punished by parent in law chapter 6 part 2

Eventually I heard the door open and saw Ben approaching me. He held my belt in his hand.

"Raise your arms straight up in the air," he commanded.

I hastily obeyed.

"You are to receive a further six spanks with the belt. If you do not keep your arms straight above your head I will start over again. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir."

"If you do not want the neighbours looking over the fence to investigate you will remain very still and allow me to deliver the six spanks quickly."

"Yes, Sir, I will try very hard, Sir." I gritted my teeth and steeled myself for the first blow. I knew from Jane's spanking that the belt would be painful.

And it was. The first spank caused the air to expel from my lungs with a whoosh. I bit my lip so as to not cry out. I was paranoid that if I made an anguished noise a neighbour would surely come and investigate. The noise of the belt connecting with my backside was loud enough.

The subsequent five spanks followed in quick succession, and I suspect Ben was taking it a little easy on me. As the last blow connected I heard the noise of a neighbour opening a door and walking outside. I bolted inside the house like a frightened deer, which made Ben chuckle.

That evening signalled a significant development in the punishment sessions delivered by my Parents in Law as they have moved outside the sanctuary of their home to deliver the punishment.

On three further occasions Jane has taken me for a drive in the car before dinner, usually under the pretext of having to get something she had forgotten for the meal. Once we pull out onto the road way she directs me to lower my jeans. On the last occasion I was wearing a dress, and thought I would get away with pulling it up around my waist. However she made me remove it, and my panties, totally. She then made me open my legs as wide as the confines of the car would allow. As we drove we passed close to several vehicles and I blushed with shame. But I hate to admit it; I was also becoming very excited.

I was now more relaxed with these outdoor excursions, and as the nervousness subsided it was replaced with sexual excitement. The thought of being caught in this compromising position was becoming an aphrodisiac for me.

The worst part was as I became sexually excited I also became incredibly wet below, and even though I was made to sit on tissues I would sometimes secrete my fluids right through them

On these drives my Mother in Law would always find a dark street where she would pull over and make me get out of the car so that she could administer a punishment to me. On this last occasion she acted very angry when she glanced down at the car seat and saw the wet spot on the seat fabric. I received a double punishment, and was made to clean the car seat in the nude when I got home.

My punishment sessions were taken to another level last week when I travelled away for the weekend with my Parents in Law. Michael was going to be away for several days on business so Jane and Ben suggested to their son that I come away with them for a few days break. Knowing how much I was seeing of his parents, Ben knew I would be delighted and happily agreed on my behalf. In truth, if the decision had been left up to me I would have still gone.

And it turned out to be a very memorable occasion.
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1 year ago
I bet it was memorable
1 year ago
love this series, keep up the good work