My Sexy, Mature Mother In-Law

I am 29 years old and have been with my wife for 11 years, 4 of which we have been married. She is very close with her mom and so was I after living at my in-laws house while attending college and graduate school. We recently moved to our own place but visit frequently for long weekends and such.

My wife's mother is a pretty, 55 year old, petite, devoted housewife with traditional Catholic values and tits that could beat a 20 year old playmate's! Although pretty in her own right, my wife looks absolutely nothing like her mom. To paint the picture a bit more, she is about 5'2, petite frame with wide c***d bearing hips, some freckles, blue eyes and stylish, short hair which she has died dark red for years now. She has a great hourglass figure and looks like she is really 45, not 55. She was raised in a very traditional household in a small town, and married my father in law right out of high school at 18 years old. She literally lost her virginity on their wedding night and has never had another man. In fact, she has barely even seen another mans cock in person before!

For years I have been lusting over her mom...every chance I get I try to see her naked. Ive been VERY successful in doing so over the years. Although she is conservative and acts like she would never dare cheat on her husband, at home she is fairly relaxed and nonchalant about where she changes or dresses, making half ass attempts at covering up sometimes. My father in law often yells at her for walking around in a bra in front of me, to which she would reply: "oh its just a bra, same as a bikini!". Now don't get me wrong, she wouldn't just be nude in front of me. In fact, she is ironically quite self conscious about her body, constantly commenting on how her freckles are ugly and that she is an old woman now, overweight, etc etc...(the typical womanly complaints) None are true in my opinion!

Anyways, many times I have seen her getting out of the shower or changing a bra in a mirror, etc. She has AMAZING tits, I dare say even better than my wife's natural D's!!! She also does not shave her pubic hair so she has this great, naturally dark bush...which I am oddly VERY attracted to! She just oozes that wholesome, amateur housewife next door with untapped potential look.

Well like I said, she has NEVER been with another man other than her husband. I grew VERY close to her f****y, especially her, and we would all have casual funny conversations about sex often. She would comment on how she and her husband barely have sex anymore and that she could care less at her age anyways. My wife would always remark: "Mom, gross! WAY too much info, thanks!". She would laugh and say "ah so all talk anyways as I am really a big prude and not interested anymore." Meanwhile, I could swear she knew I was watching her undress from time to time, making no effort to prevent it. I will try and make a VERY long story much shorter...hopefully?

A few times, I planned situations where I was purposely naked where she could see me. Now I am not a huge, hung giant cock guy, but im definitely a little above average at around 7 inches erect, groomed with large dangling balls. I would make sure I was half erect when she saw me naked. Playing these games turned me on immensely! A few times she pretended not to see, but I knew she had. Other times she acted shocked and embarrassed and I would make like it was a big accident. She'd say: "Oh, im so sorry, you should have said you were changing, etc..." My wife, myself and her mom would giggle about it afterwards and shrug it off as one of those inevitable moments living together. One time she commented saying: "Ive never actually seen another man like that before, I guess they are all different huh?". Now I know I'm bigger than my father in-law because I have accidentally seen him nude and have also heard her mom joke about him being on the small side.(poor guy just takes it) This all served to make her mom the single biggest erotic fantasy I could dream of! I especially dreamed of being her ONLY other cock in 37 years for her to see, touch, feel, explore, etc. I never thought the day would come really UNTIL one night last year when my father in law went away on business. He left my wife, her mother and myself alone for the week in a big house during a cold winter.

We decided to play cards and have some beer, wine and even some mixed drinks with some snacks. We often did this and her mother enjoyed getting a nice little buzz so I really didn't think anything of it. By the time we had gone through the last of the wine and beer, my wife was fairly d***k and not feeling well at all! She got sick a few times and I got her up to her bed which she barely even realized happened. Her bedroom was on the total opposite side of her parent's bedroom with a long hallway in between.

Still downstairs, her mother was pretty looped, so much so that I hadn't remembered her ever being this intoxicated around me before. She still was able to function, walking sideways with slurred speech and all...but I could tell her inhibitions were completely gone! She was always fairly affectionate with me, giving me hugs, pecks on the cheek and the such but this was TOTALLY different! It was like she thought I was her husband all along, hanging her arms around my neck and asking me to pretend to dance to music. I wasn't that d***k so I couldn't help but become instantly rock hard in my flannel sl**p pants as my mind wandered. To hide my erection, I stood it up and pressed my cock against my stomach with the waste band over the tip holding it in place. I told her that i better get her up to bed as it was already 1am and her daughter was sl**ping too. She jokingly agreed after I said that shes pretty d***k! She followed me up-stairs holding onto the bottom of my shirt the whole way.

