18 year old ex girlfriend, and our second meeting

If you've read my first blog, you know that my ex gf, (now 19) and her bf got together a while back. It turned into a wild night of fucking, double fucking, cum eating and all out FUN. Well, we finally decided to do it again. She's still with her current bf (19 also), and they've tried a few things they wanted to share. They also wanted to do a couple new things :)

Kendra told me to text her when I was 15 minutes or so from the hotel, and she would leave the room door unlocked. When I walked in, she was tied spread eagle to the bed, with a ball gag in her hot pouty mouth. Isaac was using his belt on her tits, making them all read and striped...AND a girlfriend (Carly) was shoving a 9" long dildo in her pussy. Just as I walked in, Carly pulled it out and sucked it clean and smiled at me. Isaac then moved over between her legs and gave Kendra a few good whip strokes on her legs near her pussy. Then he put a pillow under Kendra's ass so he could get at her tight little hairless pussy better, and rammed his big dick in. Carly then moved over to Kendra's face, removed the ball gag, and Kendra began to tongue Carly's dripping pussy. Then Carly bent down and Isaac's big dick was alternately sucked and fucked by the two of them. I knew what Kendra liked most - two dicks at once, and she wasn't getting that. So I stripped, and walked over. Carly moved off of Kendra's face so I could give her the other cock that she wanted so bad. Isaac continued to pump away at her pussy, while I pummelled her teen mouth. Then Kendra made a stop motion, and had Isaac and me lay together so our cocks were almost touching (king of clubs the style is called). Her and Carly switched off sucking us off, and each of them fit both our cocks in their mouths at once. Carly seemed to love this as much as Kendra. Isaac had been going at it longer than me, and he started to cum but Kendra put her hand around his huge cock and squeezed. Some precum came out and she fed some to Carly, but rubbed most of it on my dick to use as lube :) We stopped for a few, then Carly sat slowly down on both our cocks...and with Kendra's eager help, jammed them both up her little pussy. While she squealed and Isaac and I pumped, Kendra gave her a whipping on her tits (Hard! She loves BDSM). She them bent over and cleaned our cocks off with her mouth. About an hour had gone by and we all decided we wanted to CUM, so while Isaac and I stayed in that position, Carly and Kendra sucked our cocks furiously..always both at the same time in one of their mouths. I started cumming and that set Isaac off...we were in Kendra's mouth at that time. Kendra pulled out our cocks and handed mine to Carly.....keeping them side by side they jerked us off all over their faces. They kept sucking our cocks untill we were totally spent, rubbing them together at times too.

This is only the beginning of that night....will finish soon!
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