Kendra loves cocks...

Usually I go meet my 19 yo ex gf Kendra and her 19 yo bf Isaac for threesomes....but when Kendra invited me last week, she said Isaac was at home visiting his parents for the holidays. She wanted to try something different. She wanted to go to a bar and pick up a different guy to fuck along with me. We went to the college "strip", and with her looks (hot brunette with nice little titties and a great ass), she had no problem getting young guys to talk to her. I just sat and drank while she did her thing. She went over to a table where some guy who barely looked out of HS, much less old enough to drink; was sitting by himself. I saw her reach her hand under the table and rub his dick thru his jeans...that was it, he was hooked. But while they were talking, his two buddies that he was with came back to the table...they failed to score :( Poor them...lucky us. She asked them to come to our hotel room for a few more drinks and a movie. Since they didn't have any other plans they agreed, and figured they'd get plastered and maybe one of them would get lucky with Kendra.

We got back to the room, and popped a porn DVD in. It started off as usual, but soon the girl in the movie was sucking on two dicks. They guys looked at each other, and Kendra said "see? that's what I want to do!". They undressed while she stripped down, I'm sure they had never been involved in a group fuck before...they barely looked old enough to take English 101. I stripped too, and Kendra was happily surprised...their dicks were both HUGE. She had them lay on the bed side by side, and started sucking on Tim's dick. His buddy Dave was hard, but kinda shy. Not with Kendra was that going to cut it. She grabbed his big cock and put it right next to Tim's....she stuffed both dicks in her mouth and sucked and rubbed them together. They were a little shocked, but with a hot little teen like Kendra sucking their dicks, they got over it. She was stuffing as much big teen dick in her mouth as she could fit, she got almost half their cocks in there. I was jerking away watching my teen ex gf do what she loved...playing with multiple dicks at the same time. I came over and stuck my cock in her now soaking pussy and watched her suck those two big teen dicks. Dave started moaning really loud and couldn't hold out, he shot his hot cum in her mouth while she sucked his buddy...she LOVED that shit, and let the cum drip out of her mouth all over both cocks. Dave pulled back, and she used the hot cum to jerk and suck Tim. I kept fucking her little bald pussy while she jerked him really fast. He was still a little shy, so I told him to do something I knew would really get us off. I told him to grab his belt from his pants and hand it to me....I whipped her little ass really hard while fucking her. She screamed, but sucked him even harder. By this time, Dave was hard again already and went back and jammed his dick in her mouth too. Watching Kendra suck both those big teen dicks while whipping her ass was my idea of heaven. She yelled "switch!" and Dave just shrugged and pulled away while I pulled out of her cunt to go let her suck her pussy juice off my cock. Dave stuck his dick in her pussy while she sucked Tim and I off. The sounds alone of her sucking our cocks was amazing, but looking down and watching her stuff both dicks in her mouth while getting fucked was fucking so great. Dave had grabbed the belt and was lashing her ass while he fucked her, and that just set me and Tim off. We both blasted cum in her mouth and all over her little teen face. She was rubbing our dicks together and licking the cum off of both of them while Dave shot his hot load in her pussy.

It was great, but Kendra wasn't finished...she waited for us to get hard again, and there was a fantastic double vag scene playing on the screen, so it sure didn't take me long. Both the other guys had never even heard of double vag before...but they watched her play with her pussy and breathe harder and start to moan...and they got the idea. She had Dave and Tim lay down in opposite directions so they were cock to cock, and she squatted down over their again hard and still sticky teen oocks. She shoved both dicks in her cum dripping pussy, and I stood up and stuck my dick in her mouth while she fucked both cocks. Looking in the mirror I watched her fuck both those hard teen cocks while she sucked me off. We did variations of that all night off and on, and she ate more cum that night than I've ever seen her eat!
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5 months ago
Hot! Reminds me of the true stories I posted about my ex-gf. Lots of DV, check those out!
2 years ago
waiting for videos of this ex gf