little sls chapter three before prom

All three of us damn near lost our minds those two weeks before prom night. It seemed like an eternity. It was so utterly strange we truly gave each other all a free pass to fuck who we wanted when we wanted to do it.

Scott blamed his busted up face in a bar fight. I have to say I am a deviant little bitch but when I looked at that busted lip I nearly begged him to fuck me. Jason went on a fucking marathon that made town legend. He fucked the strawberry festival queen, two of her runner’s up. He fucked the homecoming queen. Hot girls lined up around the block. I love him for his honesty.

Every girl he fucked he said the words ‘I’m in love with halina, I want to spend every second with her, we will fuck on prom night and I will never fuck another girl besides her.’ Bitches wanted his dick so bad they accepted ‘just sex that ended in two weeks.’ His phone did not stop beeping. Scott warned him his dick would fall off.

I spent a lot of nights curled up with scott talking about life. We had our critical moment when I just got home from school. Scott had his head in his hands and he was simply sobbing. I wrapped my arms against him and petted his head as his tears turned to whimpers. He couldn’t talk about all the details but it was three months after he got back from Afghanistan. I have never seen a man in such turmoil.

He told his story. They were scoping out a house looking for a high ranking target. The man who owned the house came outside and started yelling. He simply opened his vest to show his heart. Some moron screamed suicide bomber and killed him in seconds. His f****y ran outside and in horror the man fired on them all screaming out his insane gibberish. Scott didn’t think about getting out of the vehicle. He saw a little boy with a gunshot in his chest. He described tearing his uniform to f***e it into the wound saying ‘it’s going to be okay.’ He described the bl**dy gurgle coming out of his month with his final breaths.

Something in him snapped. He still claims he doesn’t remember the details. He went after the man who fired the first shot. He nearly got him and it took eight men and a lot of morphine to airlift his psychotic ass back home. What hurt him the most was the image of the man desperate to prove he was innocent by showing his heart and proudly pounding it. He phrased it in such a poetic way it was just a beautiful lyric. I handed him a pen and paper and he looked confused. I told him to write what you just described and think about the melody that will honor that man and his f****y.

He said ‘You’re a damn good woman halina’ He scribbled at the paper. Then he pushed it away. I put it back in his hands and told him he was no goddamn quitter. His eyes brightened and he said ‘I don’t ever quit. I thought I quit the army but they are a fool’s circus and I won’t kill civilians.’ He looked so inspired. He said he wanted to do this rock and not indie. He made me listen to dead weather and I had my first major lesbian crush. The band was rock and blues and grunge. It was like a flashback to the doors and Janis Joplin but with this new asexual flair that reminded me of david bowie. He was trying to get in my pants and the concert so damn near worked.

When mosshart and jack white shared a mic for their finale, I tried to kiss him and the cocky bastard pushed me away and told me I could wait two weeks. Just to taunt me he slid my hand between my legs easily accessing my pussy in gym shorts and he squeezed my clit so hard I squealed. I slapped him upside the head and called him a cocktease. He said ‘you know you love it.’ And I certainly did.

I decided if Jason could fuck half the bitches in school with a ponytail it was time for me to have some fun. Rumors ran quick that me and jason would be a couple after prom. Men flew out of the woodwork to chase me those two weeks. I guess those rumors I was a frigid bitch with daddy issues had to be recanted.

I got dressed every morning just to taunt Jason. I love to shop and my wardrobe is part vintage. I have hemmed short pleated skirts made of wool. I have the low cut tank top that matches. I have the cute sweater that lets me pass dress code. I have vintage wooden platforms and yes I even busted out the never been worn vintage pantyhose with the seam down the back and the garter belt below my skirt.

That first ride to school he called me a blue balling whore from hell out to break his dick. ‘I just giggled and told him I warned you I would make you cum in your pants.’ He stormed off screaming I’m going to fuck some girl with a ponytail.' I loved how much fun we were having brutalizing each other.

My drama class was first period. Me and my chick friends gathered in the female dressing room and they quizzed me about the rumors. I told them the whole damn story and swore them to secrecy. Then I vented about every chick in a ponytail fucking my man. My good friend myra said that’s easy. That means you fuck the quarterback. I giggled and said I hate sports. She told me his ass was one of a kind and if any man could give a good dicking he would be king.

