted on my buttocks. Two sets of hands began massaging me. Despite my apprehensiveness I soon relaxed as it felt great and was very soothing. I tried to keep track of Troy's hand movements to ensure they did not get too close to the crack of my buttocks, but as time went, and I became even more relaxed, it became too difficult so I gave up. I had my legs tightly closed anyway, I rationalised through my increasing haze.

I was aware fingers were probing closer to my anus and pushing down between my thighs, but I was in such a relaxed bliss that it was easier for me to dismiss it as my own paranoia. Then I felt a finger touch my anus, and I clenched my buttocks.

"Please stop," I whispered

"Shhh, relax. You deserve to be pampered." It was Rachael's voice.

I kept my buttocks clenched but with all the massaging oil it proved little resistance, and I felt a finger press pass my anus and enter me. It was the first time in my life I had been penetrated in my back passage, and despite the initial shock I had to admit it felt good. The finger slowly slid in and out while hands continued to massage my buttocks and thighs.

Damn, it felt great. Soon I found myself relaxing my buttocks and the finger slid in and out of my anus with greater ease. I wanted to look over my shoulder to check the finger belonged to Rachael, but another part of me was afraid to know. I decide to relax and enjoy the experience. This was just reward for the experience I had just been put through.

After a long period of massage and anal stimulation I was in such a relaxed sexual haze. My clit was swollen and I could feel myself becoming increasingly lubricated.

"Get up on all fours so we can massage the inside of your thighs," Rachael whispered into my ear

"Are you sure?" My mind was a haze and I was not thinking straight, therefore sought assurance from Rachael.

"Yes, come on. You will be fine. You do trust me, don't you?" Rachael enquired in a soft, soothing tone."

"Of course I do, but I am not sure....."

Even though I was still debating the point I felt two sets of hands gripping my pelvis and chest, raising me up so I was on my hands and knees. I did not fight them and even assisted myself into position, but once there realised how exposed I had allowed myself to be. I ensured my legs were firmly closed.

"You stand beside me young man," I turned and spoke to Troy. "I don't want you to go peeking between my legs. I have been embarrassed enough for one day."

"Sure thing, Kym." He gave me a big, reassuring grin.

I was still unsure if I had done the right thing but soon felt soothing hands rubbing my back, buttocks, and inner thighs. Again my eyes began to glaze over as I relaxed and enjoyed the sensations. Fingers again began probing towards my anus and soon I felt the familiar warmth as my back passage was entered. I also felt another hand massaging closer and closer to my labia. It felt great but I knew it was wrong.

"Don't," I quietly protested.

"Shhh," was the response.

Soon an oily hand was resting at the entrance to my vagina.

"Please don't," I again protested.

But even as I was protesting I felt a couple of fingers slide easily into my vagina with no resistance. I knew I would be well lubricated. I always am when stimulated. I tried to protest again but instead of words all that came out of my mouth was a low groan. I knew it was so wrong what I was letting this couple of 18 year olds do to me. But it felt just so great.

As the fingers rhythmically slid in and out of both passages I felt my breathing becoming more rapid. I was horrified that an orgasm was building within me, but powerless to stop myself. I began gasping and pushing my body back towards the invading fingers. Then all hell let loose as the bedroom door swung open.

For a moment the scene was frozen as all three of us looked at the door wide eyed. The faces of all four adults were leering down at us. No! No! My brained screamed as I took a quick glance behind me. Rachael and Troy were frozen to the spot. Rachael with a finger in my anus, and Troy with his fingers disappearing into my vagina. Talk about Pooh Bear getting caught with his fingers in the honey pot.

I looked back at the four adults again. John looked amazed. Debbie looked pleased that I had proven myself to be the wanton hussy she always knew I was. My Father in Law just leered at me, as if he wouldn't mind a piece of the action. My Mother in Law, however, for once, seemed genuinely shocked. I think I had just confirmed I was indeed the slut she always felt I had the potential to become.

My Mother in Law glared at me, hands on her hips. "What is it about you New Zealand women? Have you learned nothing since Ben and I took you under our wing, and tried our best to make you a worthy Daughter in Law?"

Well I could have told her how they had taught me that humiliation, pain and pleasure can sometimes become a potent erotic cocktail that leaves a person addicted and crying out for more. But somehow I did not think my Mother in Law was in the right mood to hear that

"Ma'am, I have tried hard to be a good Daughter in Law," was my typically pathetic, inadequate response.
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hot, bring her to the brink of an orgasm and then punish and humiliate her some more.
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