Grad party time

I was excited that my 19 yo ex gf's s****r Krista was going to graduate in a couple months. She had turned 18 a few months ago, and Kendra and I found out that they shared group sex, double cock sucking, eating cum...etc. So when Kendra invited me up for Jessica's (her s*s's friend) party, I knew it was going to be a fun time. I first met Kendra and Krista and in the hotel room that the party was going to be in. When I walked in, they were on separate beds. With their boyfriends. Sucking their big teen dicks....Isaac is 19, and Krista's new bf Chris is 18. They all just looked over at me....Kendra took Isaac's 9 inch dick out of her mouth and said "cmon what are you waiting's a pre-party bang". In about 15 seconds, I was over on their bed. Kendra popped Isaac's big dick in and out of her mouth a few times...I loved that popping sound. Krista was laughing as she did the same with Chris' big hard dick. Isaac just grinned and said to join he and Kendra...we both knew her mouth and pussy wanted two cocks! She grabbed my dick and gave it only one big suck before stuffing Isaac's cock in along with mine. Her eyes kinda rolled back in complete pleasure as she jammed both cocks in as far as she could take them. Sheer fucking pleasure...getting sucked off by my super hot lil 19 yo ex along with her bf, while watching Krista suck Chris off. Kendra alternately sucked Isaac and I separately and then together. She really loved rubbing our hard dicks together and spitting on them, then going deep on both. Krista was super turned on watching our threesome, and asked one of us to come over to her bed. Isaac pulled his cock out of Kendra's mouth (to leave me alone in there) and went over to Krista and Chris. Krista's pussy was literally dripping cum on the bed she was so turned on. She jammed Isaac's dick in her mouth along with Chris' as I watched. Kendra gave her a thumbs up because she managed to get them both in pretty damn deep. But Krista wanted more....she had Isaac and Chris lay down in the scissors position so she could do what she wanted with their big hard teen dicks. She first sucked them and jacked them off together, then squatted over them, and while holding them together, jammed them both in her dripping wet pussy. She groaned loudly as they slid in, and at that moment I came in Kendra's mouth. Kendra ate my hot cum greedily, and hopped up and ran over to the threesome...she knew both Isaac and Chris would not last long in Krista's pussy. Isaac's dick slipped out and started spurting hot cum all over Krista's belly, dripping down on Chris's big dick which was pumping away in Krista's pussy. Kendra didn't miss a beat....she sucked Isaac to get all the cum out, and then leaned over and pulled Chris' dick out and started jerking was COVERED in Krista's pussy cum and Isaac's fucking HOT. She put their dicks together and Chris came hard....Kendra rubbed them together hard as he spurted cum at least a foot and a half. I was already hard again just from watching the teens cum and moan.

We then took a break and watched some really good group sex vids, and Krista called her friend Jessica to come over. Jess arrived about an hour later. We had just started another session when Jess came in. Kendra wanted to get gangbanged really as Krista watched, Isaac fucked her mouth while Chris and I pounded her teen pussy together. Jessica was dumb founded, but only for about 10 seconds. Krista coaxed her onto her bed and stripped her and tied her hands and feet spread eagled to it. She went over and got my pants, ripped the belt out, and took it over to Jess grinning. Our little foursome watched as Krista snapped the belt a couple times at a startled Jess. Then she laid into her hard...she whipped Jessica's hot little teen breasts really hard...five nice lashes and Jess was screaming as her little 34A cups turned red with the lash marks. But she was watching us fuck, and you could tell she was really into it...I pulled out of Kendra's pussy and went to her mouth while Isaac continued to fuck her. She stuffed Chris' big dick in her mouth along with mine. He started to cum, but she wrapped her hand around his dick and stopped it. With the cum that leaked out of his pulsing huge cock, she rubbed mine and his together. All while watching Krista lash Jessica's belly and legs really hard. Jessica had about had enough whipping and Krista knew it, so she untied her and told her to come over to our bed. We all pulled out of Kendra's hot little holes so Jessica could taste our cocks. So much fun! Jessica is a tiny little 18 year old, and watching her suck on our pussy cum covered cocks was out of this world HOT. Isaac and I laid down in the scissors position for her, and Jess sucked us off together. Chris kneeled down next to us and stuck his big dick in the mix...Jess tried to stuff all three of us in her little mouth, and actually succeeded for a few seconds! Then Jess climbed up on Isaac and I, and rammed our cocks up her pussy. It was too much for Chris, his dick started spurting all over her pussy and our cocks pumping in and out of it. We double fucked Jess for about two minutes, but with Chris' cum all over our cocks and Jessica's pussy, we both came really hard. Jess had never been double pussy fucked before, and was aghast at how much cum she had all over her little cunt. Kendra and Krista both greedily licked it up, and Kendra was nice enough to spit some into Jessica's mouth.

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