I can’t believe it happened so fast. Myra texted him ‘my hot friend wants to fuck you in the auditorium.’ I busted myra for fucking him in the auditorium on a regular basis. We both laughed because his girlfriend was the head cheerleading bitch. We are teenage girls. I made her swear it wouldn’t jeopardize our friendship. She claimed she wouldn’t be jealous. She would set up lots of girls like me to fuck the quarterback to burn his girlfriend. I agreed I’d do the same.

He lightly knocked on the door. I was nervous and fearing rejection. I do dress weird. I’m not cool. I would be that sexy little strange chick. I could see from his grin he liked what he saw. Myra used her master key to open the prop room. She promised to stand guard. As soon as the door shut he was all over me. I thought he was going to tear my damn sweater. Just like a jock he goes ‘so you want to fuck me don’t you.’

I am no angel. I busted out with ‘I’m a senior, I’ll have a boyfriend after prom, I just want to fuck on the prop room bed before I graduate. You seem up for the challenge.’ He looked like a little boy defeated. Oh god when he tried to kiss me it was like CPR with a slug. Instead of taking of my blouse to really play with my tits. He liked my blouse pulled down with my bra hanging out. He squeezed and mawled my tits. Not once did he touch my nipple much less suck on them. Then the weirdest thing happened. He didn’t even touch or look at my panties or my pussy. He unzipped his tacky khaki pants and whipped out this ugly bent dick. I was excited about giving head even to an ugly dick.

This guy pushed down my panties and stuck his dick in me when I was totally dry. I almost laughed. I am the pussy geyser and the quarterback couldn’t get me close to damp. He kept squeezing my tits like fruit while he pumped with no variation to his movement. My pussy was starting to get sore so I faked my first orgasm. Suddenly I squeezed my muscles rhythmically on his dick while saying ‘I’m coming’ and magically he busted his load.

As if I couldn’t be more grossed out he pulled the condom of his dick. Told me ‘I made him shoot a thick load.’ In horror I watched him fling the used condom behind the wardrobe. I got pissed. I asked ‘why the fuck did you do that?’ He flared his shoulders at me and said ‘I do what I want in this school. Janitors should be happy to clean up my condoms.’

I hate nasty people. I also have a temper. I started screaming ‘I only fucked you for bragging rights to piss off your girlfriend. You got used. Even worse you sucked so bad in bed I may need ten nights with a real man to enjoy sex again. You didn’t touch my pussy, you didn’t touch my nipples, you stuck your little bent dick in my dry hole and pumped me the way a man in a cow pasture fucks his goat. I faked an orgasm to get your lard ass off me. you couldn’t make me cum if it was a matter of life and death. You think janitors need to worship your cum. Bitch I bet you drink it. Only nasty motherfuckers make other people touch their condoms. You are trash.

You toss a ball on a field. You are no fucking god with divine sperm. By the way I’m not usually an evil bitch but when lunch comes around I plan to tell your cunt girlfriend I fucked you and I pity her if she has to do it to. Then we can catfight or shake hands. We both know you are a cocky bent dick nasty motherfucker.’ He raised his hand to slap me. I was ready.

‘I said do it motherfucker. You might as well after lunch everyone is going to know you think you have sacred sperm and you can’t get a pussy wet with a hose.’ He stormed out with the idle threat ‘to kill me.’ I have been around long enough when I reach the point I could get killed. He was no threat to me.

Myra heard me screaming and she asked what the fuck happened. I told her everything and apologized for ruining her future chances to fuck a quarterback. We both worked to move that dresser and retrieved his discarded spunk sack. Our auditorium is sacred and no one gets away with leaving a used condom to fester on our watch. She asked me if I would really tell his girlfriend. I never claimed to be an angel and those cunts with ponytails decorated in ribbons are like my prey.

I planned to dodge the cat fight. Nothing was getting me suspended from prom. I went to the nurse and faked cramps and drove home. At exactly noon I texted the head cheerleader ‘I fucked your man this morning in first period drama. Fuck cheerleaders. He was such a bad lay. You can do better. Why is his dick bent at a right angle? He also thought the proper way to dispose of the condom was to toss it behind furniture. I quote him exactly ‘janitors should be honored to clean up my seed.’ You can hate me. We can fight and I’ll beat you senseless. Or you can drop the issue. I used him for my own thrill to fuck in the school in a bed I love. He meant nothing to me. I still hate cheerleaders. You still hate drama freaks. If you want to fight meet me after prom night. Until then nothing will get me suspended. If you try I’ll burn down your fucking house. Try me cheerleader cunt.

