A Weekend Away

Chapter One
The Parking Garage...

Rain is all you could see as, gushing wind pounded the windshield with water. We moved down the highway in the storm headed towards the hotel. Richard decided that if I tagged along to his conference this weekend and got to spend some "quality" time together it might help us reconcile some of our differences. It's been my experience that the more time we spend together the more of an asshole he becomes but, I didn't protest. Sometime in the city could be fun and be hard for even him to ruin.

The air in the car was cold. Richard was warm in his three piece suit and as his needs usually come first so that left me chilly. We knew the storm was going to cause delays so we left the house ready for the convention tonight. Knowing that I would have plenty of time to mingle at the convention alone while he was running around doing god knows what or who, I had chosen a particularly exciting dress for the evening. The event was somewhat formal so I decided black would be considered conservative enough. The fabric was soft and the deep v-cut gave me a very liberating feeling. If Richard was going to fuck around like usual then I am at least going to have some fun showing off myself, and this dress was short enough to make that very easy to do.

I lifted my heel on to the dash of the car to pretend to tighten its strap. I let the dress slide back into my stomach just so he could see for sure that I wasn't wearing any panties.

"Jesus, Alice!" He scolded. Just the reaction I was hoping for.

"And you wonder why I don't take you anywhere. These are people I work with and you want to show up looking like a whore" he continued to rant.

"Your the one fucking your boss for more money, not me! So I think that makes you the whore!" I retorted but in a tone with enough sarcasm to let him think I didn't actually know what went on at his office.

There was no valet when we arrived at the hotel. Which meant a short run through the rain before we made it to the annex building the convention was taking place at. The over coat I had brought felt useless as we splashed through puddles of water in the parking lot. I knew my hair was already soaked and my dress pulled tight to my body as it held the water.

We crashed through the doors of the meeting room. Everyones eyes fixated on us as we made our entrance. Richard being the prominent man he is, attracted a lot of attention as a few of his assistants rushed over with towels to help us dry off.

I could tell I had attracted quite of attention myself. My dress was revealing enough before it was soaked. I could feel it clinging to me. I was sure every curve of my body was showing while the men in the meeting hall paused to take a long look at me. I used one of the towels to pat myself dry as I walked across the hall to the open bar. Richard had already disappeared into the crowd shaking hands with the other suits. I was eager for a drink.

The bartender stared blankly at my hard nipples that were obviously showing through the wet dress as he asked me what I was drinking. I decided not to let everything out at once and modestly kept my legs together as I mounted the bar stool. I knew there would be plenty for him to see after a drink or two. I was planning to give Richard the first chance at fucking me after the conference but I could tell after the first drink I wasn't going to be able to wait that long. So I started eyeing the crowd for my first toy.

I found myself at a table with a few different guys. Some with girls and some without. I figured I would start feeling each of them out and find out which one wouldn't be to shy to fuck me after only a few minutes. Using the v-cut on my dress I causally ran my fingers down the side of chest giving the man to my left a view of everything underneath. He swallowed deeply and with blushing cheeks turned his head in the other direction. He wouldn't do.

The same motion had caught the attention of the man on my right. So I decided that all hope had not been lost, at least not at this table. I pretended to laugh as though I was interested in whoever was talking at the table. I spread my legs out as I leaned back. The man to my right knew what the invitation meant as my leg rubbed across his. After I knew I had his attention I let my hand fall into his lap. I could feel his cock starting to pulse through the thin fabric of his dress pants.

Confident the tablecloth would provide all the privacy we needed, I started to work the palm of my hand across his balls. His hand quickly reached for the inside of my thigh. He squeezed it obviously hoping to relieve the growing tension in his pants. He leaned over into me and whispered into my ear.

"You need to come with me right now" he said in a soft but desperate tone.

I nodded in agreement though slightly upset about him not just fucking me right there at the table for Richard and all his friends to see. He took my hand as we stood and started working our way through the conference hall. Many more people had arrived and it had become very crowded. I started to wonder where he was taking me. The hotel was beautiful but I was hoping it wasn't someplace as boring as a hotel room. We escaped into an empty hall of the hotel. He didn't waste a moment of the privacy as he pushed me back into the wall and frantically kissed the side of my neck. I instantly felt myself start to drip as his hands ran up the inside of my thigh. The dress provided very little barrier as his body pushed up against mine and my breasts happily fell out of the low cut. Just as the tip of his finger reached my clit the moment was stopped by the sound of an opening door. A young waiter stood gasping as he looked down at my exposed body. The sight of my bare breasts distracted the young waiter just long enough and the man grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall and through another door.

We were someplace cool now and darker. I felt the chilling cold run down my spine. Maybe if Richard had known the hotel had a parking garage this evening could have started off a little better.

The warmth of the mans hand as it found its way back to my clit quickly heated up my entire body. I had a feeling that we wouldn't be interrupted out here and I started to let my dress work its way off my body completely. As the dress made it to my ankles I kicked it aside and eagerly made my way to my knees. His hands pulled through the back of my still damp hair as I pulled aside his belt. His cock fell effortlessly from his pants and I quickly took it into my hands. Richard was just a little bigger but I was eager to see how far down my throat I could take this one.

Evidently so was he and f***ed the back of my head down and my mouth over his cock. It was so warm in my mouth compared to the cold air outside. I couldn't wait to feel it inside my pussy and I couldn't help but rub my own clit as he fucked the back of my throat. I ached with pleasure as he pulled his fingers through my hair. I looked him in the eye excitingly when without warning his cock exploded inside my mouth. I coughed lightly as he pulled out and the extra cum dripped across my chin and chest. He smeared the rest of the cum off the tip of his cock on the side of my cheek and quickly started to tuck back in the corners of his shirt.

"Hey asshole I'm not exactly done with you yet!" I protested.

"Sorry babe your incredibly sexy but I've got to get back inside." The man said in short breaths as he made himself presentable.

I looked down and around for my dress and found it just as he did. Only he found it with the bottom of his shoe as he rushed back inside. Pushing it into the only puddle of water I could see in the entire parking garage.

"Just my luck." I thought to myself as he disappeared back into the hotel.

The cold hit me again as a drop the mans hot cum fell from my chin across my chest. I was cold , naked and covered in cum in the middle of a parking garage while my dress dress lay crumpled and soaked in a puddle.

The sound of bus pulling into the far side of the garage brought a panic to my chest.
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