As I got her to the bed, I had a MILLION thoughts going through my mind. I wanted SO bad to just take my cock out and tell her to have her way with it. All of this made me even harder and I felt a ton of precum against my stomach. I sat her down and there was only the hallway light half illuminating the bedroom. I can see my wife's door was closed and I made sure that her parent's doorway was just cracked open enough to let in some light but hopefully diminish any sound from traveling. I was standing in front of her with her face literally 6 inches from my cock when she just kinda mumbled, putting her hands in the air signalling to lift her night gown upwards. I asked if she wanted me to change her, my heart beating out of my chest at this point in anticipation. She nodded yes whispering "my bra, I dont sl**p with it". Her eyes were half closed and d***k looking as I lifted her gown from her knees up and unclasped her bra. Her tits just fell beautifully in front of her and now all I saw was that hairy pussy of hers barely held in place by some old white panties. Half of me was saying not to do it; what if she remembers? what if my wife finds out?...but I knew there was no stopping me. I continued being the "gentleman" in the situation and just simply fumbled with her gown which was now crumpled up by her neck now. This is when the magic happened. I don't know what the hell came over me but I just got this sense of masculine confidence that she would go along with anything I did.

I lifted her gown clear off her neck and over her head so that she was just in her panties sitting at the edge of her bed. She didn't resist but she halfheartedly said: "Hey...wait a minute" with a crooked, d***k smirk. My cock was dripping with precum and popping out of my pants. I reached down and placed her hand inside my sl**p pants. There was no comment but she started to actually feel around...a few times approvingly grunting. This was my green light that i was waiting basically allowed me to just drop my pants and see what happens. I confidently slid my pants to my knees and repositioned her hand in the dim light on my throbbing cock. She stared at it and I remember her whispering: "Jesus Christ". She sat there for a while like a teenaged girl not knowing what to do...lightly running her hands up and down my shaft and feeling my balls and surrounding pubic hair like a new object she never knew existed before. I inched closer to her mouth so that it was obvious what I wanted her to do. I put my hand on her cheek and gently guided her face towards my cock. She was reluctant at first, kind of just holding it with one hand and pressing it against her face quietly giggling. She started kissing the tip a few times and after a couple of minutes she slowly started sucking on my head. I didn't want to push things and be rough and tough with her...rather I just let her do what she wanted as if to say: "I want you to enjoy and have fun with my cock what you wouldn't do with your husband".

I can tell she hadn't given head a lot...she even admitted in the past that she hated doing that with her husband and rarely ever gives him head. At this point I nudged her backwards onto the bed and pulled her panties off. She just kind of squirmed as I did, half acknowledging what was happening, or so I think? Her pussy was absolutely divine looking, in my opinion at least! Her pubic hair curled around her lips and opening, definitely more wet and moist than I anticipated! Apparently she really was enjoying this! I gently pulled her hips closer to the side of the bed and in a careful, deliberate motion I spread her legs and placed my cock on her lips. She immediately quivered and grabbed at the bed as if all of a sudden she knew what was happening and was preparing for it. I almost got scared for a little bit thinking that she was going to flip out and realize what was happening. I slowly rubbed the head of my purple cock up and down her clit. On the 5th or 6th pass I angled my cock and parted her hairy lips, sliding into my mother in laws sopping wet pussy.

This moment was literally the most erotic, magical, satisfying moment I have EVER had in my entire life! (and presume will ever have!) She let out a high pitched, curiously inviting yelp and turned her head to the side with her arm over her mouth. I slowly and methodically pushed my entire cock into her, wrapping my arms around her body and embracing every bit of her essence. I wanted to erotically make love to her, not just fuck her as im sure her husband tries doing whenever he can. She was beyond control...I could feel her breath on my face escaping from her forearm that she held in place to keep quiet. I started getting a bit faster, her legs were fully wrapped around my body while I sucked on her perfect, pink nipples. She was using one of her hands to muffle her moaning and the other grabbed onto my back. I can tell she was REALLY close to cumming. She whispered harshly: "You have to be k**ding me, oh my god, Jesus, yes!" in a muffled, appreciative but shocked tone. I couldn't hold my cum back anymore...I kept an ear out for noise in the hallway in case my wife had awoken and I pulled her hips tightly to mine. I shuttered as I released gush after gush deep inside of her, trying to make sure my cock was as close to her womb as possible. We were literally cumming at the same exact moment...each of us making the other cum harder with our carefully orchestrated sounds and gestures of pure ecstasy. I remained inside of her for a few minutes, every so often thrusting again as a little more cum oozed out of my cock. Not a word was said at all and it wasn't necessary anyways. I collapsed on top of her and waited for my cock to go limp. I stood up, wiping her cum off of me with my sl**p pants hanging on the edge of the bed. She just kind of rolled to her side and sighed with her legs together...still slightly out of breath.

I quickly got dressed and started sliding her panties back on her feet and legs. She helped me slide them up in place as much as she could and I just lifted the blanket and put it over her. I said: "Goodnight mom" and she just replied with a "uh huh, you to hun" half muffled/half mumbled voice, drifting into either d***ken sl**p, pure pleasure or deep thought...not entirely sure!

To this day, not one single word was ever said or even implied. I think she either vaguely remembers it or is so embarrassed/guilty/awkward feeling about it that she chooses to cope in silence. Either way, I am extremely satisfied and secretly jubilant having pleased my wife's mom and totally filling her up with as much cum as I could muster. I sometimes walk around as if I am wearing a badge of honor, especially around my oblivious father in law. I am honored as well as flattered to be the only other man to have had her and I am absolutely positive it will remain that way.

Our relationship remains great and the f****y functions as it always had, only with a little extra twinkle in our eyes! :)
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