Damn that was a good day. Just to make it better miss sparkle motion had to grin and bear it to perform a routine at a pep rally. My only regret is not getting to be there. But if she swung on me first my instinct would kick in and suspension and hospital fees would be my future. After that round of bad fucking I was over high school boys except for Jason who practically carried around a box of Kleenex for breaking hearts.

He is such a nice guy a lot of amazing women had severe crushes on him and major jealousy issues about me. It seemed like once the rumor hit we would attend prom as a couple girls stopped being nice to me. They couldn’t stand it. I grew up with the boy. I know he has a heart of gold, a killer sense of humor, dresses great, is nice to everybody, he’s always smiling. He is that boy you can’t help but dream about.

I still remember the summer he got fat eating ben and jerry’s and I played with his man tits at the public pool when I had no tits. People didn’t know that side of our bond. My god I learned how to wrestle out of any grip fighting him like mortal enemies. Of course we shocked people. We also got a lot of positive feedback. My drama teacher told me I was a damn good woman for giving him a free pass to experience high school sex. We talked openly about fidelity and I reached some strange conclusions.

My teacher and I discussed us in terms of a****ls with typical behavior. It is biologically necessary for a man to spread his seed. At the same time to guarantee his offspring are truly his a woman must be faithful. It was a great discussion and it relieved my fears that Jason would leave me. If we did start a life together he would never be expected to refrain from an unexpected sexual encounter. I explained to my teacher as his lover and his best friend he could tell me the details, turn me on and we would end up fucking. We talked about the fact it is a double standard that I would remain faithful if my husband cheated. I told him it was a double standard but it works.

I didn’t inform him I had no intention of giving up either b*****r. I know I promised chapter three would be lots of great sex. That was my plan. But I wanted to build up the tension for what does happen that night when the triangle collides. I am a girl. I do have to describe my prom dress. Nothing at any mall was good enough for me. My mom made me look. I noticed how prom gowns have turned into club wear and it made me sad. I wanted to look like a movie star not a streetwalker. My mom and I had our best bonding moments dressing me. Sure I had to school her to let me dress vintage. When I told her I would only wear a prom dress from ‘la france’ in ybor you would have thought I offered her a cruise. Not a high dollar shopping trip to one of the premier vintage boutiques in the south.

That store is my paradise. Fuck men. If you want to see me writhe around in heat like a cat high on catnip take me to a vintage boutique. This was before I sold vintage. This was when I purchased it for pleasure. I began looking through the high end formal wear. Then I saw it. The ultimate dress. I think I screamed. It was so outrageous. It was cut with a formal bodice and shaped to curve with the body with a slight flare at the feet. What made it so special was the print. It was navy blue drawings of lions, tigers, giraffes and more. It was a navy safari that had big blue rhinestones up the bodice. Like a little k** I said mom if this dress doesn’t fit I won’t go to prom.

‘she was like it will fit but damn are your tits going to hang out. You can’t wear a bra in that damn thing. It zipped and my chin was truly on my tits. The tits didn’t fit in the dress. Only my nipples fit. We argued the bonuses of double sided tape. We both agreed it was pornographic but no one on earth would have a better dress.

I will go back to prom night but some of the things I discuss are real. My prom dress was a rhinestone coated navy safari. When my friends saw my tits that fully exposed I got high fives and they dared me to flaunt the administration for breaking the dress code. My nipples were just barely in that dress. I died my hair blue black to match the dress. My biggest regret is selling that dress on ebay. As a broke college student I sold my vintage wardrobe. I listed the dress for 1500 dollars thinking no one would buy it. A cunt in japan did. I cried like a baby when I shipped off my dream dress. But that money was the capital we used to fund our thriving vintage empire. Back to the story. I still don’t know what happens on prom night. But now you know what I’ll be wearing.
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6 months ago
Almost missed your reply. I should have known better. I tried to read a few of your blog posts before replying but it is hard to catch up midstream.
Your reply sounded like you were almost in a crisis, but I see you are still active from your profile. I get a sense of who you are and will try to understand 'your demons'. But I'm a LOT older than you as you can see if you glanced at my profile. I am mostly here for the porn but I do like the stories, at least the best rated. I don't bother with any others.
Keep up the writing, I'll follow your stories when I can and try to understand you better.

