punished by parent in laws chapter 5 part 2

When the crop impacted my buttocks there was an explosion of pain. I cried out and reflexively reached back to rub my buttock.

"Get back into position." There was authority in his voice.

I lowered my head to the carpet again and arched my back. Geoff spanked me a second time, and although the pain was intense I managed to hold my position.

"Good girl," he commended me. This made me more determined to take my punishment.

He followed up with four further spanks to my very tender backside, and although I cried out with each blow I held my position.

Following the six strikes on my buttocks with the riding crop, Geoff declared, "You have taken your punishment well for being a tardy employee. You are forgiven."

"Thank you, Sir" I responded gratefully, my voice muffled by the fact my mouth and nose were still buried in the carpet.

"Now lets deal with your lying today young lady, then your punishment is finished."

He had a cheek referring to me as young lady, however I was in no position to give him a lecture on etiquette.

"I have decided your poor buttocks have had enough punishment for one day."

"Yes, Sir, they are definitely very tender."

"Therefore your final punishment will be on your upper thighs."

"Yes, Sir," I responded apprehensively. I had not been spanked on my thighs, but I imagined it would not be pleasant.

"Now roll over onto your back."

"My back, Sir?" I questioned, confused.

"Yes, your back girl. You do know your back from your front, I trust." My boss sounded impatient. I was confused and embarrassed by my silly question. I rolled over onto my back

"Lift your legs in the air and grip the back of your knees with your hands."

I could not believe what he was asking of me. To expect me to expose myself in such a manner. My sense of the ultimate humiliation had been redefined for me several times in recent weeks, and had just happened again for the second time today.

But I didn't refuse. I didn't protest. Instead I lifted my legs into the air and gripped my knees with my hands as instructed.

"Legs straight, toes pointed."

Why do people like to give out instructions that only serve to increase one's discomfort and humiliation? Perhaps I have answered my own question.

Geoff brought the riding crop down on my thighs, just above my buttocks. It certainly stung and I struggled to hold my position. The second and third blows were higher up my upturned thighs. The fourth blow struck the crease between my buttocks and thighs and I couldn't help but let my legs go, so intense was the pain. As my legs sprung forward I connected with Geoff's groin. Fortunately I did no damage, but was very embarrassed.

"That has earned you one extra spank. Now get back into position."

I hastily obeyed, disappointed with myself for not fully taking my punishment. Geoff gave me two further painful blows with the riding crop, and my legs began to shake.

"Hold yourself steady. Legs straight. Point those toes. You have your one last extra spank for not taking your punishment properly."

I struggled to obey. I was drained of energy and my buttocks and thighs ached. With dogged determination I held my legs up straight so my thighs were fully exposed to him. When the final blow connected it was the most powerful, and I let out a long, low groan of pain. But I held my position, wanting to prove I could take it.

"You have done well Kym." It was my Mother in Law speaking to me, her tone now friendly and supportive. "You can get up and get dressed."

"Yes, Ma'am" I staggered to my feet, feeling like I had been run over by a bus.

"Don't be late back to work" Geoff smirked at me, given me an exaggerated wink.

"No, Sir."
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Is she going to turn into a pain slut?