6 months ago
dear jimlove, you made my night. I could never dream of such success. My blog is one-of-a-kind. I do shine at writing erotica. It is an unexpected gift. I am an untrained writer and these stories are my first attempt at fiction. I have a medical crises to face. I kept my turmoil a secret and focused on sharing my life story with the three good men I know need to hear it. Time is critical. The blog didn't get much feedback due to length and emotional intensity. If you choose to read it you will find out the kind of woman I am and what changed me. It would be easy to pump out sex stories each night. What I do is different. For personal reasons I am sharing intimate things with a few close friends. I face a situation where I may never write again. I am a fighter and nothing will keep me from trying to use this blog to form new friendships. I have to share my life story with a few good men while it is an option. My biggest dream is to conquer what I face and move back to erotica that captivates my readers in ways they find unforgettable. Your comment fuels my passion to survive. I want to be the best fucking blog on this site. I am sorry I am holding you in suspense while I battle demons that scare me death. This story will be finished. If I get my way these chapters will serve as outlines to write a novel that makes fifty shades of gray look weak. Thank you again
7 months ago
Just discovered you and your stories the other day when i found part 2 on most viewed weekly stories. I read part 1 as requested and discovered the most amazing blog i've seen yet on xham. I will read more as time allows. Can't wait for part 4.
7 months ago
Well I just discover your world the other day when part 2 popped up on weekly most viewed stories. I followed your advice to read part 1 first and discovered the most amazin blog i've ever seen on xham. You sound like a fascinating (and sex-loving) woman and i'm at least hooked on this story series and will start following your blog as i have time. And you ARE a good writer. Looking forward to part 4.
7 months ago
i dated many boys in band. football players never had a shot. I hated the way they dressed and how the acted. cheerleaders fuck around with any hot man who will have them. I'm sure your cute. But if you wanted the real deal you would've dismissed nights with cheerleaders to hook up with a drama girl like me. We play rough, we are loyal, we star in plays that make men melt. Seeing me act gave most men a raging hard on. That's why I got the lead and other girls like the prom queen couldn't compete. Talent is sexy
7 months ago
i always loved Monday mornings walking thru the hall and seeing the jocks kissing their GF's who's mouth was wrapped around my cock or my drumlines cock's Friday night. I was bigger and stronger than all of the players
7 months ago
i always loved Monday mornings walking thru the hall and seeing the jocks kissing their GF's who's mouth was wrapped around my cock Friday night
7 months ago
Im sure they did. What you described makes me giggle. Shit goes down on buses. I got freaky in a church bus one time. I gave a hand job on the way to epcot. How bus drivers miss that shit makes me crack up. I blue balled jocks so bad I should be arrested. I got them to do my fucking homework. I never met a cheerleader I didn't want to hurt. I was infamous for my cheerleader impression. You could say 'lynn do the cheerleader' I nailed it. You have to smile till you face breaks, clap and pump one fist in the hair while you hop on one foot screaming 'go team go' Our cheerleaders had reputations for two things. When you were on the bus you were licking another cheerleaders pussy. You also stayed a virgin for jesus but let football players fuck your ass. So many chicks in my town got anal before sex it breaks the record books.
7 months ago
my sweet rebel, it has been quite a night. You can see the man who said yawn to my story. I learned a weird lesson. The term is called troll. It's insanity. Men will attack a sexy high profile chick like me for one reason. I fought with him at first. It was fun humiliating him. My friend curvybutt had to inform me he was whacking off to the abuse. The more malicious I was the better is orgasm was. I know my story is good. I am building up tension on purpose. I hinted at what would happen. There will be more plot twists. I promise to make it epic
7 months ago
I was in the band in HS as well. All of the jocks thought they were so cool, all the while their cheerleader girlfriends rode the buses with us seniors and i fucked and had my dick sucked by many of cheerleaders in relationships. I often wondered if they liked the taste of my
7 months ago
You really do build up the tension. Was on the edge of my chair for most of the story. going from one line to the next. Love how you said you were excited to suck a cock, even if it was ugly. And damn does your prom dress sound gorgeous, i imagine you were gorgeous. I know that whatever happens on prom night it will be intriguing, naughty, and raw.